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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel
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    Valvoline Premium Blue 10W 30 containers

    What's the concern? Both are CK-4 rated and one says NEW LOOK! in the upper right corner...
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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel

    Schaeffer Manufacturing is the OLDEST petroleum lubrication company in the United States founded in 1839 before #2, Standard Oil of Ohio. Here ends your history lesson...
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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel

    Quick question... Do you know who/what Schaeffer Mfg is?
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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel

    Yup... just like Amsoil or LE...
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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel

    No where is the word "acceptable" used in the Schaeffer TDS... The correct verbaige is "meets, exceeds and is suitable for use for the following specifications"...
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    Towing with GM Light Duty 3.0L diesel

    You may consider a mid-SAPS oil from Schaeffer Mfg. Their European formulation 8008 5w30 has a HTHS of 3.6...
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    Mobil One's "new" 15-50 and zddp levels

    The thread you replied to is 13 years old.
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    '15 Ram Ecodiesel 3.0L - 3,118MI - Valvoline Heavy Duty Maxlife 15w40 Synthetic Blend

    GC's have an 8 quart oil pan while the RAM has a 10 quart. I use AFE oil filters for my 2016 GC Ecodiesel which are rebranded Donaldson...
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    2020 3.0l duramax

    But why not design the motor with a gear-drive like the 6.6 Duramax instead of a timing belt?
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    Gen 3 EcoDiesel - Proper oil spec?

    yep... and now they have an EGR Cooler recall BUT... in order to get the replacement EGR unit, FCA requires the AEM (Approved Emissions Modification) ECM flash, mandated by the EPA, which destroys the engines performance by retarding the timing to the point it's undrivable. No Thanks!
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    Gen 3 EcoDiesel - Proper oil spec?

    My stock 2016 Jeep GC Gen2 EcoDiesel has 38k trouble free miles! I refuse to get the EPA mandated AEM ecm flash
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    Best diesel engine oil for high sulphur 5000 ppm diesel

    Texas Refinery Corporation... Pro-Spec III has a TBN of 15
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    Green Diesel Engineering Tune

    Unfortunately, ATP and IdahoRob we're shut down by the EPA 2 years ago. His choices were; pay a $49MM fine and stop tuning or close his doors... Also, Mike L. from Inglewood Transmission retired in January...
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    Milkshake Oil - Ram Ecodiesel

    What are the EcoDiesel forums? I own a 2016 Jeep GC EcoDiesel and have had zero problems. I also chose not to have the AEM modification since everyone that has has been disappointed in the lack of performance and loss in fuel mileage.
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    Oil Filter Change Process Advice

    Please feel free to run it for 25k miles and report back to us. We love owners with the guts to be guinea pigs...
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    Diesel 5w-40 Oil vs Euro Diesel 5w-40

    The Penzoil Platinum Euro 5W40 uses the verbiage "meets or exceeds" so how do you verify it's certified for MS-12991?