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    light sludge varnish

    Hello again guys So I got me a little dilemma and just need a little assistance today. Got my 94 land rover 3.9 liter up and running good now. I'm running some short oil changes for a little bit but I need some help on an oil recommendation. I do have a little varnish and possibly a little bit...
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    1994 Land Rover Disco 1 motor oil

    Hey guys, Just looking for a little help out on this. Just got my 94 disco back together. replaced the engine in it. now I just got this truck with a blown up engine so I have yet to drive it. I filled the engine with Castrol gtx 10-40 just to get the truck running, filled up with standard...
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    1990 Range Rover Classic 3.9

    Hey guys, I apologize if this has been gone over. But does anyone know what type of oil a range rover classic 3.9 liter v8 would use or what is spec. I have been searching and all I see is recommendations. I have tried to find a spec but its like there isn't one. Best thing I have found was a...
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    96 Jeep Cherokee tick

    Hey guys, long time no talk to Hey i got a 96 Cherokee 4L. 4x4 auto. I changed the oil with Castrol Edge with syntec and a Bosch oil filter. Tick was there but not as much. The tick has been getting a little louder when cooler after it runs a little bit and is taken down the road the issue...
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    Jeep to Chevy rim conversion

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if theres a way to convert a Jeep to Chevy rim. I have a 96 Jeep cherokee and i would like to be able to use chevy rims, they are easier to find in my area. Thanks ahead of time
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    Dodge 318 magnum any issues

    Thinking about buying a 93 Dakota with a magnum 318 and 101000 miles. Any issues to be aware of?
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    FORD F150 5.0 with 240000 miles recomendation?

    Hey guys long time no post. Here it is I got a new truck. Had to downgrade by a longshot. But I got a 93 F150 with 240000 miles on it. I now live in nd and gets very hot and cold. Need some ideas. Got some maxlife 10-30 in it now. Any ideas on anything to use. Engine runs good. 5.0 is pretty...
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    Savage Model 99 serial number

    Hey ya'll long time no post i know. Got a crazy one for ya. Ok... i got a Savage Model 99 lever gun. in the .300 savage caliber. Now, my grandfather gave it to me when i was about 13 and his dad gave it to him when he was 13, anyway have taken many animals with it but i am curious now as to the...
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    new quaker state syn oil formula

    Is the new quaker state synthetic, full synthetic the same formula as q horsepower or is all new? Thanks
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    AC Delco oil= Formula Shell, any good

    Ok so i found out that the Ac Delco brand oil is really formula shell, is the Formula shell any good? Probably just gonna be a 3k run, 740 miles highway to start off then who knows maybe a 50/50 mix.
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    Size of tire for 2002 2500hd...HELP

    Ok... i dont have any stickers anywhere to tell me the factory size for tires on my truck. Its a 2002 2500HD Chevy 4x4. I have 235/75/R16 on right now, i know those are not factory. I have a spare set of 245/75/R16 i got for free in my shop. I have no way to find out if these are factory or...
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    Will be taking a long trip... ANY RECS

    Hey ya'll, Ok so my 2002 chevy and i will be taking a little trip towards the end of February, the trip will be approx 1600 miles, this will be the longest trip i have ever had it on, its had conventional and synthetics and blends, currently running quaker state conventional. Would like to go...
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    Factory GM fill???

    Hey ya'll HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hey i was just wondering what factory GM fill was or is. I have the ability of getting AC delco brand oil and filters, although i recently have had a few issues with AC filters at least the one for my truck. I was jsu curious if anyone knew the brand that they come...
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    Made a strange switch Edge to QS dino

    So here is what i did, Napa had the QS dino on sale for 2.19 a quart. Edge was in there for 3200 miles and with the AC delco filter and the cold mornings, i dummped it do to some rather high idle amounts. But i went with QS dino 5-30 and a napa gold oil filter, i am 4200 miles away from...
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    Hello, Got Edge 5-30 in the oil pan right now. This morning woke up to -20f. Started the truck, ten minutes later the oil pressure was still at 45 psi, barely even came up until after almost a mile down the road. Usually at idle i get 60psi at idle. EDGE gets vary thick at these temps, i had...
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    Anyone else with an 8.1 and EDGE

    So here it is i have been running Edge for the last 2200 miles and with the 5-30 it burnt off 2 quarts already, now the truck has had a fair amount of idle time, as it has been 8 maybe less the last couple night ans has been staying rather cool everynight since well about mid october. just...
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    What to use in 83 nissan

    Hey yall, well here it is, its time to go through and change all oils in the old 83 nissan 710 pickup. Front&Rear diff, trans and transfer case. Will be running synthetic in engine. Looking for cost effectiveness but quality as well, would like to use synthetic. Looking for ideas or anything...
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    W8 VW passat

    I have just seen this car in town here. Where the badge for the V6 is usually it had a W8. is it really a W8 and does anyone know anything about them
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    Cleaner Additives

    In oil what are the cleaning additives. I recently aquired a dodge ram 1500, with the 5.9, its been very neglected, and i mean very it got an oil change ever so often, usuall when the window sticker said 3 month 3k, it was usually like 5-10 months and 5-10k on dino and it has been having some...
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    Request or looking for Castrol Edge

    Any one seen or got a virgin oil sample for Castrol Edge 5-30 or 10-30. thanks