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    Need a simple mileage log for personal MPG use

    Is there a cost for using Fuelly ? One time or monthly ?
  2. J

    Need a simple mileage log for personal MPG use

    I am retired and don't want to log for personal vs business expenses, GPS, and other complications. I am just trying to log the MPG's on my '03 Blazer for my recording of my 4.3L personal gasoline mileage. I think it is the best way to know when there is a mechanical problem and a repair or tune...
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    NBC Sports

    I am disgusted with NBC Sports as well. The actual coverage of the race is not bad for their first year in a new sport. The part I don't like is: 'where is the TV schedule for broadcast of the F1 race?' I happened to be listening to the very end of the F1 Qual and David Hobbs said the race is to...
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    Clogged Oil Filter or OP Sending Unit?

    Both the oil filter and the oil pressure sending unit are relatively cheap and easy to replace, compared to the consequences of running an engine with low oil pressure. If you are treating your engine for sludge and have chunks of sludge floating around in the oil system, you should be worried...
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    Used Audi Questions

    But, but Audi's own the 24 Hours of Le Mans. They have won this prestigious endurance race for the last number of years. They have banners all over the stands that says 'Home of Quattro!'. Doesn't that prove the Audi's have reliability in the long run? No! If you Google the Audi A4 1.8T turbo...
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    Struts needed/cost?

    I am not a Honda expert, but always check and replace the easiest parts first. So look at the sway bar bushings closely before rushing into strut replacement or CV joints,which are both an expensive project.If you do end up looking at struts, be sure to check out Rock Auto. they have good prices...
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    Going to do my own oil changes! Don't laugh!

    When you go to HFT next time, pick up a couple of the oval flashlights they carry for 3.99 and are often on sale for 2.99 each. They have a have a switch to chose between a 9 LED or a 3 LED light pattern. There is a built-in magnet and a fold away hook to secure the light under the car while...
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    bad mileage from 99 Ranger.

    Check for any vacuum leaks. It is easy to disconnect a hose when you are replacing plugs and so on. Also get it scanned for codes to see if anything is out of spec.
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    Going to do my own oil changes! Don't laugh!

    I wanted to add that I use Rhino ramps and they work good, except for one thing. IF your car is low or your car has a spoiler on it, you may run into interference with the ramp. What I have to do is to use a wooden ramp to get on the Rhino ramp. I use 2" X 8" or 10" pressure treated wood. You...
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    Going to do my own oil changes! Don't laugh!

    For oil changes, ramps are good. But eventually you will want both jack & Jack stands and ramps for different jobs. For example, jacks and stands are needed for the brake job as some one has already said. But for now you are looking at oil and filter changing, so you are going in the right...
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    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    Thanks, DW, that sounds like a good deal. I have a TSC right near me in Lexington SC and I will go by the next time I am in town. I am getting the 'cart before the horse. I also need to get my good old Snapper RER running.
  12. J

    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    No, of course not. I leave it outside under a tarp. Actually I wish I had a nice garage for my tools and toys to stay safe and out of the weather. I even wish for a car port.
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    Today's work out on the farm

    Cris, sounds like fun to a BITOG fiend. Give us a review of the equipment and how it holds up and what brands or models would be better. I see in the DR ad's they have a brush mower version that you tow behind an ATV instead of a walk behind. Is that a viable way to do it. Which ATV is best...
  14. J

    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    I was thinking that the steel mesh cart with a sheet of plywood thrown in as a 'bed liner' as someone suggested, would be good. But since I don't have a garage or barn to store this in, a poly. version might be the way to go.
  15. J

    Wheel bearings for garden trailer.

    Did you try the E bay bearings? How did they fit? What did you do to make them work? Where did you finally get the parts for it? What's the rest of the story?
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    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    Here are two carts from Harbor Freight Tools/HFT. For $55.00, you can get a Bigfoot Panel wagon with wooden slats. 330 lb. capacity. Hand pull style handle. Really a little red wagon, not a heavy duty lawn cart.Now for $80.00, you get a steel mesh wagon rated at 1000 capacity. by Haulmaster. No...
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    Ethanol vs not? Octane question

    If you look at the fuel treatment bottles on the shelf at the Auto Parts stores, you will see a lot of labels now say 'ETHANOL' treatment in some form. If you go to their web sites of say, StaBil, you will see many labels with 'ethanol' and you will see a lot about how it fixes the 'ethanol'...
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    Advice for first lawn mower and weed eater.

    I agree with those that say you won't be happy with an electric mower. You should try to borrow a gas mower and try it once on your yard. You will quickly see the need for certain features like the big diam. rear tires or self propelled and so on. It depends on things like how smooth the yard...
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    Best way to get a good deal on a Lawn Tractor cart

    I remembered I had a new Northern Tool & Equip. cat. that I had not looked at. No two wheel carts here! They start off with 4 wheel 400 lb. steel mesh and hand pull handle=$70.00. then go to a 1400 lb.4 wheel that the steel mesh sides fold down for 130.00, but also a hand pull design. Next up is...
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    Ethanol vs not? Octane question

    I forgot to mention around here, you can sometimes buy 'ethanol free' gas, but at a premium price. It is $3.75 per gal. vs 3.30 per gal. reg. When the Ethan. free gas is high test or premium gas, it is even more expensive.