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    Lottery is a rip-off

    No taxation on winnings in Canada! You win a jackpot.. you get it all...
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    Very Complete Oil Change (with engine shots)!

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: pidster</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thats what regular maintenance will do. Nice and clean, that motor should last you a good long time. </div></div> I don't consider "two Auto-RX cleanings and intermittent...
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    Prices on the rise at Walmart

    When the new GF-5 or whatever kicks in soon.. and the new bottles that are officially certified hit the shelves, won't there be a lot of oil on Clearance? I'm a little excited!
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    Pennzoil Ultra - Before I put it in

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: StevieC</div><div class="ubbcode-body">No duty on Automotive parts made in North America! </div></div> Really!?!? And here I think I've been slick "smuggling" across oil, brake pads etc for years! haha
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    Pennzoil Ultra - Before I put it in

    How much duty did you get charged at the border? Or did you not declare it and smuggle it over??
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    New Wagner brake rotors rusted/discolored..

    Use the $10 off $25 coupon for AAP and it'll make them even cheaper!
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    2004 chrysler sebering 2.7 oil selection

    The early 2.7's have the problems... An '04 is most likely ok... buuuut... I would STILL run synthetic for the peace of mind... Any name brand you find on sale or stock up with rebates will do. I've used Synpower, Q-horsepower, and PP with no noticeable difference in consumption. My '01...
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    Chiropractors neck

    ... more like the unproverbial your wife/brother/sister/cousin is a chiropractor and you are very vocal with NO REAL proof.. no REAL studies... REAL Statistics.. p-values... power.. REAL studies... There exists NO studies that show, mathematically, statistically that chiropractics work...
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    Chiropractors neck

    Wow... A link with "Studies" by Chiropractors trying to prove they are legit! Oh.. and NONE of the links work! hahaha Oh Yia... Makes me a believer! Schmoe, I think you are very vocal, because you are either one of the few chiropratics has helped (and that's great!), and/or your wife/family...
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    Chiropractors neck

    I used the drug as an example! For your information... When you go to the doc and it is discovered you have high blood pressure.. STANDARD practice is to try lifestyle modifications for a minimum of 3 months, before any drug is prescribed. Maybe you didn't understand my point. Everything...
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    New Oil or Old Oil on Filter Gasket?

    I'd use new oil for the gasket.. but that's just me.. and I'm sure your method works just as well! What I would change/try is leaving the drain plug out while taking off the filter... Might need an extra drain pan or something.. but I always have quite a bit of extra oil coming out of the drain...
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    Chiropractors neck

    M.D.'s (and D.O.'s) practice "evidence-based" medicine. Eg. You give pills to decrease blood pressure, after there was statistically significant evidence in large studies that proved the pills work at reducing blood pressure, AND do this because even larger studies statistically have...
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    Chiropractors neck

    Do yourself a favour and go to a good Physiotherapist and/or Massage Therapist instead... Will help the tiny muscles, increase blood flow and make you feel better! There exists NO study that demonstrates the effectiveness of chiropractics in the long run, and NO scientific basis for any of...
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    do you prime your fuel pump before you start it

    I ALWAYS let it prime... and.. ALWAYS first shift it to Reverse for at least 2-3 seconds, on the first drive of the day or if it's been sitting (even if not going in reverse)... Supposedly in reverse, transmission fluid (and others) flow more rapidly and lubricate all parts quicker.
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    GC 0-30 6500mi 2001 Saturn SC1

    With 2 quarts of make up oil, you would expect the TBN to still be high!
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    need advice

    Silver is sometimes difficult to get the wet look... Try some Meguiar's #7 Glaze right before you wax... It's pretty easy to find, and a good value. I've had good results with it on my silver Chrysler 300.
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    "Sludger" engine change intervals

    I have the 2.7L in my Sebring. Not necessarily a sludger in this vehicle but still a concern to me as I will drive the car till it goes to car heaven. I stock up with Synthetic Oil when there are some really good deals (usually with rebates). Change the oil ever 5500Km (3400 miles). Had the...
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    air beds to sleep on daily?

    Slept on one for over a year! Never got around to getting a mattress, it was that comfortable. It was a Coleman, but the taller one that looks like a real bed. Walmart for around $40 (pump separate). Had to add some air every 5-6 days, but not a big deal!
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    Hercules Tires

    Most have great specs.. Check them out.. And a lot cheaper than others.. Had some on my Intrepid for a few years... No noticeable difference in ride compared to the original Good(for one)Years that came from the factory, and lasted much longer..
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    Are these symptoms of a lost wheel weight?

    I did bring them in to have them checked as they are 4 years old (but still in good shape). The left rear did in fact have a leak... They could not find anything wrong with the other tire. The front tires are a little over a year old and were fine. Last time Tire Pressures were checked was...