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    Aircraft Tempest 48108-2

    Mooney 231 28 Hours on this filter, approximately 1100 hrs SMOH. Oil in/out Aeroshell w100. Same filter installed. A minor amount of debris in filter, no shiny stuff, magnet has little scum on it, as usuall. Enjoy.
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    Mopar mo-285

    From a 2015 6.7 cummins Ram 2500 160k miles on truck. I was asked to perform oil change on truck and did so; while resetting the oil life moniter on dash the indicator said it was reset 2100 miles ago... New tires and brakes were installed 2100 miles ago, but no oil change on the invoice or...
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    Napa Gold 1358 Cut & Post

    Off a Fisher Panda generator w/ a Kubota Diesel. I'm not sure of hours but I'm guessing around 50 on filter, Oil was probably T4 15w-40. Refilled Genset with T4 and added a Kubota brand filter, Probably a denso made in China.
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    Looking for the best UV protection Wax/Sealant.

    I have several boats, cars and an aircraft under my care. I have been using some retail waxes such as meguiars 50, Shurhold pro polish, meguiars gold paste, 303 on rubber and soft goods. These product seem ok, but I would like to hear what you guys think is the best of the best, primary concern...
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    Carquest R84502

    Off a 2014 F150 3.5l ecoboost 94,200 miles 4,200 miles on filter, Mobil Super synthetic 10w-30. No tears noticed, adbv held oil in can. Replaced with a carquest blue 84502 & Mobil Super synthetic 10w-30. These filters work fine for me, usually a 5k OCI, I've noticed less startup rattle...
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    Virgin Purolator L14460 Cut

    A Freebie unsold filter from the parts store. This filter is not equipped with an ADBV. looks like the metal end caps disagreed with the press, also seal gasket is too thin IMO.
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    Mystery Filter Yanmar

    I serviced a Yanmar 2ym15 for a customer and pulled this filter off. It is possibly the original factory from 2012 due to no markings and some gray paint near base. Not sure of hours as I replaced broken panel aswell... Anyone know what it is? I'm thinking a Yanmar filter from Denso.
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    Yanmar Oil Filters

    Any body know the scoop on these? I know there are plenty of cross references for the older filter parts #s ,this part# shows no cross refs, but I have heard that these Yanmar filters are "heavier & stronger'' than the typical wix/napa/fram ones. Apparently these engines can exhibit high...
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    Mobil Delvac Extreme synthetic 15w-40

    Is this new? Just noticed at walmart today, any voa/uoa/experiences? <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> <img...
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    Auto Insurance Rates 2020

    So, has anyone had a discount or credit on insurance due to limited driving. Is it worth it to shop around for better rates? Clean record and no claims or points ever. My 2014 f-150 cost $596 for 6 months Property damage: $50,000 Bodily damage: $50,000 per person 100,000 each incident...
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    Aircraft Tempest Spin-EZ AA-48108-2

    -40 hr interval Mooney M20k Continental TSIO-360-LB -Aeroshell w100 out & in -torn valve -Magnet in second to last photo -Last photo shows Aeroshell label recommending retest after 4 years from manufacture date...
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    Pumpkin Beer

    My local grocery store has presented the Fall & October beers including about a half dozen pumpkin brews. I decided to buy some Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale- Yucko! I am a fan of pumpkin pie & beers like light IPA's (420) and lagers (Corona). Not this stuff, it has a wheaty sweat Blue Moon...
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    Supertech ST10575 4,200 miles

    Here is my 1st Cut & Post. Vehicle: 2014 F150 3.5L Ecoboost 69,000 miles. Filter: ST10575 4,200 miles $2.97 Walmart. Oil: Delo XLE 10w-30 6 quarts. Oil and filter added April this year, Mpg went down from 18.3 to 17.4. Cold start/ timing chain rattle was less noticeable with this combo!
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    Yanmar marine 6lya-stp Needs Flush (or more)!!

    I am dealing with a customer boat 2007 Yanmar 6lya-stp 370hp with a neglected cooling system. I tried to drain coolant from block petcock and not a drop.. after inserting 6'' screw drivers into hole came nothing but brown hard sludge... not a drop of liquid! Upper coolant reservoir & heat...