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    Why bother with a synthetic blend ?

    I believe the synthetic has a higher VI than conventional, so a syn blend avoids some of the need for VII, which can break down and cause sludge, so overall keeps engine cleaner than conventional oil.
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    2017 Subaru 3.6 Mobil 1 EP 5-30 & Fram Ultra Filter

    Great report. My 2018 is burning a little oil at 50k miles, found it at bottom of the dipstick at the end of the interval, which I'm not used to. Been using M1 classic since new. Changed the PCV, seems to have helped, monitoring it now. Thinking about changing to a non-synthetic. I read...
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    2019 F-150 when to change gear oil

    If you follow your mileage computer, the diff and the transmission are the biggest source of reduction in mileage until they warm up. I see this in Houston, so it would be even worse in more severe climates. I certainly wouldn't use any heaver weight than required just as a feel-good measure...
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    Recommended Gear Oil for '13 Subaru Outback

    Recently did my Subaru and Ford with Mobil 1 75W-90. Look for Advance Auto 20% off coupon.
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    JWS-3309 ATF Specification

    When I used the Toyota TIV in my 2005 S60, the transmission seemed to slip. The Amsoil was noticeably better, felt like the stock fluid..
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    For plain old Dex III, I would use Mobil 1 ATF.
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    Tundra died while going down the road.....

    Could be the crank angle sensor (aka crankshaft position sensor). On my 2001 Tundra, the wire to the crank angle sensor was near the front of the truck and easy to damage during maintenance.
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    2019 Tundra ATF.... Burned?

    If its not burned then it has to be clutch material in suspension. There just isn't much that can contaminate the fluid. You can't really judge the fluid by its color.
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    2019 Tundra ATF.... Burned?

    I've had several Toyotas and found that the WSATF turns dark quickly. I think it's just the clutch material they use. I wouldn't worry about it, just do your regular maintenance to keep the detergency up.
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    Oil/ filter advice - 2012 F150 5.0

    I used both Mobil 1 5W-20 and 5W-30 in my 2013 5.0 F-150. The engine seemed to rev quicker esp when cold with the 20 weight but either is fine. I use MC or Wix/Napa Gold filters. One thing to keep in mind is the MC air filters seem to have less media surface area and need to be changed by 20k...
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    Brake Pad Selection Advice

    Another vote for the Akebono ProAct. I use these on everything. Excellent daily driver pads and have make a big difference of OE stock pads for Toyota and Honda. I have a set ready for my F-150 too. No special bedding necessary.
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    Oil choice for 2 Ecoboosts

    Another vote here for Mobil 1 5W-30. I have 50k miles on this oil. I change it every 5k miles since mine has only the direct injection. Doesn't burn oil and runs great.
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    Calling all 2.7 Ecoboost owners

    I wrote too soon. I changed the oil today and noticed that one of the tabs had a crack on it. Did not affect the seal but I went ahead and bought a new plug. I too will keep a spare on hand for cheap insurance. I may not have noticed this. Thanks to the OP for raising this issue.
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    Calling all 2.7 Ecoboost owners

    I have used mine on the F-150 a few times. Mine originally had the 3/8 drive socket head but was replaced when the pan was replaced because of the typical pan leak. I now have the fin type I think it is the newer design. It doesn't take much force to turn it. I don't understand why the tabs...
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    Michelin Premier A/S vs Premier LTX

    I have 18" Premier LTX on my F-150 and they are half worn at 10k miles. No kidding. They start with less tread to begin with as someone pointed out and wear fast. Do your homework on your size before buying. I certainly would not buy again. Woops just realized how old this thread is.
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    2012 F-150 3.5 Eco-boost. GTX HM 5w30 5600mi. Fuel Dilution saga continues.

    If you consider buying it get the history on timing chain fixes on it. This is a known issue. Others probably know more details on this, but as I recall the new generation 3.5 as both the dual chains instead of one long chain and the chain is more robust.
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    Meijer syn 5w-30 6.5k mi; 2017 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost

    Is this really your 2nd oil change (3rd fill)? Personally I would not go by the OLM on these. The direct injection does contribute to fuel dilution. I would suggest every 5k miles and am using that on mine. If you haven't already, I would replace the air filter. Once you get it out and...
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    2015 Ford F-150 ATF and Diffs

    Good info on the Maxlife. Thanks. I was actually going to try it but rethinking it. I thought the rear diff used a 90 weight, not a 140.
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    2019 Subaru Outback 3.6 5w-30 factory fill. 3310 miles

    OP, not sure why you wouldn't want this changed. It's good to get this stuff out. I did an early change and ran conventional oil for the first 5k and have been running Mobil 1 5W-30 in my 3.6R with no issues.
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    Best place to file online for Fed taxes?

    No need to paper file. Use Freefilefillableforms and then delete the information after you file. Thats what I do.