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    2017 MINI JCW - 0w20 Factory Fill - 6000 Miles

    I got the factory fill on my JCW analyzed. Doesn't look too bad for a low viscosity oil in a direct injected european engine. I believe this oil is made by Shell. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Code:</div><div class="ubbcode-body ubbcode-pre" ><pre> MI on Oil...
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    BMW certified 0w-20 list?

    My new MINI seems to want a 0w-20 (LL14 FE+), like many other BMW & BMW made brethren. I checked my usual oil manufacturer of choice (Motul) and didn't see one meeting that weight/spec yet. Anyone have any leads on US-available oils in that grade with the right spec? It seems like they're still...
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    2013 Golf R - Motul X-Max 0w-40 -

    I just got back the next sample from my Golf R. This car is set up with an APR Stage III kit with runner flaps deleted and an additional low pressure fuel system upgrade. This setup is supposed to be good for ~450hp at the crank. Still not looking terribly awesome, but iron is tracking closer...
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    2013 Golf R - Motul X-Max 0w40 - 4353mi

    I just got back the next sample from my Golf R. This car is set up with an APR Stage III kit with runner flaps deleted and an additional low pressure fuel system upgrade. This setup is supposed to be good for ~450hp at the crank. This one is looking much better than the last couple on Motul...
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    2013 Golf R - Motul Specific 5w40

    I've been meaning to post the first two UOAs from my '13 Golf R. The first ones details are, as far as I know, correct. The seond one is definitely correct. This car is set up with an APR Stage III kit with runner flaps deleted and an additional low pressure fuel system upgrade. This setup...
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    New bottle of SI-1 has an unfamiliar bluish tint

    I recently refreshed my fuel additive stocks with a fresh batch of Redline SI-1 and found, upon opening the package, a slightly unfamiliar colored liquid in the bottles that arrived. I've been using this product for years, and know it to have a dark amber color, but the new stuff that arrived...
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    MINI Factory Fill - 3811 Miles - 2013 Mini Cooper

    I got the factory fill on my '13 Mini Cooper S analyzed. Glad to get some of the factory muck out earlier than called for. Not bad for a new engine though. I chose Motul X-Cess 8100 to replace it, but will probably move to M1 0w40 (which would probably be in there now, had I noticed it had...
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    Oil choice for an (N18 engine) Mini Cooper S

    I'm going to be the owner of a new Mini Cooper S in a few weeks, and can't seem to find a consistent oil recommendation for it. I've used Red line oils in my last two cars (5w20 in a Ford Fiesta and 5w40 in an FSI GTI) and had great results with them. I also used Motul X-Cess in my GTI and had...
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    300v 0w20 - additive pack strong enough for 10k?

    I've been running Redline 5w20 in my 2012 fiesta so far, and was considering switching to Motul 300v 0w20 in it instead since it seems like a strong oil. This car accumulates half city miles in northern in Ohio, and is driven daily. Does it have an additive pack that will keep my engine clean...
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    SF MTL-R Awesome in a VW O2J!

    I installed Specialty Formulations MTL-R in my 01 Golf TDI today. This stuff is awesome! I've driven about 5 different fluids in this car, none have the buttery smooth shift quality of MTL-R. MT-90 was too stiff in the cold and has a habit of attacking synchros. I had an issue getting into...
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    Redline 15w-40 v.s. Royal Purple 15w-40 in a TDI

    I'm looking for a 15w40 oil for my car to run next summer, but I'm not sure which of these two will be better for my 01 TDI. I'm thinking that since the 506.01 oil standard is at 0w30, the lighter of the two (redline) would be the better choice. However, I'm not aware of the additive package...
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    Delo ESI 80w-90

    This looks like a great gear oil! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> --Matt
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    01 VW TDI - Rotella T 5w-40 - 10,200 miles

    Got the results back for a 10,200 mile run on my ~67,000 mile 01 TDI(tested by blackstone): aluminum: 6 cromium: 4 iron: 45 copper: 6 lead: 2 tin: 0 moly: 0 nickel: 1 magnese: 0 silver: 0 titanium: 0 potassium: 0 boron: 6 silicon: 4 sodium: 3 calcium: 2545 magnesium: 63 phosphorous: 980 zinc...
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    Belgian Castrol 5w-40

    In a crunch, I was unable to get the usual Rotella T Synthetic. I located Castrol Syntec(made in Belgium) 5w-40. Reading the label, it appears to be made almost specifically for TDIs. It meets the manufacturer's requirements as well(which concern me more than the API stats). Is this likely...
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    Amsoil 5w40 European Engine Oil

    I've got an 01 VW Golf TDI that I love very much. I'd like it to last a good long time. I'm currently running Rotella T 5w40 with LC, but have discovered this: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It is a 5w40 with...
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    LC and FP results on my TDI

    Ok, so I've been running FP and LC for the last 12k miles in my 01 TDI Golf. I've been using as follows(with Rotella T 5w40 Oil): LC: 6oz At the change 2oz Every 2k Miles FP: 3oz in each 14gal fill My car starts better in the cold, seems to idle smoother, and has like new compression. All...
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    I think I found the ultimate diesel add mixture!

    So I was playing around today and decided that since I had a bunch of FP and a bunch of PowerService Silver laying around that I would make a mixture that would be a good cleaner, lubricant, and cetane booster. I mixed the 2, 2:1 PS:FP and put 9 ounces of this stuff into ~12 gallons of diesel...
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    LC as a general purpose lube

    I've been trying to devise a methood of using LC as a general purpose lubricant. The VNT vacum actuator on my turbocharger gets corroded from moisture and therefore sticks when this builds up and lubrication decreases. I normally treat this with some white lithium grease every 10k miles or so...
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    LC Piston Soak?

    I was pondering usages for LC and this came across my mind. Would it be posible to put an amount of LC into the cylinders of an engine through the spark plug holes and allow this to soak say overnight to clean the rings from the top(for the purpose of reducing blow by)? The saturn crowd has...
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    FPPF - Same as Fuel Power?

    I located a product called FPPF, which is also refered to as fuel power. Is this the fuel power we know and love? Here is a link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> --Matt