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    Tool Cabinet Moves Around

    My tool cabinet, with 5 inch locking casters, tends to roll around when I am using the vise that is mounted on top. I would prefer to keep it on its casters. I would appreciate suggestion how to keep the thing from moving around.
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    I am working on a single family, 2400 square foot house in which it would be fairly easy to run ethernet cable. When it's finished the home network will connect to about a dozen devices, two each: phones, computers, TVs, Airplay receivers, etc. No gamers live there and the most demanding...
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    Prevost “Warranty”

    Two of my two-year-old Prevost quick air line couplers leak when a plug is engaged. I emailed Prevost to ask if the couplers are serviceable. Prevost replied that they are not serviceable and are guaranteed only if Prevost plugs are used. My plugs are Milton. Aren’t all brands of M style...
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    Reliable evaporator brands for a Ram 1500

    I am going to help a friend replace the evaporator on his 2005 Ram 1500, 5.7. Are any of the aftermarket evaporators reliable?
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    Carburetor kits

    A friend has asked me to rebuild the dual AFBs on his 1967 Hemi. Is there a source for good quality carb kits? Thanks.
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    Dwell meter

    Is any company still selling dwell meters, preferably inexpensive ones?
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    Recommend a condenser fan motor for Dodge Ram

    The condenser fan motor on my friend's 2005 Ram 1500 has failed. There are lots of choices for replacements, just the motor or the motor and condenser plastic shroud assembly from brands like VDO, Four Seasons, Delco. Motors alone are around $30 while the assembly costs about $150. The job will...
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    Recognize this car?

    This car left the car show before I could get close enough to identify it. Does anyone recognize it? <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/>
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    Windows 7 Home Premium help

    I use a Mac computer but have it partitioned so I can open my legal, 5 year old Windows 7 to talk to my Shimano equipped bicycle and to my VW. I rarely open Windows, the last time was almost a year ago. Today, when I tried to open Windows, it started to update and then stopped and reverted...
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    Two routers?

    Some rooms in my apartment do not receive a useable signal from my Time-Warner installed Arris TG1672G modem/router. I am considering adding a Lynksys EA8500 router which Consumer Reports rates as very good for far throughput. My question is, will multiple routers interfere with each other? Is...
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    Three antennas? Six antennas?

    Netgear offers routers with three antennas and even models with with six. Is more better? I am hoping to cover a large apartment with many interior walls. Is one of these multi-antenna models apt to increase range over the modem/router furnished by Time Warner that has no visible antennas.
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    What is NetLock?

    On my MacBook Pro, in Keychain Access, I found four certificates with names beginning with "NetLock." Opening details on each of the four shows they are from Hungary. Does anyone know what these are?
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    Antique airplane flying over Manhattan?

    During a visit to the upper west side of Manhattan, I heard what I thought to be a large, multi-engine, propeller plane flying over, usually around 5 PM. But I was staying on the seventh floor and couldn't get down fast enough to see. Is there a service flying antiques in that area?
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    Recommendations for a rechargeable flashlight.

    Please recommend a rechargeable approximately the size of a conventional two or three D-size flashlight. I am open to LED or incandescent, NiCad or Lithium ion. Thanks.
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    Anyone have a metal lathe?

    I would like to have the top of the solid brass door stop on the left turned to match the dome on the one on the right. Overall diameter of the stock is about 1.2" Please PM me. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Anyone have a metal lathe?

    I would like to have the top of the solid brass door stop on the left turned to match the dome on the one on the right. Overall diameter of the stock is about 1.2" Please PM me. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Manhattan ISP recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a reliable home internet service provider serving the upper west side?
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    Is my copy of Windows 7 used up?

    I have replaced my old Mac computer with a new Mac. I used a partition to run the Mac as a PC. The Windows 7 installation on the new computer went okay and it seemed to accept the product key. But the Windows 7 on my new computer does not see my network even though it is there. Is this...
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    Image host that doesn't require recipients sign in

    I would like to send a picture album to friends using an image hosting service that does not require recipients to register or sign in to see my album. Is there a hosting service like that? Thanks.
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    Ford reintroduces the 1965 Mustang - Yahoo! Autos

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