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    09 Mercury Grand Marqyus fix or dump?

    96k miles needs a/c blend door and LIM gasket starting to weep. I want to fix, wife wants new car. Have had no issues except one 02 sensor, evap canister, and steering recall. What do you think?
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    Xcel Class Action Suit

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr></a> If you ever bought Xcel you can make a few bucks.
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    A/C Blowing Hot on Grand Marquis

    Found online that folks say you can hold down buttons on AC module for it to go into diagnostic mode. Anybody out there know if this is true?
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    Grabnd Marquis Oil Change Soon Message Won't Clear

    Changed oil on Mercury in sig file, I clear the screen and it goes away...until we restart and it comes back. Any thoughts on how to make it go away?
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    Get in the Pollution Zone

    <a href="" title="httpswwwthetruthaboutcarscom201906autozoneenters11millionsettlementwithcaliforniaoverimproperwastedisposalmore1678520"...
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    Just Found a Tiny Bit of Rust

    Under the paint over the driver side front wheel well on my Grand Marquis. What would all of you do to keep it from spreading?
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    Cold Cuts Electric Vehicle Range

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>04029bd1e0a94cd59ff9540a398c12d1</a>
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    Coolant Question No Radiator Cap

    My wife's Grand Marquis is the first car I have ever worked on with no radiator cap. The overflow tank is pressurized. Does this mean the coolant level in the tank is the same as in the radiator, or does it blow back and forth with pressure? I am used to just popping the cap and looking at...
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    Home Inspection

    Our insurance co, USAA, has decided after 25 years and no claims, to send someone out to inspect our house. Anybody know what kind of inspection this is? Is it just to check the condition of the house, or are they gonna be nitpicking about extension cords and fire hazards and stuff like that?
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    Grill Mats

    Anyone use these? I have a natural gas grill and I am tired of stuff falling through or sticking to aluminum foil. But this plastic thing scares me. John
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    Hyundai Sonata transmission drain plug size

    Is this a 24mm socket on an '05? I had bought a socket but my darling wife didn't know what it was and pitched it. Anyone know? John
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    Get Rid of 03 Sonata...40K miles?

    One of my staff lost her husband recently, so she went to a financial advisor to sort things out. He told her to get rid of her 10 year old Sonata because it will cost too much to keep going. I said I know you don't drive much, how many miles? She said 40000! I asked if she had had any...
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    Ford Tech at Work

    So I'm at the local Ford dealer picking up a part. As I am leaving a F-150 pulls out of service with smoke POURING out the exhaust. Like a fire. Goes about 100 feet and stalls. Guy gets it started and FLOORS it. Clouds of smoke so thick you can't see the vehicle. Then nothing. Several...
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    You Know You Spend Too Much Time on BITOG When....

    You are sitting in the McDonalds drive thru, and where the menu says "drinks: SM $1.09" you think, SM? Don't they have SN yet? And then....duh, oh, that means "small". <img src="/forums/graemlins/banana2.gif" alt="banana" title="banana" height="35" width="33" /> John
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    I Love When That Happens!

    So I'm driving through a construction zone where it is CLEARLY marked no left turns. Idiot in front of me turns left. Then I notice lights behind me....a Columbus cop! As soon as I clear the intersection he goes after them! I LOVE when that happens! <img src="/forums/graemlins/banana2.gif"...
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    Beer in the Gas

    I found a 5 year old can of beer in the garage and was about to toss it when I thought, you know, beer is grain squeezin's and ethanol is grain squeezin's. So, why not dump it in the old Dakota's gas tank? So I did, then started her up. It idled funny for about 2 minutes, then, like someone...
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    Oil Change Best Left to the Professionals

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Found this video about 5 things best left to the...
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    The Perfect BITOGer Gift!

    The oil travel bag! A great stocking stuffer for the BITOGer on your list: <a href=""...
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    Spray on Duct Tape

    Anybody ever use this stuff? Does it really stop leaks? AAP wants $7 a can for it. John
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    Toyota Brings BITOG Dream to Life!

    I was building my own Venza on their Web site (not buying just curious) and one of the options is....a premium oil filter! Woo-hoo! BITOGers rejoice! John