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    how do you find a body shop for a motorcycle?

    I imagine that this question is alot like finding a perfect body shop for a car; but I have never found a shop that does a perfect repair. In this case, I was hit from the left by a minivan, so damage to the shift linkage (it's a heel and toe setup), tank is dented, windshield, fender, turn...
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    Oil injection pump issue. Polaris XLT snowmobile

    1995 Polaris XLT snowmobile. the lever on the pump is sticking - which is causing issues with the throttle cables. how to fix? or how to source other than used? I know, I could pre-mix, but I'd prefer to fix it correctly
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    Mystery problem with Cougar timing solved - probably

    A couple of weeks back I posted that our car suddenly started missing, running poorly, lacked power. Of course, adding to the confusion were the following facts: - my son swapped out the MSD 6AL for a 6+, preparing to setup nitrous injection and wanting to use the timing retard feature...
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    dealer oil changes not worth it

    I have 3 years of oil changes and tire rotations on the VW. not worth my time for oil changes but I dont like rotating tires. anyway, on an 18 month old car they called and wanted $311 to replace air filter, cabin air filter, flush brake fluid. my cabin air filter was brand new. and they...
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    hi perf engine runs bad. how to diagnose?

    we built this a few years ago - Dart 351 block with Eagle stroker kit. ran strong and good. until now. I strongly suspect one of the kids trashed on it; and he also replaced the ignition box with a different unit, anticipating to add nitrous (against my wishes). I know its hard to...
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    REC 90

    My local station just mentioned that they are going to carry REC 90. that was a new one on me: 90 octane, ethanol-free fuel (for recreational vehicles)
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    garage floor coating ?

    my head is spinning: I am looking for a durable, non-slippery garage floor coating that wont peel or lift. certainly floor prep is very important I have a 30 x 30 garage and a 30 x 40 garage. I'm surprised how much this will cost! Every product that I have researched gets: great reviews...
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    Split rail fence - post depth?

    Most of the instructions for installing split rail fence posts seem to indicate a burial depth of 24-30". This is not below the frost line in my area, which I believe is 42". so, how deep to bury? 800' of fence to install.
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    winter tires vibrate

    for the winter I got a set of Hankook icept iz2's on new American Racing wheels. bad vibration above 50. 5 times back to DT, 2 road force balances, same problem, although slightly better each time. at least two of the wheels had 12+ weights on them!!! they finally replaced the tires with...
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    slow coolant loss

    2014 Sentra. 92k miles. it loses about 1" of coolant per month. no visible leaks (I used UV dye), pressure tested system (cold, obviously) and just had a UOA done with no evidence of coolant in the oil. since it has a warranty, I have an appt at the dealer. they are claiming that...
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    oil for 1995 Polaris PWC?

    Just picked up a 1995 Polaris SLT 750 PWC. three cylinder 2 stroke. what oil to use? after a couple hours of reading I am still undecided. I don't have an owners manual. Choices: Polaris blue. (Polaris no longer acknowledges or mentions PWC) Yamalube 2W. Pennzoil Marine syn blend...
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    Mitsu 3000GT rear engine mount is tilted...

    I bought a replacement rear motor mount for a 96 Mitsu 3000GT. unfortunately I threw out the old one before the new one arrived. the new one is on an angle. it is not perpendicular to the base. is this correct? how do I find out it its correct? I cannot find a proper photo of one...
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    Anyone at the Street Machine Nationals?

    My sons car is competing At the SEMA booth
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    Replacing faux wood veneer with real... problems with the veneer lifting!

    so my son wants to replace all of the faux wood veneer in the Cougar with real burled walnut. ok. sounded simple at first. I have alot of woodworking experience but none with veneers. tried yellow glue to glue the veneer to plywood backer. looked good until he polyurethaned it with...
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    Our Camry is back!

    Last summer my daughter drove our 2001 Camry 50 miles with a stuck thermostat. with poor judgement and bad advice, I pulled the head, had it planed, and re-assembled. yes, it was still blowing exhaust into the cooling system. I finally found some time and installed a reman engine in the car...
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    Camry dipstick tube - how to remove? and source?

    I am replacing the entire engine in my poor 2001 Camry (driven for an hour with a stuck thermostat). The old engine is out and most of the parts are transferred to the new engine. but I cant get the old dipstick tube out. I tired heat, a slide hammer, hammering it out from the inside...
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    Lincoln Square Wave 200 TIG ?

    anyone have experience with these? the local welding store sells them, but claims lots of problems and was pushing me towards a Norstar ACDC 200 Inverter
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    odd glitch after replacing clutch

    Helped a friend replace the clutch in his son's Toyota pickup. We encountered an unusual (to us) problem along the way. 130k miles. The transmission on that truck is HUGE! and heavy. heavier than a T5 in a Mustang GT. Anyway, replaced the clutch - tried to start the truck afterwards...
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    are American Racing wheels any better than house brand wheels?

    I am looking for winter tires/wheels for my car, should I expect that American Racing are better than DT's MB wheels? I'm guessing they are not much better. perhaps I should suck it up and get BBS.
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    Hankook Kinergy GT - slippery on snow and ice

    My dealer installed their "upgraded tire and wheel" package on the car I just bought. no, I did not ask for them nor was the upgrade figured into the price - they left them on for "free". whatever. unfortunately they are Hankook Kinergy GT's - which I just figured out from experience (and...