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    Anybody Have Experience with 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback?

    My vote would go for a used Toyota and second would be a Honda.
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    VQ35DE Maxima with timing chain rattle

    +1 on the expensive repair. Good friend had the same problem. He did not get it repaired and it ended up damaging the engine which required replacement engine.
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    Home HVAC advice?

    In many parts of the country your local power company will do a free load calculation + give you some pointers on energy saving improvements. The correct size of a HVAC system in very important.
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    new elantra

    I have a 2020 KIA Soul EX with the Atkinson Cycle Engine and the CVT transmission. Hyundai/KIA calls it their IVT transmission. No issues and great gas mileage. Neighbor also has a 2020 KIA Soul with no issues.
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    Does anyone know the purpose of the Reg D limit?

    Our bank allows 3 withdrawals a month from a Money Market account but no limit on plain savings.
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    5 Dollar A Month Cell Phone Plan

    I just started my 2nd year using Red Pocket Mobile's 5 Dollar a month plan. You get 100 minutes of talk, 100 minutes of text and 500 mb of data per month. I am around Wi-Fi much of the time and have a free Google Voice number and use the Google Voice App on my phone to make and receive calls...
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    push mower oil leak

    I made the same mistake once and had quite a mess to clean up. When completely empty my walk behind mower holds 18 oz of oil.
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    How much was your cateract surgery?

    Depends on the insurance you have. Question is it absolutely necessary at this time? Having vision issues that warrant it now? Do some reading + view some YouTube videos on the pro and cons.
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    Cutting Cable-Roku?

    For a free home phone I use an Obihai/Polycom 200 with a free Google voice number. Have used it for years. Have used an over the antenna & Roku also for several years.
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    Spam Mail ending in .host?

    I use Mailwasher Pro to manage my email along with the free email program called Thunderbird. Too, you can just use a filter in Thunderbird to delete those unwanted emails but Mailwasher has many more features. Here is a link to Thunderbird: <a href=""...
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    Xfinity modem cost

    I have used my own Modem and Wireless Router for years. Have saved quite a bit of money doing so.
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    04 Nissan Sentra - Blowing Heat Only

    Check out the link to a You Tube Video. <a href="" target="_blank">Link to You Tube Video regarding this problem.</a> Seems to be a common problem.
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    Heating oil gelling. No addys work.

    Add some #1 diesel (Kerosene) to your #2 diesel. You can find out the percentage from your fuel supplier - internet, etc. At one time before moving south lived several years in Wisconsin and my grandmother had an outside fuel tank. This solved her problems and as I remember, the fuel company...
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    Just bought a new (used) 2017 Sportage. Can you help me with this sound?

    Own a 2020 KIA Sportage and engine sounds much like that. Had a Hyundai Tucson and a KIA Sorento and it too sounded the same with direct injection. Add some coolant to the proper level and keep an eye on it. Direct injection uses high pressures and some noise is normal.
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    2020 Kia Forte Engine

    From reading it uses the Nu MPi fuel injected Atkinson Cycle engine with an in house developed CVT transmission that puts out 147 HP. First year of usage in the 2019 KIA Forte. It is the same engine and transmission that I have in the 2020 KIA Soul. The Atkinson Cycle version of the Nu MPi...
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    Buy my father in law's Honda Pilot?

    I don't buy from family, friends, or fellow church members no do business with any of them. A great way to loose a friend!
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    Sirius radio Issues

    My wife and I recently purchased two new vehicles and have been hounded by them too by mail and email.
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    How to transfer files from one PC to another PC??

    We use the "Geek Squad" at Best Buy as there is more involved than simply moving files. They do our business desktops and laptops as well as personal computers & as I recall, they charge $90.00 at least that is the price here in this general area.
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    Who is the oldest on BITOG

    77 will hit 78 in April if I make it that long????
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    2000 Tacoma Alternator (6 Cyl)

    My vote is to find a local rebuild shop and have it rebuilt.