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  1. UncleDave

    World Plugin Vehicle Sales - Top Automotive Groups (January-November 2021)

    Top Companies. Top Models.
  2. UncleDave

    Hornet Vs Tomcat Simulation

    Not against one another, but comparing the performance of the two on a similar mission. This is an entertaining combat sim, can you guess the better interceptor/fleet defender ? Most of us that follow these things know what the outcome would be before its starts, but its still fun to watch the...
  3. UncleDave

    Great desktop background

    El Jefes new camera shot from his back yard. Shot with a new Fuji GFX1000 and 80mm f/1.7 untouched first pict with it.
  4. UncleDave

    Looks like Porsches may have a battery problem

    Lots of interesting info regarding their very short warranty and problems. I wonder if this may plague the entire 800V lineup?
  5. UncleDave

    Awesome Mt Shasta Shot

    Had to share...
  6. UncleDave

    The Narwal vac/ mop robot - pretty cool.

    A vast improvement from my 1st and 2nd gen roomba and scuba cleaners. First impression - I have all harwood and tile floors forcing both vac and mopping. A device that can do both with minimal effort is the holy grail of floor care. Finally a robotic product that doenst make more work than...
  7. UncleDave

    Anyone familiar with "museum quality" framing?

    Have large art pieces to frame and am struggling to understand the stratospheric costs. Or at least commiserate with this that have done it..... This one is 70x46 - one never seen another one for sale anywhere. The carmen miranda is the smaller piece of a two piece set.
  8. UncleDave

    Any poster experts in the house?

    I acquired this gorgeous poster 20 years ago and its been sitting under a couch in a tube. I've seen smaller ones with ads on the bottom, but never another this size. This one is almost 6 feet tall, and the price of a small house to frame with UV resistant plexiglass. I'm curious if anyone...
  9. UncleDave

    Taking a road trip in a 2017 Caddy XT5

    Will be interesting to see how it compares to my 2017 Honda and lexus hybrid, and what kind of performance and economy I get from the American 3.5 SUV and 8 speed. So far it feels little "equinoxy".
  10. UncleDave

    Moving Lawn Tools to Battery Power.

    We'll at least the hand held ones anyway. I'm lucky enough that Mrs Uncle Dave likes to do yardwork, but she's getting tired of smelling like 2 stroke mix, and hot start problems. (Im a total gear head so its a bit like perfume to me but I can never sell that) The old man here will stick...
  11. UncleDave

    Napa Platinum/ WIX XP 20K

    Held up beautifully for 20K and 2 OCI's No "bites" out of the ADBV like we see in other brands. Only 3 turns in the thread - little light. Metal seam clamp is nice. Center tube has holes vs louvres, can is nice and thick. The FIltermag caught some very fine particles. I ended up with this...
  12. UncleDave

    AQI over 500...

    River and Dixie fire smoke converged.....
  13. UncleDave

    Rotor and pad upgrade report...

    I repeated a prior tried and true formula with slotted Stop Tech Cryo rotors and Hawk LTS pads. Truck has much harder initial bite and braking at the same pedal pressure as prior, well see how imprint resistant they are in a few seasons but the Ridgeline stock front brakes didnt quite make it...
  14. UncleDave

    Kohler whole house test

    Lost power around 830 - till about 4 Ran the well pump and 5 TON AC unit without a hitch. Did an oil check (would anyone here expect anything less) and found no visible consumption and oil clean enough to be hard to see on the stick. NG helps with that for sure and my super efficient AC...
  15. UncleDave

    Analysis of the Nimitz UAP encounter

    Interesting info from the report.... Speed, acceleration, and power characteristics can be calculated based on statements from two navy personnel who observed the radar tracks of the “Tic-Tacs” in real time. The Senior Chief in charge of radar took notes while observing the radar in the CIC...
  16. UncleDave

    Now Telsa is the worlds largest....

    single operator of electric filling stations in one swift move. Now they can profit off every BEV and subsidize their own product concurrently...
  17. UncleDave

    Last ride together.....

    The last ride my friend Mark and I took together but didnt know it at the time....approx 40 years ago.... Mark so loved to ride even a day behind a bigger faster bike ( me on the 125 on the right ) and getting roosted hard didnt blunt his enthusiasm. I miss you old friend.
  18. UncleDave

    Any Miami Dolphins superfans?

    Dug this out of a childhood storage - was a gift from a friend. Im trying to determine which year this team was from? I can make out Bob Griese and Larry Czonka, but thats it.....
  19. UncleDave

    Electrical oddness - Old Indiana House...

    Grandmas/ Moms/ Mine house in Northern Indiana Renter left after 20+ years to get close to grandkids. I remember hearing something about low voltage lighting, but not having stepped foot in this house for 45 years a few things came right back as being weird even then....
  20. UncleDave

    Great architectural comparison

    Between ID4, Mach E and Model Y on Munros channel. Some highlights from the vid.