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    zf 5hp19 trans oil substitute

    asides from pentosin aft1(which is what i use now) what other budget friendly fluids could be used it seems total atf mv is a acceptable substitute but i was wondering if there was more is a specific atf and not a generic atf like a mv cars in question are 2003-5 passats with the autobox of course
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    i think it needs a service

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=_rNBSmJy2AU</a> 1917 buick rear end
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    vw - adding external trans filter

    just a quick question for all the minds of bitog picked up a 2005 vw passat tdi (bhw engine code) 444,000kms , grabbed a wix 24762 mounting base and a 33343 out of my inventory was wondering if that filter would be suitable for transmission oil use it is rated at 10 microns , im mainly trying...
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    2003 Passat 1.8t under the valve cover

    Since you guys like the under valve cover pictures here you go ! 2003 Passat 1.8t 360,997 miles (580968kms for us Canadians) Replaced the plugs (denso) with some laser NGK Also gave the valve cover a clean with oven cleaner Since 25,000 miles this car has been run on rotella 5w40 and 0w40
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    03 Passat trans service

    Question for the mind's here at bitog New to me Passat 1.8t fwd with 335,000 KMS Never has had a trans service. I'm going to be dropping the pan and fluids , should I add lube guard when I refill with pentosin
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    1984 Cadillac 5.7 diesel

    so i was wondering what oil do you folks think i should use in my 84 5.7 gm diesel caddy , the engine is all original and just came out of my shop after being balanced and machined. the original owner was my granddad and he used straight 40 all its life (56,000 miles) it ran good but just...
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    Under valve cover pics 79 pontiac

    Some neglect and sludge in this one
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    1985 chev blazer 2.8

    heya !!! been surfing this sight for quite a few years and finally got the courage to post haha i got a 1985 chev blazer 2.8 carby (as per the title) the old girl has 478,931 MILES , YES MILES burns about a liter every 250 to 500 miles depending on the driving, slight lifter tick what oil ?