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    Bad Hemi lifters!!

    Here is a pic of what I have talked about before. Oil weight/brand, etc wont fix a soft pin. If u look, you can see the rollers ate into the soft pin. After enough clearance , the rollers jam/break, and its all over quick. This is the same as the 3.6 issue. Its a quality issue with the pin or...
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    Anyone try the Aisin 0WS fluid?

    Swapped out fluid in the XC last week to this. We bought it at 70k, and it was always a little jerky and erratic by times. Software update helped a bit. I changed it to T4 toyota(yes I know it calls for "ws" spec fluid) at about 150k, it was VERY dark and bad smelling. It was alot smoother, but...
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    Update to GM ecotech collapsed filters thread

    Update to this thread Changed the oil again, at same mileage. This filter looks mint, no issues at all, so will stick to these.
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    Mercury Racing 35-881126K01?

    Who makes these? A decent filter?
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    2011 BMW 328xi fluid and filter?

    Have this thing I need to service. Is the filter a screen or a filter? Any good recs on aftermarket fluid?
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    How long do you find deck belts last?

    I have a 23hp/46in Snapper rider. Deck belt broke tonight. Belt is only about 2.5 years old, 70hrs on it. Belt still looks new, but pulled apart. Was an OEM belt. Is that typical life? I'm a maint. freak, and all pulleys etc are mint. This is the first rider I have ever used so wasn't sure.
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    Aisin AFW+ or ATF0ws???

    Looking to change the fluid in my 2 Volvos, which use the newer "WS"fluid . Aisin lists 2 fluids for this, the the AFT0WS, and AWF+. This is a little strange, as the the AWF+ is a 7.4, while the 0WS , from what I can find is a 5.7? Not sure which fluid to go with or if one is better/newer...
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    Wow shockproof went bad fast....

    Drained the clean SV75/90 out and put in shockproof light before a track day last weekend, hoping to drop tcase temps a bit, as it runs hot. Roughly 3hr on track/300k klms and it came out looking like this....stuff on filter.....can see the spilled fresh SP blue below in pan. I'll run a few...
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    0w16 for a new Prius?

    What is out there for a good 0w16? Anyone using 0w20? 2021 Prius
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    2019-20 Rav4 hybrid....any good?

    Thinking of adding one of these to the garage. Wife and I prob drive 20k miles a year each, and fuel costs are getting high up here in Canada. I have looked at straight EV and hybrid, and want awd, so this seems to be best choice for the price range/size/awd. I also thought of a bolt/prius, but...
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    Anyone use Redline shockproof in a PTU?

    Anyone ever use the light shockproof in any PTUs? This is in a Volvo that that gets tracked a bit. Sees no low temps. Factory fill is 75 or 80/90. I switched to SV 80/90. This thing gets HOT, 300f is very common. Probably part of the reason is that it splits power 50/50 in sport mode, so its...
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    Lubegard for the far

    Bought an old 08 XC70 for a third car/winter beater with 300k klms on it last fall. Trans shifted a little off(erratic/hard/soft shifts), and had a couple shift issue codes.. Fluid was nasty as had never been done. Flushed with 20l of trans max, and was good for awhile, but after 15k or so it...
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    07 Tundra 5.7 starter...yuk

    Put a starter on a friends truck today at work. What a nasty way to hide a starter, esp after that many years of salted roads. Expensive job!
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    2019 are they holding up?

    MIL just a bought a super clean CX3 . Seems to be a tight, nice driving little car. How are the newer Mazdas holding up?
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    GM EcoTec collapsed/crushed filters?

    Picked up a super clean low mile 2010 Cobalt(2.2) for the daughter awhile ago. Picked up a few ac delco PF457GO/19260345 filters. I noticed on last oil change this also, shows the middle of the filter pushed in, like its collapsed/crushed like I see quite a few of these do( Chrysler Dealer...
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    Oil for rider trans?

    Have a 2011 Snapper rider(24hp) with the hydro trans. At 320 hrs im going to pull it and change the oil. I thought I had read here, but now cant find it, that 20/50 syn engine was rec. to use?
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    Bypass low oil sensor on 10hp tecumseh?

    Have an older coleman gen. Id like to bypass the low oil sensor as a test to see if that is what is causing random miss/stumble. Seems better if u overfill the oil. Weird thing is this one is 2 wires. Has a little plate on bottom with 4 screws holding it on. No way to get at connection as it...
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    "Tuning" MaxlifeMV with some redline racing "F"

    I had ran across at least one person doing this, with good results,,after alot of searching on here..I had never thought of that.. Has anyone else tried it? I have two 3.0L T6 Volvos, that use the 6sp Aisin trans. In this application, they are quite close to max rated torque spec., and there are...
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    Valvoline™ Import Multi-Vehicle ATF in Canada??

    Where are you folks finding this in Canada? I could only find it through napa at $38 a L?? lol no thanks.
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    Odyssey oil burner...what oil?

    Friend just bought a 2011 odyssey(190K klms) with 3.5v6 that is a bit of an oil burner, 4L in 5k klms. 0/20 is what's called for, has anyone bumped up to 5/30 and seen a drop in oil consumption? I know thats no fix for stuck rings( i assume....pcv is good and clean), just wondered if anyone has...