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    Do people still use non phone GPS machines?

    I've tried the Garmin and my Pixel smartphone for in route directions. I'm keeping the Garmin.
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    Rent or buy RV

    They break down and fall apart to frequently to consider owning. You can walk away from a rental and get home with your bank account intact.
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    Towing Long Distances with Older Tow Rig

    An 03 truck with 61K miles??? That's a new truck. My 03 4Runner with 165k miles tows a horse trailer on desert dirt roads and I consider it almost new. One frequent trip on terrible roads is almost 50 miles. My only concern is the horses, not the vehicle.
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    Blackstone sample kit shipping time

    Call them. The lady that answers the phone is really helpful.
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    200K Miles - Durability Between Brands, 2000-2010

    In our neighborhood the generation of 4Runners with the 4.7L V8 engine are proving to be really reliable and trouble free. I consider my 03 to be a 4door pickup with a permanent good fitting camper shell lol. I tow a horse trailer over desert roads and I'm at 165K+ miles without any problems...
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    Darn dogs

    I feel for your loss. I lost my best friend, Toby a few months ago. I have reached under my desk to pet her a couple of times since then when I'm working late at night. My wife and I went to a shelter a couple of months ago and adopted a border collie puppy. He gets into trouble every time he...
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    Anyone signing up for the Space Force

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    No more oil changes

    Someday cars will have a service interval of 100K for everything, oil and tires included. The only technical reason it's not there now is because it will hurt dealership service departments. eliminating so many chances to take a shot at your credit card.
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    Who can relate?

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    Needing New Dipstick

    A dipstick becoming shorter would cause you to overfill the crankcase. A problem with older Hondas was the dipstick going lower because the stop disc slipping up the shaft causing the normal level to be too low.
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    Subaru's at play...

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    Self defense

    Movie fighters often shake of blows that would kill or at least knock you down and end the fight. At a local bar a big tough guy wound up to hit the bouncer and that was his last conscious thought. The bouncer hit him once while the wind up was in progress and the fight was over. It wasn't...
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    One Dollar Per Gallon?

    Why aren't there more of these CNG trucks?
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    Why high resale value on Jeeps if frames rust out?

    A Jeep salesman told me that the Jeep 4-wheel drive system is so good you'll never get stuck. It's been my experience that every 4-wheel drive vehicle can get stuck. The better the vehicle's off road capability the worse thing are when you finally get stuck. If you're not getting stuck every...
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    You think your car is expensive to maintain?

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    Why don't refrigerators exhaust heat outside?

    IT's got to be a stand alone device that's easy to install, like leveling and plugging it in. You'll buy the cheaper, simple one.
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    How much damage was likely done?

    If it's not broken don't fix it.
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    What car $5000, durability for long drives

    If you make the search for a car a project and really work at it there are good deals out there but you have to find them. And you might have to travel to somewhere where the weather does not eat cars. Have cash ready and don't buy without a good mechanic's (one that's paid a fair price)...
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    Tesla to lay off 9% of its workforce.

    It's going to be interesting when these Tesla cars get some miles on them and people go to the dealer for service. ?Without competition I wonder how good or reasonable the prices will be. A Bolt owner might enjoy and advantage here with more dealers and competition for their business.
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    Synlube Oil Filters

    You think the filter specs are phenomenal how about their synthetic water?