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    Got to drive a 495K Toyota pickup last night!

    Needed to buy a mattress at one of the big box stores here, but it was raining so using the Silverado wasn't an option. My neighbor told me we could use her dad's Toyota. It was his courier truck. 2001 single cab, 5 speed. Looked pretty good from the outside, as good as a 10 year old truck...
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    Anybody use Trugreen?

    Got a pretty good quote from them the other day. Good enough to make me stop doing fertilizers myself. Just checking to see if anybody else uses them and what are your thoughts or results? Have 2 small indoor dogs and a toddler, so I always worry about adverse chemicals and such. Thanks for...
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    1K trip in the Civic + high speeds+ hot= 5w-20?

    Getting ready to take a trip in the Civic (2010 1.8, 5MT) from northern KS to TX with stops in OK on the way. Round trip will be over 1k miles. Sustained highway speeds of 75-80 (interstate & toll) turning about 3250-3500 rpm in top gear. Supposed to be in the mid 90s in OK and pushing 100 in...
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    Honda folks: Maintenance Minder OCI lenghts?

    Just sold my 08 Malibu and bought a 2010 Civic LX 1.8/5 speed man. I am used to/familiar with the OLM from GM and was wondering what king of OCI lenghts the Maintenance Minder system is giving you guys? Thanks!
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    5W-30 dino at 0F?

    How well will 5W-30 pump at startup when it's this cold? Is there a significant difference in startup protection between dino & syn at this temp?
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    Maxlife/HM oils in a new vehicle?

    What's the scoop on running a HM oil in a new vehicle? Any issues (benefits/hazards/etc)? I got into a discussion with a neighbor who runs Maxlife in EVERYTHING he owns. I honestly don't know much about HM oils so I didn't have a good knowledge base to advise him one way or the other. Any...
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    What causes brake pads to glaze over?

    My 08 Malibu with 21K on it developed squeaky brakes a month ago. Took it into the dealership and they said there was a TSB for squeaking brakes... apparently the pads glazed over and they had to "de-glaze" them and clean the rotors. It has been fine for the last 20K miles, and I've owned...
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    Is Windows Live server down?

    Can't get into my hotmail account today and I'm knee deep in trying to make a sale on Craigslist. Anybody know about the server status? I keep getting a "Windows Live Network Unavailable" message...
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    Anybody rotate your own tires?

    Can't stomach paying somebody $20 to rotate my tires, but all I have is a floor jack and 2 jack stands. Can it be done?
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    Can I use dino gear lube in my 2009 GM rear diff?

    If I were to shorten my diff lube intervals (say every 30K instead of 50k) can I use conventional GL5 80W-90 in my rear diff instead of the GM grape juice or equivelant 75W90 synthetic? Truck is an 09 Silverado 5.3.
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    Toyota 1MZ-FE survives 28 minutes on Liquid Glass

    My father in law is a parts runner at a large Chevrolet dealership. In accordance with the "cash for clunkers" rules, they are seizing the engines by draining the fluids and filling with Liquid Glass, or some other liquid sodium silicate. He said most only make it a couple of minutes, but the...
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    What's the scoop on Dex VI? Should I change?

    Both vehicles are in sig. Malibu has old school 4T45E 4 speed and the truck has the new 6L80E six speed. Both the Malibu and Silverado are daily drivers, but the truck sees LOTS of in town short mileage trips topped off with some light/moderate long distance towing of 19 foot ski boat plus the...
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    10W-30 Dino ok down to 0 degrees?

    My local AZ has Formula Shell 5 quart jugs for $7.99, and I'm thinking about cleaning them out. Going to run it in my truck (see below) all year around for 4k intervals or so, which is roughly 6 months. Any thoughts? Also, how long is stored oil good for? Trying to judge how much to buy...
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    Rant: AC Delco PF46s are now E-cores...

    Pulled a filter of my wifes truck from a dealer oil change, and the baseplate of the filter looked strange. Drained it and looked inside, and what did I see? A plastic cage... &$*#! Looks like Champion is slowly redesigning all the filters across the product line. My local auto parts only...
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    Stihl vs Echo???

    What's your flavor? I've been using Echos for a couple of years now, but my main string trimmer is on it's last leg. I'm looking at either heading back to an Echo or branching over to Stihl. Price isn't really an issue, but I need something that will take a beating. I do 5-7 large properties...
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    New Vehcile: burning oil??

    Finally broke 20K on my 2008 Malibu 2.4 Ecotec. I've noticed that it steadily consumes around 1/8-1/4 quart per 1000 miles since day 1. Not alarming, but is it normal for a vehicle to cosume oil straight off the showroom floor? Mixed diet of synthetic/dino every 3-7k up until now. Just...
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    Amsoil selecton help??

    06 Silverado 5.3 with OLM. Driven about 7-8K per year by my wife. Gets in, no warm up, and goes. Vechicle is stock, except for a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust. 75% around town, 3-5 miles with little/no warmup. 25% minor highway driving, 10-20 miles, occasional long trips (100+). Kansas...
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    SAE30 oils (automotive v. small engine)??

    Are all SAE30 oils the same? Ie, Pennzoil/Valvoline 30w vs. Briggs & Stratton 30W oils? The Briggs claims to be "formulated" for small air-cooled engines.. Are they all basically the same or are oils for power equipment formualted differently from automotive applications?
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    US Air Crash: First Class vs. Coach

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Note the first class passangers in front, dry, in a raft. Note the coach passangers, standing on the...
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    Silverado 4x4 Differential Fluid Intervals

    I have an 06 Silverado 5.3 4x4 with about 35k on it. The manual indicates severe service intervals on the transmission and transfer case are 50k. It doesn't make a mention what the front/rear diffs intervals are. Should I do them at 50k too, or earlier? It doesn't tow hardly at all, but it...