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    2007 New Beetle: squashes bug or mighty insect?

    I have an 02 and it’s a good little car, for my daughter. We have an automatic with the 2.0 Ground clearance and oil pan punctures are a huge issue. The interior is terrible, smells like melted crayons, and used to blow foam out of the HVAC vents until I tore the dash apart and fixed it. The...
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    Tesla driver charged with manslaughter after Autopilot crash that killed two

    I’ve had Tesla’s pass me with the “driver” fully engulfed in work (laptop, papers on dashboard, etc). However, I’ve also passed people with novels on the steering wheel. Both instances are people not focused on their vehicle and what it is doing. Humans have a portion of the population that are...
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    Current times...

    Born in 76 here too. Played outside until the streetlight came on. Parents didn’t have to worry because the whole neighborhood was full of kids and everyone watched over us. No air conditioning. Even in the car, until the early 90’s. Never ate out. Maybe once or twice a year at McDonalds...
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    How much salt is usually on your vehicle in the winter?

    I’m really impressed with the hybrid ceramic spray wax I’ve been using. It has kept my 3 cars that are winter driven fairly clean. We had 10” over the weekend as well as above freezing temps, creating slush (and refreeze). While the cars aren’t necessarily clean, they are way better than I’ve...
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    Blue Jeans

    Carhartt jeans are fantastic, and the closest to Wrangler you’ll find. They hold up very well and come in different styles and colors. My wife prefers other brands on me, but I like Carhartt for long lasting work pants.
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    Oil availability going forward

    I'm more worried about parts than oil. Tires are another concern as well. I bought a set for my van because the ones on it were terrible in the snow, and it took a week to get them in. It used to be you could get a tire within 24 hours. Like mentioned, I can extend past my normal 5000-7500...
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    What's your "sweet spot" if you are good at DIY?

    When I was shopping for a car a year ago, my goal was: 125k-150k miles $3000-$5000 miles Goal was from a rust free area, but it didn't take long to give that up. I do look at the cars for sale in my old hometown in Hanford, CA, as well as in SW KS or TX in areas I know people. Since I...
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    Good forum, bad forum

    The Chrysler Minivan Fan club ( is outstanding for help. I've been on it since 2004 and have watched it mature and grow. Wranglerforum is outstanding for Jeep help. VWBeetleforum has been really good as well. I'm on the fence with ToyotaNation, but its more positive than...
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    Camry stumbling issue

    There is nothing in the Carfax to make me believe otherwise!
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    Mid-size pickup decision - Ford Ranger v. Toyota Tacoma??

    Our minivan is our “truck”. You can haul ALOT in a minivan. Throw down tarps for the dirty stuff.
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    Camry stumbling issue

    I tried manually shifting this morning and had no issue. I kept it in 3rd gear out of curiosity. When it didn’t do it I shifted to 4th. No issue. It’s also 32 degrees this morning.
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    Camry stumbling issue

    No codes. I’ll give Techron a try.
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    Camry stumbling issue

    Yes I can.
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    Did a 20 mile flush

    If you would have put in a quart of Lucas, that would of really exploded heads here. No complaints from me. Thanks for sharing what you did. I gave my son a coupon for a free oil change, as he was terrible about maintenance, and I knew his VW needed a short change. The car had about 1500...
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    Camry stumbling issue

    I'm not sure how to properly describe this.... 09 Camry 2.4, 230,500 miles It's been cold, below 20 degrees F. Leaving home, car was warmed about about 1 minute (sits in a garage), I will make my left turn and go up to 40 mph. First, I thought it was due to using cruise control, as the car...
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    Rock Auto shipping charges....

    Once I figured out the game with brands and the shipping truck, I’ve cut my shipping costs way down. I’ve even bought a more expensive part because it shipped from the same warehouse, but saved me another 8$ in shipping. It’s a game you have to play. They pretty much supplied the parts to...
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    Mid-size pickup decision - Ford Ranger v. Toyota Tacoma??

    I’ve been thinking very similarly to you. My only concern with the Ranger is the turbo on the engine. I ran a fleet of turbo F150’s that had some issues (not all turbo related), but they were all V6. I’m just not sure a turbo engine will last 300,000 miles like the NA engines in the Tacoma...
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    2nd Gen Outlander CVT reliability

    I had a 2016 Rouge, which my son now has. It’s the same set up, and we never had a problem with it in 106,000 miles. I’m not sure how many he has put in it, but still no problems. I changed the fluid at 103,000 miles and planned in doing it again at 150,000 The little crossover got as good...
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    How do you feel about debt?

    If you look at my fleet of cars you’ll see how much I like debt. Freedom is what I like, and debt takes that away from me. However, I’m in the fence about getting one new car in the fleet to curb future interest rates. It’s cheap to get money today, but it seems like that bubble is about to...
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    How much salt is usually on your vehicle in the winter?

    Our roads are officially white now. Prior to the cold snap, we had a 35 degree day, so I took the cars to the local self service bay and gave them an upper body spray down. I Fluid film underneath and in as many interior panels as I can reach, so I don’t go nuts. It’s been about 2 weeks and my...