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    Ford Ranger 2.9l tick...Will ARX help at all?

    I had a 93 ranger with the 3.0L I switched to a 10w40 and it ran more quiet
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    Fuel Mileage drop

    I have been running MB5000- it is pretty good oil, however I am switching this oil change.
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    How long is a filter good for?

    I set the pressure regulator on my compressor, and blow out each pleat on the filter from the backend of the element and blow out the air box every other OCI. Ofcourse sticking a rag in front of the sensor. Filter still looks new 2 years later
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    6-7k OCI filter choice

    What is the factory recommended OCI, an OEM filter would be more then sufficient.
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    Fuel Mileage drop

    Shouldn't the Veracruz take 5w20 like all the later model Hyundai's. The change in warmer weather can be causing a slight drop in MPG., tire pressure restricted air cleaner or a mixure of all.
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    Honda Break-in Oil?

    That is why Honda has owned their reputation. Honda does things right the first time.
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    Best car you ever had

    1993 ford ranger splash - 3.0liter/eng- auto/trans
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    Oil filter

    Beck Arnley supplying Valvoline filters.
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    Only 1K miles in one year...

    Most of the vehicles of choice you guys own are junk, just use conventional oil.
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    chevron and peak lubricants

    any one know if chevron is supplying peak w/ oil, same blue colored bottle with black cap. chevron logo is replaced on the left side of label with a nascar logo
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    PP 5w20 getting very dark

    Interesting, I am getting to obsessed with this stuff, maybe I should just leave my vehicle alone its a brand new car. Had nothing but OE filters and the best shelf oils you can buy Quaker state 5w20 Wolfs head 10w30 pp 5w20 too much $ to keep using for my driving conditions. Been using MB...
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    PP 5w20 getting very dark

    I never saw PP for $4 Qt. - send me 12 Qts. please
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    Dorman products

    I don't like the way it looks with the black paint coming off from wrenching on it. The auto parts guy, says to me I am not using the right size wrench.
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    PP 5w20 getting very dark

    You can not be that cheap if your using a premium oil such as PP
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    I am not into blending myself- though I may try 1 Qt. M15w30 with Mobil clean5000 5w30
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    PP 5w20 getting very dark

    If your a freak about your vehicle like me- drain the oil- fill her up with 10w30 Pennzoil YB and a Mopar filter and call it a day.
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    PP 5w20 getting very dark

    Does the oil smell more burnt then usual
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    quick question

    At one point GM had a problem with manifold gasket leaks on the 3100-3800 series engines- what I familiar with anyway.
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    I am back... and DONE with pharmacy school classes

    I just started medical school in February, for medical billing and coding- the [censored] I am learning I can be a doctor when I am finished.