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    Some Cobalt SS Trivia

    I think calling them 're-badged' is putting it a bit mildly. The difference between a Speed 3 and a 3i is like night and day as far as how they perform. A Speed 3 will run and hide from a 3i in any situation that involves power, handling, amenities and outward appearance. Sure, they share a...
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    Some Cobalt SS Trivia

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: css9450</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I haven't looked, does the new Malibu have an SS version? </div></div> The previous-gen Malibu offered an SS. Hopefully they've thought better of doing that to the current one.
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    Some Cobalt SS Trivia

    The Malibu SS makes me laugh when I see one on the road. The Impala SS has a great engine surrounded by nothing that really supports having it in the engine compartment. Don't even get me started on the HHR SS. The TrailBlazer SS seemed like an entertaining idea (coming from someone who'd...
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    Some Cobalt SS Trivia

    If Mazda can sell the Speed 3 for $22K, Chevy could have (and should have) undercut it with the SS considering the vast difference in materials used on the interiors of both cars. But who knows what kind of deal you can REALLY get on the SS if you go hammer on a hungry dealership's staff. I...
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    Some Cobalt SS Trivia

    Gees...474? Never woulda thunk a Cobalt in any trim would be such a low-volume car.
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    Your Opinion - NEW car or USED car for young adult

    IMO, one thing all the parents should do instead of 'handing down' an old car is actually sell it to your kid instead of just giving it to him / her. What sort of value system are you instilling? Answer: None at all. If we are to tell the whole truth here, you're exchanging a car worth only...
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    Nigerian scams getting more interesting!!

    My idiot brother fell for the oldest one in the book...a woman he met online that needs money to move here from Russia to be with him. I think he lost around $2200. UGH. That coulda bought me a helluva Christmas present. ;-)
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    Cash For Clunkers: Clunker strikes back!

    There IS a tax on gas guzzlers...when bought new from a dealer.
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    GM's "perception gap" is about to get even wider

    GM (Chevy, specifically) has begun their 'low blow' approach to marketing. Anyone else seen the truck commercial where Howie makes fun of the Ford truck owner's tailgate step? How very desperate.
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    Bought a 1990 Honda Accord

    I'd be hard pressed to buy a car that has, in all likelihood been jumping curbs, plowing through medians and chasing bad guys (and hauling their filthy butts to jail) for most of its life. That sounds like more of a maintenance / repair nightmare than a '90 Accord.
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    Bought a 1990 Honda Accord

    I believe 1990 was the first year that all trims of the Accord were fuel injected, so you may have some dirty injectors. You may want to run some Techron through it, and perhaps change the fuel filter. Stumbling issues beyond that could be caused by any number of issues, including the need for...
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    How's the weather?

    Looks like the Atlanta area got hammered, and continues to. My sister lives in Cumming thankfully so she's just a witness to the horror. I haven't been able to find a picture online, but apparently the ferris wheel at 6 Flags over Georgia is partially submerged. That's some RAIN now.
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    2011 Ford Fiesta

    Ford already eliminated the best Fiesta...the 3-door. It's a Europe only car, for whatever reason. So, I'll be looking at a Kia Forte Koup.
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    Evil Shower Heads

    "The researchers offer suggestions for the wary, such as getting all-metal showerheads, which microbes have a harder time clinging to." I don't think I've ever seen a 100% metal showerhead. Is this something that only existed pre-70's?
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    So am I not smart if I run Redline

    Thankfully, this board is full of guys who believe that the best way to get something done right is to do it yourself. I trust no one with putting the correct viscosity oil in my car, or with dealing correctly with the cartridge filter. More often than not, dealership service departments are...
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    Dream engine swap

    Nismo Spec VQ37VHR would probably be fun hooked to my 6-speed and AWD. Not a big Sentra fan, but the one above makes me salivate.
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    Aviation Oopsie's

    Haaaaaa ha ha ha Best pic ever <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
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    Aviation Oopsie's

    LMAO at the AirDrops.
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    What is it with people and winter driving?

    I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I still lived in Wyoming and bought my AWD Eagle Talon. The town I lived in was VERY hilly. You literally couldn't get from one side of town to the other without negotiating some steep hills at some point..there was no going around them. Some of...
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    Best Man speech.

    One of my many favorite Britcom scenes...and one I can actually identify with. <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>