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    New Castrol GTX Full Synthetic?

    Valvoline Synpower is an entry level synthetic.
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    Another cvt/atf combo fluid

    Well I tried it for the first time doing a few drain and refills in a 2006 530xi someone gave me and that 6 speed ZF automatic transmission shifts much better now. Trans had 171,000 miles on original fluid likely. The super harsh downshift to 1st gear is gone too. Previous to trying this, I...
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    ATF Fluid Question, LEGIT

    There are synthetic labeled fluids made with low cost (minimum spec) additive packages made and sold out there. Then you have high quality mostly non synthetic fluids but with a very superior grade additive package that are better in nearly every category than a low grade "synthetic" fluid. And...
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    Barrs leak oil additive

    If the oil leak is due to a leaky rotational seal such as front or rear of the crankshaft, then I can say it works sometimes. The better one that Bars leaks offers says on the front of the bottle that it helps with crankshaft seal leaks, which is the one I use if I'm not ready to replace the...
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    iridium plugs. do they make a difference

    I liked the fine tip design for the Denso TT plugs and have installed them quite often up until now, but the set of 4 Denso Iridium TT that I installed 2.5 years ago in a 2011 Kia Soul 2.0L were COMPLETELY worn out after 50k miles, so please be aware that these fine tip precious metal plugs may...
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    Idle oil pressure 5w30 vs 5w40

    Expected results, really. Not really beneficial, imo, but you just testing out a hypothesis? Does engine consume oil? You tow heavy with this truck?
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    Tie Rod adjustment directions to Center Steering Wheel ?

    If your tie rods are behind the front axle, then you need to shorten the right side tie rod starting with one full turn and lengthen the left side tie rod by one full turn. This will cause the wheels to actually be turned even MORE to the RIGHT slightly and in response, you will now center the...
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    two person brake bleed question

    If you have plenty of fluid, (always have and extra liter or quart of fresh fluid), you can just open the brake bleed valve on the opposite side you are working and let it slowly bleed some old fluid out into a pan. Gravity is at work here since the reservoir is higher, it will slowly push fluid...
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    Heating Oil Scammer

    After all this settles out, put a lock on your tank or gate and get current supplier to call you before they come over.
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    Porsche 75w90

    What model and year Porsche? We can look up the spec for the Porsche and see if it also meets the spec for Ford (GL5). But the 75W-90 part seems to be correct for the front diff on your Ford. For the rear diff on the Excursion, I would use 75W-140.
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    High Milage Oils on Low Milage Engines

    Get the full syn or full syn HM Supertech. It's only about a dollar or 2 more ($15.65 around here for 5 qts) for the 0W-20, 5W-20, or 5W-30 versions and is Dexos 1 Gen2 rated, so probably a really decent oil for cheap at 5000 mile oci or more.
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    High Milage Oils on Low Milage Engines

    If you look at the back of a bottle of Valvoline full syn high mileage, the way they rate their oils, the high mileage oil has better wear protection. That alone would cause me to use the HM version of full syn Valvoline over the non-HM. Why would they do that anyway? I mean make the HM...
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    Eric The Car Guy's Mobil 1 AP Test

    I am trying to figure out what is so special about Mobil's AP's "new" 20,000 mile oil change intervals. Mobil 1's first oil, a 5W-20, was recommended for 25,000 mile oil changes way back in 1976 and Amsoil had same mileage limit even before that. Annual protection 20,00 miles is not a new...
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    No cell service at home...what options?

    My daughter has a paygo plan on an Iphone SE through Tello (Sprint towers) so she tries as much as possible to conserve on her cellular minutes and texts and data. But since she is home a lot at 15 years old, this plan works for her because she can talk and text for free to other Iphone users...
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    What Is Mobil Super Synthetic Motor Oil?

    Mobil dropped the 7500 series synthetic blend oil and seems they replaced it with their Super Synthetic, which by all accounts seems to be a decent Group III oil which I would think would still be useful for 7500 miles. We routinely go up to 10k miles on M1. So where would you use the Super...
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    Source for Castrol Edge Supercar 5w50 oil?

    If you are going to spend that much to import Castrol's 5W-50 "supercar" oil, why not consider Amsoil's 5W-50? It is made for the Ford spec specifically, and if you buy through one of the site sponsors here I'm sure you could get a bit better price to try it out. The reason I mention this is...
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    Gray on Oil Dipstick?

    Perhaps seller threw in a can of MoS2 or an additive that contains graphite: both would give the oil a greyish tint. Although it should not leave a grey coating on the dipstick? I would monitor it again after the next oil change.
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    2016 Honda Pilot appears to be consuming oil

    2016 Pilot here uses zero to "not worth mentioning" amount of Mobil 1. 18,000 miles on the odometer. I am changing it at 6k miles and it is never even half a qt low at oil change time. Before I would condemn the engine as an oil burner, I would upgrade to the regular M1 0W-20 for a test to see...
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    STP Oil Filters

    Here the STP upgrade filters for 10k miles are made in Korea, but not sure by who. Seems like a heavy duty filter and looks a lot like a 10K mile Purolator One oil filter. The standard 5000 mile STP seems to be mostly Champion ecores.
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    Fram ultra vs wix xp oil filter

    Just ordered a bunch of Fram Ultras from Rock Auto and played with number of filters and shipping to get the lowest price overall, which was about $6.78 as mentioned above after 5% discount code. Beats AMAZON and WM everyday price and I go through lots of these. Just be sure to ship all from...