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    To oil or not oil OPE foam pre-filters

    Having gone a couple seasons not oiling my pre filter, I can say that I am sold on NOT oiling. I've tried both ways and I'll not oil any more.
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    At what point do you say "That costs too much"?

    When people stop paying those exorbitant prices and stop biting on their payment plans, they'll have to fall in line. I saw it for over 30 years in factory maintenance, and it made me sick how they ripped the unsuspecting guys off.
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    Troy Bilt Tomahawk Chipper

    I had that exact same model way back when, and it's a beast. Made when TB still knew how to make equipment and hadn't been bought up by cheaper companies. I wish I still had it. As far as time, it takes longer to mess with the shredder than burning it, but it's easier to deal with the mulch...
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    Kohler/Amsoil 10W-50

    Just me i guess, but 40wt is about as far as I think you need to go east of the Sahara. All the jumping on thicker oil is just not for me. I use 30wt and 15w40 in my water cooled garden tractor, JD 425 and never a hiccup in over 800 hours so far. I just don't think it calls for super thick oil...
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    How long do you find deck belts last?

    I mow 5+ acres a week and start and stop the deck several times during each mowing to transport from area to area, and never a problem. I have had JD 318's, 214's Husqvarna 27HP, Wheelhorse 141A, Simplicity 12hp, and for the last several years a JD 425, and in all of them, I had to replace a...
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    How long do you find deck belts last?

    Deck belts and drive belts should last an awfully long time if there's no problem with pulleys. Most better tractors and ZT's have high quality belts, that should last literally hundreds of hours. I'm pretty sure that all of the JD tractors I've had over the years, I only broke one deck belt and...
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    What's The Catch Here Guys ???

    I've been running into the same thing on lots of stuff online. Seems an awful lot of scams out there and as has been said above, "if it's too good...." Stay away from anything that looks to cheap. I know they're playing on all of our penchants to get the best deal we can, but you need to resist...
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    New Mower With kawasaki engine

    The fact that "KawasKI has been all over the place" shows that you can use a lot of different oils with good results. These are good, strong engines and if it were me I'd use 5w40, 15w40 or straight 30wt diesel. Take your pick, cheap oils that will do just fine. The admonition against not using...
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    Specific questions about car oil in B&S

    This is a highly debated question, and my thoughts are: 1) water cooled small engines are ok on almost any kind of oil, automotive or any other. They operate much like a car. However I do like extra zinc oil for them also, so a good diesel oil is perfect. 2) air cooled engines are a different...
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    Higher Octane Gas for my OPE?

    My working partner will drive a long way out of his way to get E0 90+ octane gas for all his OPE and runs only the best, most expensive he can find. Me, I use 87 octane, with decent gas stabilizer in it in all my tractors and OPE. I have a 20 year old JD 425 gas, and all kinds of other older OPE...
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    10w30 Harvest King VOA forthcoming

    Looks fine for intended use and great for OPE
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    Anybody have a 72” zero turn?

    I mow about 6 acres now, and have a54” and 60” on my JD 425 and 455. I also have a 72” deck on my Deere compact tractor. My ground is some of everything, hilly, smooth, rough, flat, you get the idea. Long story short, I really don’t like the 72” deck. It cuts mowing time, but not as much as you...
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    Has the Makita brushless cogging/quality issues been fixed yet

    I’d have to call BS on that one. Take it from a guy who uses cordless tools almost every day as a contractor. I just happen to have Milwaukee 18v and Makita 12v tools. You’ll never notice the difference between these brands in the same voltage. They’re both fantastic tools and it would take a...
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    Snap On Trucks

    sounds like a good company to stay away from.
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    Let's Talk About Oil and Lawn Mowers

    For me it's 30wt, 15W40 and almost any syn 30ish wt
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    Best 4-1/2" Angle Grinder <$100?

    $39 harbor freight, I mean they go round and the disc does the work, not much you can improve on here. I’ve had mine several years and not a single problem.
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    Tool unboxing: DeWalt DCS369B 20V one-handed reciprocating saw

    I had the Milwaukee M12 sawsall and it was decent, but didn’t really cut tough stuff well and had lots of vibration. Sold it and bought the brushless M18 Fuel version and the difference is night and day, fantastic tool. One great use is to cut tree stumps below the surface, saves ruining a...
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    Kohler 10W-30 Synthetic Blend

    Take a look at the Harvest King HDEO 10w30 a few posts down in VOA's, looks amazingly similar, and I bet a lot cheaper.
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    My OPE winterizing experiment

    I posted about this before, and it's happened again. I use regular old pump unleaded regular gas in my tractor. I do put B&S fuel stabilizer in it most of the time, and I had a full tractor, and three full 5 gal cans set the entire winter. I've now used what was in the tractor, and two of the 5...
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    Does anyone rent a push lawn mower for the season?

    Along those same lines, I was in HD the other day and the guy in the mower dept told me an interesting story. He said I'd be amazed at how many people take advantage of their 90 day satisfaction warranty and wait as late as they can in spring, buy a new mower, use it through the summer and...