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    nting Plastic Hubcaps

    duplicolor makes paint for plastic, and Canadian Tire does carry duplicolor. also, i read on the internets, about even using the "anodized" finish, which I used on my wheels: <a href=""...
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    PP 5w30 vs 5w20

    The flow properties of a synthetic 5w30 are very similar to a conventional 5w20. As long as u are using synthetic ur engine will be extremely happy. If u wish to run a conventional 5w30, then i would only do that in summer, but synthetic 5w30 is great to run all year. for example, do a google...
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    Cheap Oils in Canada ?

    Canada WalMart SuperTech is made by Safety Kleen, which is an actual company, with production facilities. ALL 5w20 SM conventional oils are now group 2+, and 5w30 SM is all group 2. As long as you change it regularly, it will work as advertised. For MYSELF - I wait for the once a year TRUE...
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    The Need for Fuel System Cleaners

    there isn't really a need, because my owner's manual does not call for any cleaning.
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    need advice on choosing polish

    definitely over analyzing. i wash the car once a year. that's it. no wax, no polish, factory paint with clear coat is plenty good enough.
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    Fixin to Run Straight 30 This Summer

    just changed out my frankenmix 5w25 (conv 5w20: synth 5w30), for frannkenmix 5w30 (PZ YB 5w30: ST synth 5w30); wife reports engine likes it (Subaru flat four NA 2.5): engine sounds smoother and quieter. don't want to run straight weight because it gets cold here in the mornings, and we don't...
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    Iridium vs. Platinum 06 Tacoma

    this is just NOLOGY SPAM - administrator please remove, NOLOGY is basically like Snake Oil, it does not deliver the most "dependable and efficient spark", just delivers the most profits for the NOLOGY CEO that depends on people being dumb enough to fall for the phony sales pitch. Your spark...
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    regular oil and short drain interval - opinions?

    i also believe in short drain intervals. my brother's mitsubishi mirage was changed with conventional 5w30 at 2000 mile intervals. at 180,000 miles it is running BEAUTIFULLY!!! Now that he died, I have it, and I run 50:50 synth:conventional (it only has a 4 quart oil pan) with 3000 mile OCI...
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    Iridium vs. Platinum 06 Tacoma

    Your spark plug wire uses a graphite (carbon) conductor. Having copper in a spark plug makes absolutely no difference to the final product (a spark) as opposed to iridium or platinum. Platinum just holds up better due to superior physical properties, and the iridium makes a nicer spark due to...
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    Factory calls for 5w30 but.....

    I like synthetic 10w30 because it has the same cold properties as a corresponding 5w30 conventional, much less volatility and more shear stable. In winter run the 5w30 synthetic, because it has AWESOME cold properties. It sounds like the truck is being used more in the summer, and the 10w30...
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    Cold Start Thickness - Dr. Haas

    It seems to me it is worth having the block heater plugged in for 1-2 hours to pre heat it in the morning prior to leaving. I bought a really nice digital timer, and I installed an oil pan heater and a block heater for good measure. I also discovered that you should GET A GOOD QUALITY...
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    Iridium vs. Platinum 06 Tacoma

    I don't know if this is the problem, but I went to buy a set of 6 for my Dakota (autolite iridiums) - and really look carefully at the electrode and the ground. two of the six had ground terminal quite grossly out of spec. Use a gapping tool, and a feeler guage and carefully bend the ground...
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    Redundant question about synthetic

    Napa synth is like Valvoline synth, which Ashland says is a mix of 3 4 and 5 base stock, if i remember well, just the additives are a bit cheaper. i just bought a venture with 85000 miles, 3.4l ohv v6 which was maintained with conventional 5w30. I just did the change to synthetic 10w30 SJ...
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    Going with conventional

    synthetic can be had for 3$ a quart, so i run 50/50 mix 5w30 synthetic with 5w30 conventional in summer, and 5w20 conventional in winter.
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    Valvoline Engine Warrenty

    you receive nothing, and it costs them nothing, but you are obliged to buy only one brand for many years. I prefer to buy what's on sale. More frequent changes is a better guarantee, without the hassle of trying to collect. Nice marketing gimmick.
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    Under Coating ...

    Fluid Film is gr8 stuff - used by sea tankers to protect the hold, used by NASA to protect space craft from oxidizing away from the rocket fumes, etc. Fluid Film was developed for US military to protect amphibious vehicles from rusting away in salt water. I get my mechanic to spray fluid film on...
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    Idle speed oscillates - why?

    I have located a cleaned and reconditioned and guaranteed idle control valve for $50 on ebay - I'll go for it, and take apart the old one and give it a good cleaning and keep that one on the shelf.
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    Vandalism with permanent marker

    U can get the strong isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol from WalMart, or drugstore. Don't get the 70%, get the 90 percent or something. I will not harm the finish at all.
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    Idle speed oscillates - why?

    Yes, my mechanic was saying something today about it being something to do with airflow (I didn't quite understand it) - He said he was going to try to clean something (probably what eljefino was saying - clean the air bypass around the throttle plate) and i'll suggest he check the mass air...
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    Idle speed oscillates - why?

    I have the Mitsubishi Mirage Colt 1995 with the 1.5l 12v sequential fuel injected. When it's cold the idle speed goes UP and Down, and UP and Down, etc, etc until it gets fully warmed up. When warmed up, it still seems to idle too fast, because I don't get the amount of engine braking with my...