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    M1 EP 0W-20, 4,954 miles, 2021 Gladiator 3.6L 9,620 miles

    Looks good for 5,000. Just starting to thin a little.
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    TCW-2, use it or not?

    Think I would go up to Academy and get some fresh TCW-3 Quicksilver. Them outboards can be expensive to fix.
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    Applying Frontline II on my cat question.

    I don't think so. Your cat probably would not like the shave and it might result in more poison (that's what it is) uptake into you cat. Jmo
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    2018 Q50 Red Sport 400 Amsoil Signature 0w-40 7,700 miles, 43K

    Your engine seems to "like" the Castrol. Have you tried a 30 weight? It's pretty cold up there for a 40 weight.
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    2.7 ecoboost M1 5w-30 synthetic

    I thought "Hi Mileage " oils, said to be for over 75,000 miles, had additional seal swelling additives.
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    2.7 ecoboost M1 5w-30 synthetic

    I think the High Mileage variety has seal swellers and the EP does not. .02
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    2.7 ecoboost M1 5w-30 synthetic

    Looks good. Extended Performance is a different product than High Mileage. I think you want the M1 Extended Performance oil.
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    My better half just ordered a 2022 Jeep Wrangler and they told her it could take 6 months to arrive

    Unfortunate. Ny is a community property state.
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    Any cars you regret buying? - My '14 CR-V experience

    Different strokes. I feel the honda cvt lugs the engine. I prefer a "real" auto trans with individual speeds and shifting. Example Camry. Jmo
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    Save the Redline for summer. Run the 0w for cold weather. Best starting place for vis increase is the oil spec in the manual and/or the oil cap. .02
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    Mobil 1 extended performance 0w-20 10,594mi 2010 FJ Cruiser 103,444mi

    Right! The oil is thickening so maybe it's getting close to done. Starts at about 8.6 now it's 9.0.
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    RIP Sydney Poitier.

    Great Actor. RIP.
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    Thinking about upgrading from a 4 cyl. manual to a 6 cyl. auto

    Keep what you got! Get it professionally detailed, tires rotated and rebalanced ,and you'll feel better about keeping it
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    2012 Kia Optima 2.0T Rotella Gas Truck 5w30 167000 miles fuel dilution 3000 miles on oil

    Different strokes. I think the best "fix" is the 3,000 mile oil change you are doing. The wear numbers look good and the exit vis is ok. Perhaps, drive it more easily if you want it to last. jmo
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    Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5w40 - Subaru FA20 (Scion FR-S) 4297km

    Agree for the op's app the 40 weight worked great. I was just observing that the 11.05 vis after 4700 miles was a little thick for what I presumed to be a 0w-20 oil spec.
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    Considering Making A Change, Honda has disappointed me

    I drive a '17 Camry so I can understand your preference for smaller vs. an suv. Best of luck whatever your choice.
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    Did my oil filter clog up and cause damage? Clattering/knocking noise on cold start

    What does the oil cap say re oil weight? You could ask the dealer, or others, what weight oil they recommend over there.
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    Considering Making A Change, Honda has disappointed me

    Look, you bought it, because you liked to drive it better than any other vehicle you test drove....right? So keep it and change the oil more frequently. You will incur more aggravation and money loss changing cars than just keeping it and changing the oil more frequently. Your instinct, to...
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    Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5w40 - Subaru FA20 (Scion FR-S) 4297km

    Uh, oil vis was thick for a 0w20 oil cap spec........Right?
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    Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5w40 - Subaru FA20 (Scion FR-S) 4297km

    Numbers ok. Very thick vis. Check your oil fill cap for grade. You could try a thick 30 wt. .02