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    Tire repair, stone inside

    Hi can this be repaired, I’m pretty sure I can hear stone rumbling inside ... those Run on Flat tires Gash is pretty long
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    Mobil Delvac 1 ESP - 0w40

    Hi Guys! Castrol 0w40 is no longer available where I’m based now. I can get Mobil 1 Delvac ESP 0w40 easily I have 3 Cars to maintain. 8 Cyl BMW Turbo Direct Injection 6 Cyl BMW NA Direct Injection 8 Cyl Porsche NA Direct Injection All out of warranty so not worried about that. I can do...
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    Coolant UV Dye - for without flushing

    Hi Guys, Any issues with leaving UV Dye in cooling system .. I'm chasing a coolant smell in Porsche but no visible leaks.... I recently flushed the system. Long story short can I leave uv dye for another 80k ? What brand of u. Dye you guys recommend ? <a...
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    Spark Plugs - source for genuine Bosch?

    Hi Guys, I need to replace plugs on both cars ... Both I believe are are Bosch from Factory Any good source for legit Bosch plugs Dealer is asking 20$ each ... Maybe I should just splurge for that ... RA - is like 4.50$ each lol... Both cars are v8 so nice saving Bosch FGR-5-NQE-04...
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    Torque wrench 1Nm to - 15 Nm

    Hi Guys, Looking for decent quality torque wrench with very low range I have 15Nm+ but nothing below and BMW has bunch of bolts in 3Nm - 6Nm range Thank you
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    Engine cooling system fittings

    Hi Guys, The TEE fittings on my N63TU started leaking... They are made out of plastic.... And this engine runs very hot ( two turbos and catalytic converters are under hood on top of the engine ) The OEM fitting is 3/8 on one side and then 1/2 but at the end of the hose... It's 3/8 again. I...
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    Winterizing motorcycle

    Hi Guys, The bike has only 600km on it... Should I change the oil before winter... In spring it will go for the first maintenance What fuel stabilizer should I use? I can drain oil quickly and add new... But I don't have any filters in stock. Thx
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    Mobil 1 FS 0w40 vs Castrol 0w40

    Hi Guys, What is the verdict these days ? Mobil 1 FS 0w40 vs Castrol 0w40 Two German cars V8 DI, Turbo - to maintain.... I don't think the 0w40 PU Euro is Available in Canada Thx
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    Lug bolts failing

    Hi Guys, I was putting winter on and 95% of lug bolts have cracks in collar or are failing. Always torqued down to 118ft lb I will replace my torque wrench and order some lug bolts, OE <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    No weights on one rims

    Hi Guys, I had Cayenne rims re balanced because some weight came off loose. All 3 rims needed some weights but one didnt need any ?! Tires are season old, when installed same rim had weights. I bought them intially at different place where I had them re balanced ! Isn't that strange ? I...
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    BMW N63 engines... Valve seals

    Hi Guys, Any oils that contain esters ... ? As many of you know ... many of the N63 engines experience issues with valve seals, from what I read its not wear related ... I read some success stories of LM seal conditioner. But I would prefer formulated oil. My N63TU - is not having any issues...
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    Denso High Pressure Fuel Pump

    Hi Guys, HPFP failed on my Porsche .... Looks like eBay has super cheap HPFPs scary cheap !? Rock Auto has one under Delphi Brand And dealer has rebuilds... Is Delphi reputable ?
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    Castrol 0w40 no longer LL-01 ?

    Hi Guys, So 0w40 from Castrol is no longer certified? 0w30 still is. Castrol side recommendation is CASTROL EDGE FTT 5W-40 Thank you
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    2013 N63T V8 4.4 turbo

    Hi Guys, Some sites show 5w30 some 5w40 What would be best oil for this around 30k miles on car... Redline ? Castrol ? M1 ? Amsoil ? Thank you
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    Rust proofing coating on catalytic converter and exhaust

    Hi Guys, Buddy of mine sprayed my under carriage exhaust and catalytic converters too ... Umhhh after all not sure if this was good idea as it's burning of a little ... Any chance of this catching fire ... ? Product used Corrosion Free - Formula 3000 Thx
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    Brrr cold ! Oil for cold temperatures

    Hi Guys, It's been very very cold .... Here Oil temperature at start -18C ... ( Car shows oil temperature ) Oil pressure hits 4.0 bars ... Going super slow, car is frozen. In normal weather I would be around 1.6-1.8 bar idle Now I'm 3.6-3.8 bar Current oil 0w40 Castrol I need something...
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    Used blizzaks

    Hi Guys, Was going to pickup new tires but found those Apparently only 3000kms on them <img src="$_59.JPG" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> They look little bold
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    Blizzak DM-V2 vs Pirelli WINTER ICE ZERO FR vs Michelin - Latitude X-Ice XI2

    Hi Guys, Please advise Blizzak DM-V2 vs Pirelli WINTER ICE ZERO FR vs Michelin - Latitude X-Ice XI2 Lots of snow, ice, slush here ... Thx
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    Bulged tire ...

    Hi Guys, I was getting my car ready for 800K km trip each way and I notice that my Michelin Premier AS has a bulge ... ( I'm pretty sure wife hit something ) I called my tire place and they happened to have a used tire same size model etc ... They installed it but this tire has a lot more...
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    Tire damage from car lift

    Hi Guys, I had car on a lift and I didn't realize the arm edges we're pushing in to back tires.. Picture of damage, should I get new tires ? Car was on lift for 2 weeks and was pushing against tire.not much but enough... Seems like one thread part is damaged rubber pushed <img...