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    E-10 Causes Sludge?

    Just finished reading an article in this month's edition of Canadian Technician on Oil Sludge. The author indicated the E-10 is causing increased sludge & water build up in the crankcase from the use of E-10. Internet digging didn't seem to reveal much on this topic. Any truth to this? If so how...
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    Kleen-Flo's Honey Goo

    Anyone know what Kleen-Flo's Honey is made from? Is it a Wool Wax like Fluid Film?
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    Manual Trans. Spec'd for Mercon V, what to use?

    I has been discussed before, 2009 Ranger M5OD-R1HD, Ford specifies Mercon V, which dedicated manual transmission fluid should I be using in it?
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    E-10 and OPE, how best to use it?

    E-10 just became a reality in New Brunswick. What do i need to do to prevent fuel issues using it? I use stabilizer in gas purchased for my OPE already, do I need to do more? The OPE in question is a MTD(Troy-bilt)Snowblower with a OH195SA Tecumseh, an MTD(Yardworks)Walk-behind Lawnmower with...
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    Tri-Fold Vinyl Tonneau Cover

    What should one use to keep a Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover in good condition and looking good?
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    Shift Quality Difference between Mercon & MerconV?

    Has anyone noticed a shift quality difference between these 2 fluids, specifically in an M5OD-R1HD transmission?
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    What is the Best Lubricant for Hinge Pins?

    What is the best lubricant for the hinge pins on a break-action shotgun/rifle?
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    Changing Rear Differential Gear Oil

    In the next few wekks I'm due to change the gear oil in my rear differential, Ford specs 80W90 for the 8.8", I plan to tow my sailboat this summer with her, should I step up to 85W140 or stick with the 80W90?
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    Universal Coolant

    Are universal coolants actually good for everything or good for nothing? I know every manufacturer calls for a different spec, can these coolants actually meet all of them?
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    Quaker State brand filters are shrinking???

    Anyone else notice lately that the overall length of Quaker State brand filters are shorter, in cases as much as an 1.5". Most notibly the QS2, QS3660 & QS3980, they don't appear to be any larger in diameter. So here's question is the filter quality better or are they going cheap?
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    New Ranger, shift quality questions

    Bought an 09' Ranger Sport 4.0L/5spd. The transmission in it is the Mazda M50D-R1HD also used in the F150 behind the V-6. Having driven nothing but cars the past couple of years I notice this truck seems harder to shift than the cars I'm used to. I'm not getting a grind, it almost feels like the...
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    2009 Ford Ranger Coolant Question

    Picked up my new Ranger last weekend, noticed on Thursday coolant was low about 2 cups, so while I was in Napa picking a serpentine belt for my ION and only having DEXCOOL around home I picked up a jug of their conventional green coolant(Ford Spec ESE-M97B-44-A), topped off the reservoir and...
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    Questions regarding Ed's Red

    I've used Ed's Red with great success for around ten years and am due to mix up a new batch. I'm wondering if it can be just as effective without adding the Acetone to it? Using ATF, Kerosene, and Turpentine in equal parts. What benefit does the Acetone add to the mix? Thoughts?
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    Can Dexron VI replace Dexron III in a manual trans

    Can you use the new Dexron VI to replace the DexronIII called for in GM Getrag & Saturn Transaxles? I was told that I shouldn't, if so why not?
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    General Consensus on Mobil 1000

    Is this a decent oil or overpriced garbage?
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    Tecumseh Snow King OHV vs B&S Snow Series

    I was down in the seasonal section of our store yesterday checking out the new line of MTD snowblowers we carry this year and was noticing that the Briggs & Stratton Snow series of engines are larger than the Tecumsehs they replaced. A quick chat with the manager in that department had me...
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    Octane level?

    Here's a question for guys, what octane level of gas should one be running in a air cooled overhead valve engine on a snowblower or lawnmower?
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    Best Grease for a Hinge Action Rifle?

    Any suggestions? I just purchased a new H&R and want to avoid a loose action as long as possible.
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    Cleaning 22LR?

    What is the current consensus on cleaning 22 rimfires? Should they cleaned every time they're used? Should they not be cleaned at all? Or should they cleaned before end of season storage? I've always cleaned my rimfires at the end of hunting season before storing them, and left them dirty all...