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  1. Smoky14

    Premium Floor Mats

    I’ve been looking for a set of quality carpet mats for my Passat with no success. Can you recommend a good source? TIA Smoky
  2. Smoky14

    Charging battery on VW Passat?

    This is my first experience with a VW and after reading the owner's manual I'm full of questions and CAUTIONS. The book says to only let a VW dealer charge or change the battery. Can you charge the battery like most other cars? Is some special procedure required etc. The oil specs and change...
  3. Smoky14


    Thinking of a 2022 to replace the Fusion. If you own or have rented one I would appreciate your opinions, good bad or indifferent. Lot of wisdom here which I value. I’m looking for a good road car with decent MPG and handling, quiet a real plus. TIA Smoky
  4. Smoky14

    Cultured Marble Polish?

    I have some minor scratches in a cultured marble counter top. Can I get some ideas on a good compound/polish to work them out. I know it ain’t car stuff but I have found many car products to be superior to household products in the bath and kitchen. TIA Smoky
  5. Smoky14

    Effective Deodorant Hunt.

    I've found it impossible to find an effective antiperspirant/ "pit stop" recently. Have you gentlemen any recommendations for a guy who is in need of help? My section of the country is rather warm, Covid distancing has been a godsend, but with social distancing being dropped I need some help...
  6. Smoky14

    Avalon V-6 mileage ?

    What gas mileage do you get from an Avalon 6 cyl in actual use? I read things and hear things, but trust the guys here to give me the best information. Thanks Smoky
  7. Smoky14

    T32 Bridgestone initial impressions

    Different sensations with this tire. Initial turn in is quite normal and very stable, however when lean angle increases the back end starts to steer the front. It was quite controllable but up setting. This is more pronounced at lower speed i.e. Under thirty mph, at higher speeds it is not so...
  8. Smoky14

    Old Trog Needs Help with Iphone to Gphone Connection

    I have an iphone and can't seem to communicate with folks who have the other brands. Works sometimes but mostly not. Is there a setting or app or education you can help me with. Remember, I confess to being a troglodyte Smoky
  9. Smoky14

    Last Report Bridgestone T31

    At 8500 miles the front has 2/32 before the wear bar and the rear has 4/32 left. They are still quite serviceable and have not set up the flat profile on the rear. I'm going to replace them with with the new T32 for a comparison. I assume there was a good 2k left on the 31s but I'm planning a...
  10. Smoky14

    Hotmail Problems Help

    My desktop will not bring up the hotmail site. My wife's laptop is the same. My Ipad will still receive mail. Trouble shooter say DNS malfunction. I cleared my DNS cache on my computer. Where to next? Thanks guys Smoky
  11. Smoky14

    Gotta Love the Southwest

    Went riding Sunday, 82 degrees sunny and beautiful. Today I woke up to snow and a current high of 29 degrees and it is 3PM. Hopefully will be riding by the weekend. If you don't like the weather, wait a couple days. Never boring. Smoky
  12. Smoky14

    Chainsaw Chain Oil

    Is CS oil anything special? At $10+per quart is there an oil of reasonable price that will work just as well? Thanks guys Smoky
  13. Smoky14

    Bridgestone T31 Review

    This is one of the best tires I have mounted on my bike. Turn in is neutral and continues through out the curve. Grip is excellent and the tire seems to absorb small bumps better than other tires I've run. I have 5K plus miles on them now and they continue to perform at a level which frankly...
  14. Smoky14

    Ferrari Managements?

    Am I the only person who thinks Ferrari should overhaul team management? They have made so many questionable decisions over the past couple years. Enzo is doing flip flops in the grave. MHO Smoky
  15. Smoky14

    Rider Magazine Question

    My RM subscription has stopped coming in the mail. Has anyone else experienced the same. I tried to sign in to their site and it won't recognize my account and I've no response from phone or email or site contact. Anyone got any info about this situation? Smoky
  16. Smoky14


    Well I tried the above and found it is not my cup of tea. Shifting degraded rapidly, after about 500 miles and grew worse as time passed. Ay 2500 miles shifting had gotten so hard that deliberate shifts were necessary. Normally the Zuki is fairly slick shifting especially on new oil, but this...
  17. Smoky14

    Leather Care

    Guys, my leather jacket is looking under nourished and in need of TLC. If possible I would like to make it water resistant at the same time. What do you recommend to treat and old friend with to preserve its life; we have been riding together for over thirty years and I'd like to prolong the...
  18. Smoky14

    Tire Pressure Gauge

    As I age I find it harder to check tire pressure in these 17" wheels especially the front with disks almost as large as the wheel. Has anyone discovered a easy solution? I think a gauge with almost a reverse angle would work, I tried bending the brass end fitting on a gauge and only managed to...
  19. Smoky14

    Best Batt Maintainer

    Suggestions please, my CTEK is going south and it cost near 100.00. I need a maintainer/ charger that you consider the most bang for the buck. I'm not into cheap,but hate to over spend on my tools. Harbor Freight ??? Thanks Smoky
  20. Smoky14

    Acura TLX

    Has anyone bought or test driven the TLX recently? I'm looking at a new car and would like some opinions. Looking at the base 4 cylinder model. Thanks Smoky