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  1. FordFETruck

    Wix 51372 cut open 2k miles

    Wix 51372 cut open Ford 4.6 2000 miles. Miles SB 10w30 was used. Had to change the starter motor and I hate jacking the car up so I just changed it while it was in the air. Filter looked great, was on for 9 months and there were a lot of cold starts on this OCI. Replaced with same filter.
  2. FordFETruck

    Ac delco Pf454 cut open unknown miles

    Ac delco Pf454 removed from 2003 chevy avalanche 2500 4x4 with the vortec 8100 engine. Unknown miles the mileage was a few miles over the dealership oil change interval. Replaced with a wix filter. It seemed to hold up pretty well.
  3. FordFETruck

    Protec 101 filter cut open

    Protec 101 filter cut open. 200 miles on oil change. New Ford 390. Looks like a nice filter for the price. Seems to hold up to 90 psi oil pressure on cold start and 70 psi going down the road hot just fine so far. Used Shell rotella T4 15W40 with some zddp additive. Combo valve used in this...
  4. FordFETruck

    Fram Ultra XG2 cut open.

    2500 miles and 10 months with almost all of it being short trip city miles. Filter looks great and I almost contemplated leaving It on for a second OCI. Oil was kinda dirty for the mileage though. I put a WIX 51372 back on and 5.5 quarts of Miles 10w30 synthetic blend oil. The last picture I had...
  5. FordFETruck

    Another Baldwin B5134 Cut Open

    This filter was in service 3100 miles and 1 year and 2 weeks. Looks good. I was surprised how much it had trapped.
  6. FordFETruck

    Hastings LF115 Cut Open 1,500 Miles 8 months Use

    Hastings LF115 cut open 1500 miles use 8 months oil was getting dirty and smelled bad so I changed it. Oil was QS HM 5W30. Pretty stout 351W engine. Fresh oil is Chevron Delo 15w40. I have cut several Hastings filters open by now and they have all looked very nice. Definitely a good buy. Anti...
  7. FordFETruck

    Denso 150-2053 Cut Open

    Purchased 2 of these off Rockauto last May for a L98 350 V8 in a 1990 Corvette. Filter has 500 ish miles and 8 months on it. Looks very well made. I forgot where this one said it was made.
  8. FordFETruck

    Vintage OEM Mazda virgin oil filter cut open.

    This is old stock from when my dad worked as a mechanic for Mazda in the 1980s. This filter was in a plain white box and from the mid to late 80s. Application was for mazda 2.2 sohc truck engines and I'm sure others. It sure stood the test of time and looks extremely well made. The can thickness...
  9. FordFETruck

    Motorcraft FL820S cut open 2k miles

    Cut open after 6 months and 2k miles of city use. End cap fell off when I pulled the cartridge out. My last time using an FL820S on this car. Replaced with a Fram ultra XG2. I had old hard drive magnets on the end of the filter and as you can see they did a good job of catching iron particles...
  10. FordFETruck

    Baldwin B5134 Coolant Filter Cut Open

    About 750 or so miles on it and about 2 months. When I initially installed the filter it plugged immediately so It took it back off and washed it out, tons of crud came out when I did that then! The car is a 99 grand marquis which is in great shape except it had the original what used to be...
  11. FordFETruck

    QS HM 5W30 99 4.6 2500 miles

    A copy of the first UOA I've done. Not the best, not the worst. Oil had a ton of idle hours and a ton of cold starts, plus hilly terrain and often loaded. Oil was in service from March 25th to December 22nd. Oil consumption was ZERO!
  12. FordFETruck

    What happened to Mobil Super 5000?

    Long time lurker but haven't posted in ages. In the last year or so my favorite two engine oils have all but disappeared from the shelves of every local store. Mobil super 5000 and Chevron supreme have dropped off every shelf local to me. I'm in western WA. The Chevron supreme dropping off...
  13. FordFETruck

    Shell Rotella T 15W40 CJ-4 ZDDP levels as of 2012

    I'm trying to find the Zinc and phosphorus levels of the Rotella T 15W40 CJ-4 as of now, but having a hard time doing so. Does this oil still have 1000-1200 PPM of ZDDP?
  14. FordFETruck

    Pennzoil conventional 80w90 vs Valvoline 80w90

    My local Fred Meyer (Pacific Northwest thing) has Pennzoil conventional gear oil in 80W90 for $4.59 a quart or so. How good is this gear oil compared to the competitor gear oils like Valvoline conventional gear oils and other big name brands like that?