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    1987 E-350 6.9l diesel fuel injectors -

    Hi, we just acquired a Ford E-350 bus, and it has some trouble starting. We are about to replace the glow plugs, and we are thinking of replacing the injectors as well - the set of injectors costs $100 (rebuilt). How can we tell if it is time to change the injectors? The bus only has 210,000...
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    Screeching noise from Dodge Colt.

    The alternator belt was changed in the other Colt. It also made screeching sounds, when cold, if just starting up the vehicle, and speeding up would make it go away. thanks!!! for the tips. I just placed my order for the speedo cable from - Captain Klink.
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    Screeching noise from Dodge Colt.

    I have 2 of the 1995 Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Mirage), 1.5l 2 door coupe. When it is really cold out (less than 10 degree F), I hear a whirr, whirr, whirr, sound from around where the speedometer is, and then when it gets up to about 35 - 40 mph, then is starts making a screeching sound. If I...
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    Silver Walls

    epic fail...and not even funny. Just use "amish women images" in google search, and you will see that it is the NON-AMISH women that need a "ride in the elevator". Hard work on the farm, up at dawn, bed at dusk, and constant activity, means lean hard bodies. I'd marry an Amish lady anyday.
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    Anti-seize On Lugnuts?

    I always use anti seize, because otherwise I won't be able to get the nuts off the next time. I've seen the bolt actually shear off due to the torque required to remove a corroded bolt/nut. I've never actually had a nut loosen off by itself. I also always put a tiny bit of anti-seize on...
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    Minimum Air Pressure?

    that's a 70 series tire, with a nice sidewall, so you could even run them at 28 psi.
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    Thank you modern engineering (stability control)

    the stability control in my 08 Subaru Impreza, it feels like a giant hand comes down from the sky and straightens up the vehicle. this is completely different from traction control that my Crown Vic had. with the Impreza, the computer takes the car out of the skid/fishtail/sideways-slide and...
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    South Korean Rescured 21 and Killed Eight Pirates

    better to take them alive: they have in store for them a fate WORSE than death, and they eventually will curse their mother for having given birth to them.
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    Filters that mount vertically = PITA

    i PREFER it that way. i like prefilling the filter, and that it is always full at startup time. i don't like to rely on a flimsy anti drain back valve, i prefer the gravity approach. i first drain the oil via the plug, then move the pan to under the filter, undo it, and usually there is only...
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    In Soviet Russia....

    i don't see anything - where is the joke?
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    Recommended High Moly Dino for New Turbo Subaru?

    I agree with the person on page 1 - a Subaru turbo charged engine is a very expensive high engineered high performance engine. Use ONLY synthetic. The main problem you will run into is HEAT, and super hot conventional oil will NOT protect at all. Just change the oil at 3000 miles, and use a...
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    What next for my Subaru?

    For the ATF: i changed the fluid (drain x 4, refill x 4) this spring - the first 2 drain and refill just use regular dex3 - highly good fluid. next 2 i used Valvoline ATF that comes in a red jug for 15.50 at Walmart - this is a synthetic fluid, for extra goodness. I did this for the 2008...
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    Why is PYB 5w-30 the only PYB SN at WM?

    i've stocked up on SM - was that a mistake? you can get 5 l jugs of Valvoline SM for 11.30 at Walmart including the tax, in Canada.
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    Subaru now recommends Synthetic, some 0W-20.

    i've been using 50:50 synthetic 5w30 : conventional 5w20 in my Subaru for a couple of years already. after reading Dr. Haus's article on oil here, it makes sense: the problem with oil, is that it is too thick.
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    Lubro Moly 10w40 MOS2 5453k- 99 Bmw M3

    isn't the iron quite high?
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    Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 -- 2005 VW TDI -- very high iron

    I stay away from Mobil, and would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. I want the iron to stay IN the engine, so I use ANY oil, OTHER THAN MOBIL!!! If these results were from SuperTech, everyone would be saying, see!!!, get what you pay for. But Mobil is recommended for Corvettes, and is highly...
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    Why the huge obsession with adding MMO?

    i would not dare add it to the oil. fortunately modern oils can tolerate the abuse, so the engine will not self destruct. however, for those of you who think it is so good, i place this challenge: completely drain the crank case, and refill with 100% MMO. run engine for 5000 miles. THEN do...
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    original plugs pulled from 05 Vibe

    they are still mint, put them back in, run for another 59k. be sure to put a little bit of anti seize compound on the threads.
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    M1 EP 10W30 9226 oci 4cyl 97 Toyota Camry 208,000

    don't they guarantee EP for 15,000 mile?
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    Vegas trip, Should i change the oil?

    i usually change it when OLM gets to 20%. i always change it before a long trip. high speed driving and carrying a heavy load definitely is stressful for the oil.