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    Now what weight oil?

    After reading a lot of the posts and the other postings, I think I will probably go with the Castrol. Now the question is 10W 30 Or 5W 30. They both call for 5W 30 in their manuals. I Don't get cold enough down here to worry about low temps. But I see where some of it shears down. And I do...
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    Car Polish?

    Has anyone here ever used Astro Shield car polish? I had an old can in the garage, that I had picked up in a garage sales one time. I have an old 77 Chevy pickup, that I hadn't done anything with the finish in at least 2 or 3 years. And that was before clear coat, so it was really looking...
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    To change or not to change.

    I have been using Valvoline for a number of years, with good results. But I read on here, that Castrol GTX it a very good oil, with moly. I e-mailed Valvoline, and asked them why they don't have it, and they said they put it in there com. oil. But for pass. cars they put in another product...