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    Preventing Battery Terminal Corrosion

    What's the best way to prevent it from starting? Do those treated felt donuts that you can put on the battery posts really work?
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    Any Nissan Techs Here? - Parasitic Current Draw

    This is a 2004 Altima 3.5L SE. Car still has the original OEM battery. Car sat for about 3-1/2 days, and went to start it and the battery would barely turn over the engine. After 2 or 3 engine rotations it died. Measured the battery voltage and it was ~ 10.6 volts ... dead. First time this has...
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    Everstart MAXX or Duralast Gold ?

    Sorry if this has been asked before ... search didn't find much. I need to pickup a new battery tonight so need some quick feedback. I've narrowed down to either of the two since they are locally in stock: <span style="text-decoration: underline"> Everstart MAXX (Walmart house brand)</span>...
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    Is NAPA Gold Same as WIX in Air Filters?

    After some reading in this forum, it sounds like NAPA Gold air filters may not necessarily be made by WIX and rebadged like the oil filters. I can buy either a WIX or a NAPA Gold air filter at my local stores ... but without looking at them side by side I don't really know if they will be the...
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    Air Filter Performance Specs?

    Is there a source anywhere showing various air filter performance specs? I know for oil filters there is all kinds of tech info on filtering performance, but I never see any from the manufactures for air filters. Was wondering if the WIX / NAPA Gold filters are better performers than the FRAM...
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    Slow Motion Bullet Impact Video

    If you haven't seen this video, it's worth checking out. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Dayco Belts - Anyone Use 'Em?

    Looking for a good belt for my 04 Altima V6 (Alt/AC belt). Always liked the Goodyear "Gaterback" belts, but the guy at the parts store claims the Dayco belts are very good. Anyone use them? ... if so, are they worth the money? <a...
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    Anatomy of Toyota's Problem Pedal

    Interesting Article by Popular Mechanics: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Malware Free? ... How to Tell for Sure ?

    Some of you know I got some nasty malware on my machine a month ago or so. I was able to recover it with various ISO image boot disks with various diagnostic, fix-it tools and scanners on them, and once I was able to reboot I scanned the machine with about 8 different malware scanners which...
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    Can I Copy Individual Files From the XP Install CD

    I noticed Microsoft Security Essentials disinfected the file atapi.sys located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers when it found some rootkit trojan virus embedded in it. When the file was disinfected Security Essentials, it changed the original created date from 8/18/2001 @ 4:00 pm to 1/23/2010 @...
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    Is There a Longer Version of the PL14459 PureONE?

    I was trying to determine if there is a longer version of the PL14459 but couldn't find one using random searching on Purolator's website. Anyone know if there is a longer version of PL14459? Here is the info from Purolator's website on the PL14459. <a...
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    Reformatting 2nd Partition on HD Question

    As some of you know, I had major computer issues a while back but was able to get it running again. After I got my computer able to boot up into Windows XP, I ran CHKDSK on both my HD partitions (C:\ and D:\) from an ISO image boot disk with Windows XP Recovery Console on it and CHKDSK took ~58...
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    Window System Restore Utility - Worth Using?

    Can someone please explain what files are restored when you do a "System Restore"? I take it that in order to make a System Restore worth while, one would have to manually create restore points, or do the automatic restore points created by Windows do any good? When my computer went nuts due...
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    Getting These Error Messages - HELP

    I think I got some spyware on my machine today that turned off my firewall and things went south fast. My spyware found two Trojan horses and I cleaned them up - did all the scanning and cleaning with the modem off, so was not on the internet at that time. I forgot to check to see the status...
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    OBD II Scanners

    Looking for a decent OBD II scanner. Anyone have the Actron CP9180? Looks like it does a lot for a decent price. Comments please if you have one. <a href=""...
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    PL20195 on Tacoma (Pixs)

    Thanks river_rat for informing me that the PureONE PL20195 was the long version of the PureONE PL10241 (4.75" vs 3.4"). Local K-Mart was out of the PL10241, but had some PL20195s in stock ... so picked one up last night. I replaced my Toyota 90915-YZZD3 (Denso - 4.0" long) with the PureONE...
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    Purolator Bypass Valve Design

    Thinking of switching from the OEM Toyota filter to the PureONE on my 2005 Tacoma V6. The PureONE for it is the PL10241. I noticed this particular filter has a different design on the bypass valve ... it's in the dome end (labman's favorite <img src="/forums/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="wink"...
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    Purolator 14612 / 14622 and 14610 / 14620

    Anyone know the difference between the Purolator 14610 & 14620 and also between the 14612 & 14622? The 14610 & 14620 have the same specs. Both cross over to the Bosch 3323 (3.52" long): <a href=""...
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    Who's the Biggest Filter Hoarder Here?

    While reading threads here, I pick up that some guys on this board have dozens of filters stashed in their stock pile. I usually have 2 or 3 for each vehicle (maybe 6 or 7 total filters) stored at any given time ... but I'd like to know who has the most squirreled away and why you end up with...
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    Bosch Oil Filter Application Lookup

    I search all over the 'net and finally found the Bosch application look up tool ... has oil filters and other Bosch parts too. <a href=""...