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    wicked oil leak '93 camry, had to go to a pro

    my 296K mile wondercamry had developed a wicked oil leak on the back of the engine, soaked and destroyed a control arm bushing, and for that it failed state safety inspection. I wound up replacing both control arms, ball joints and sway bar links (good thing, because although they didn't fail...
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    remind me never to go to small gas stations

    ok, so I knew I had to get gas, but thought I had enough to get to work, and the light only 'just' came on... anyway, she stumbled a bit coming to a stop and I didn't think I had enough gas to get to the station I usually go to, so I stopped at a closer station. first pump says 'super 93 only'...
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    ipad mini. awesome. that is all.

    never thought about jumping into the whole apple thing, avoided it really. then I went to see how mini the ipad mini is/was. it isn't. it's perfect. wanted the entry level 16g, they didn't have it (of course). but my wife says 'why don't you just get the 32g?' I did. and as I said, it's awesome...
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    anyone familiar with ITAR compliance at work?

    have to keep this vague to avoid trouble, but my company just updated our internet usage policy, under the guise of ITAR (international traffic in arms regulations)... they have taken away ALL usage, no streaming music or videos, AND NO cell phones in production areas, and we're not allowed to...
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    good day teaching a friend about rear brakes

    a good friend of mine asked me for help with the rear brakes on his beater commuter taurus. it was a nice car back in the day, loaded with leather, etc., but now has over 300K. the garage he took it to says he needs new drums, it's going to cost $300! I take a look, it has DISCS, I tell him we...
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    do you LOL at them or let it go?

    were you ever in a conversation and the other (non-car-oriented) person reveals something about their car and you just want to facepalm? like when a friend wants to show off his 'new' jaguar, and you see it's an X-Type? or a co-worker says her son's car had the oil light come on, and sure...
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    stick with 14" or move up to 16"?

    on my '93 camry, everyday commuter, I need tires. it has the OEM size 195 70 14. I was thinking to make it easier for tire selection to upgrade to 16". I can find factory 16" steel wheels from a later model camry. for the slight cost increase, do you think this would be a good decision?
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    Lexus GS300 or GS400?

    if you were looking for a '99 or so GS, would you choose the 6cyl or the V8?
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    pennzoil purolator party at advance!

    (did I spell that right?) direct advertising worked, got the advance auto flyer in the mail, lots of oil change combo deals I couldn't resist. got some yellow bottle 5W20 and a pureONE for the mazda5, and some high mileage 5W30 and a white purolator for the '93 camry, AND they have a $6 rebate...
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    what do you think of off-brand sub-$100 tablets?

    ebay has lots of Chinese sellers with $85-125 android 4.0 tablets. I fully understand 'you get what you pay for' but good basic low end electronics is something the Chinese excel at (besides the fact that the high end tablets are made in China also)and it would be for a child (or three) I just...
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    huh. I've been here 5 years...

    just realized I passed my 5 year BITOG anniversary last month. that's a lot of time I'll never get back...
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    I'm an idiot

    ordered some sway bar bushings from rockauto for my mazda5. the price was $4.10 ea. I thought, oh that's cheap, two will only be $8.20. so I ordered two. and that's what I got, 2 boxes of swaybar bushings with TWO in each box... DOH! I just 'assumed' they were priced 'each', but that's REALLY...
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    if one of us dies, how would we know?

    seriously, I doubt any of us have shared our usernames and passwords with our spouses or families so that they would even know the life we lead on the internet forums. there are a lot of members who I don't see post here anymore and it's sobering to think that they could just pass on w/o anyone...
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    rear strut wants to be a periscope

    they are tearing up a section of highway near my home. coming home on friday I hit one of the bumps and heard a BANG! I thought it was just a hard hit, so I slowed down a bit, was almost home, and parked the camry wondercar for the weekend. it was really too hot to go crawling around underneath...
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    bats and squirrels in my house

    we've been dealing with an annual bat incursion almost every summer we've lived here (about 16 years), usually at the 1st real hot day of the summer they come down from the attic into the living space. we thought we had them beat, had a professional come and do his thing (seal up openings, etc)...
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    are all plasma TV's fragile or just mine?

    my kids broke my 42" Insignia plasma TV last night. the story goes that they were swinging a plastic segmented jump rope, one of them let go, and it hit the screen. the outer glass is intact, but the layer behind it has a small visible crack, like *. I'm assuming the plasma gas leaked out...
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    'American' non-ethanol gas in Kutztown?

    <a href=",0,3495369.column" target="_blank">american gasoline</a> saw this in my local paper today, never heard of these guys before!
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    how long does Harbor Freight take to ship?

    I placed an order on 4/12, its still not here. they sent me an email w/ the order number, when I go to the order tracking page, there is no record of it. and of course, when I sent an email, they gave an auto response about how busy they are. this is my 1st and possibly my last order with these...
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    gas prices aren't high enough

    judging by how people continue to drive, it doesn't seem people are really all that concerned. the other day I had my doors blown off my an infinitiQX-whatever big SUV, a range rover, and a tahoe, I think, not to mention the diesel pickups that can't seem to travel at less than 80mph. I'm not...
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    my cheap camry failed inspection

    I kind of expected that it would. on the phone they just told me that the rear struts are bad, the WHOLE exhaust system, one motor mount, and the wiper switch (it only works on high speed...) looking online it seems the front exhaust pipe can either be bolted to the cat, or one piece; I need to...