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    Pet Food

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: labman</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> All this filter cutting and speculating reminds me of the food kooks on the dog forums that look at the ingredients that go into dog foods and rate them by that. There are no...
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    Mopar, WIX, Quaker State cut open

    This is likely my one and only time I will cut filters open with a hacksaw, it sucked :) First up is a Mopar, which I think is a rebadged Pure One...maybe someone can confirm? 6000kms on 5w20 Shell Syn, 2008 Jeep Patriot 2.4L 5 speed. One thing different about this filter compared to the other...
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    Any better ATV oil filters out there?

    I have been using WIX and FRAM as that is all I can find around here for my 2004 Kodiak 400. The beta for the WIX is not real impressive 2/20=13/52 and I can't seem to find any other number for competitor filters.
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    Filter One (F1lter One or F1).....who makes these?

    Searched here didn't find anything, nothing on google. Picked these up for the wife's leased Jeep....told the parts guy I wanted the cheapest non-fram filter they had and he came back with these. No country or origin on it, and I've never heard of it. I'm familiar with Puro/Champ/Wix but never...
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    Anyone have the pour point specs for Lucas oils?

    They don't list it on their spec sheets. Specifically looking at the synthetic 5w20 and 5w30. And can anyone explain the rather large flash point difference between 5w20 at 308 degrees vs. 5w30 at 420 degrees? <a href=""...
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    E3 plugs, anyone else use them?

    I just stuck one in my tractor, 15.5 B&S air cooled, made a noticeable difference. Sounds alot more snappy and goes up hills much better (no bogging). I'm temped to stick them in all my small engines now.....chainsaw/generator/ATV/weedeater. Do they perform well in 2 cycle engines?
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    Optimal Filter for Chrysler 2.4L World Engines

    First post, and it's kind of a long one. I've had my Jeep Patriot for a year now, and have tried a few different filters, and I have run into a bit of confusion and would like some clarification if possible. I changed the oil out at 1000km and went with AC Delco PF48 (Champ & Purolator are...