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    5 Dollar A Month Cell Phone Plan

    I just started my 2nd year using Red Pocket Mobile's 5 Dollar a month plan. You get 100 minutes of talk, 100 minutes of text and 500 mb of data per month. I am around Wi-Fi much of the time and have a free Google Voice number and use the Google Voice App on my phone to make and receive calls...
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    Malware Hits PC Cleanup Tool CCleaner

    Information regarding Malware infection in PC Cleanup Tool CCleaner. <a href="" target="_blank">Link to Web Site </a>
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    Phonepower VOIP

    Anyone using Phonepower or VOIPo VOIP phone service? Thoughts?
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    MagicJack & NetTalk DUO

    What are the pro and cons of using either MagicJack or the NetTalk DUO or NetTalk DUO Wi-Fi.
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    VOIP Home/Business Phone

    Today there are a lot of VOIP devices and services available. Magicjack, Ooma, VOIPO, Obihai, etc. A couple years ago we pulled the plug on Cable TV & went with over the air and a Roku. About 4 months ago we pulled the plug for home phone landline service and went with the Obihai 200 with a...
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    Saving cell phone data usage

    Am on Wi-Fi much of the time and have been playing around with some of the following settings to save data usage. 1. Reduce cell data usage using Google Chrome. On Google Chrome’s main screen, tap the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu. Next Select Settings. Then Scroll...
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    RingPlus Free Cell Phone Plan

    Was wondering if anyone is using one of the free RingPlus cell phone plans? Not a heavy user and between the free plan an free Wi-Fi usage it should meet my simple needs. <a href="" target="_blank">Link To RingPlus Web Site</a>
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    FreedomPop Cell Phone Service

    Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with FreedomPop Cell Phone Service?
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    3 Months With Republic Wireless

    Having been retired now for almost 12 years and looking for an inexpensive plan for cell phone service signed up with Republic Wireless. Pay $10.00 + tax for unlimited calling and texting. Data is via Wi-Fi only as many places now have free Wi-Fi and normally use a laptop for data so not...
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    VOIP home phone

    Being retired and on a fixed income really don't need a lot of bills in the mail each month. I have used the free Google Voice and free phone number for a number of years on computers and smart phones. Bought an OBi200 for around $48.00 a few weeks ago. Had a cordless phone at home (works...
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    No/Low cost home phone service.

    Was wondering if anyone is using either the OBi200 or OBi202 for free home phone service using Google Voice? Another option that I have looked at is NetTALK. NetTALK is not free but low rates and works over Wi-Fi. Am leaning to the no cost Google Voice service as I already have a free Google...
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    AVG Selling Browsing Data?

    Link below to article. <a href="" target="_blank">Link To Web Site</a>
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    Republic Wireless

    I am in my mid 70s and really don't use a cell phone all that much. Had an old flip phone - prepaid plan. Read about Republic Wireless and ordered the Moto E 2nd Generation phone on Tuesday and got it Thursday (yesterday). Setup took just a few minutes just signed into my wireless router...
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    Microsoft Office On-Line

    Link To Microsoft Office On-Line. <a href="" target="_blank">Link To Microsoft On-line Web Site</a> Free. Requires a free Outlook, Live, or Hotmail account. For Google Chromebook, Box users there is an app at the Google Web Store. Includes...
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    Disable Google Chrome Enhanced Bookmarks

    Some of you may have seen the new Enhanced Bookmarks as part of Google Chrome. I don't care for it and found how do disable it so the regular bookmarks show up . <a href=""...
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    Roku 3 & Chromecast

    My wife and I have cut the cable and went with an antenna for over the air channels and with a Roku 3. There is a lot of free content and you can always add Hulu+ and/or Netflix if you desire. Both the Chromecast and the Roku 3 support UTube and I find that using the Chromecast for UTube and...
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    If anyone is using Dropbox it looks it it would be a good idea to change your password. <a href="" target="_blank">Link To Dropbox Security Issues</a>
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    Used Vehicles

    Interesting article about used vehicles. <a href="" target="_blank">Link To Web Site Regarding Used Vehicles</a>
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    Republic Wireless

    I have been looking into different cell phone plans and found Republic Wireless that has 4 plans starting at $5.00 a month. I am thinking of the $10.00 + tax a month plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data. Data is over Wi-Fi only. They will be offering the Moto E phone...
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    Republic Wireless Cell Phone

    Is anyone using Republic Wireless? Their $10.00 a month plan Unlimited Talk / Text over WiFi & Cell + Unlimited Data over WiFi sounds like it would meet my needs? <a href="" target="_blank">Link To Their Web Site</a> They have other plant too.