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    John Deere Gator

    An older Gator followed me home last week on my trailer. It's a little on the crusty side and the info tag is missing so I don't even know what year it is but I suspect that it's from the late '90s. It's got a single cylinder air cooled Kawasaki engine that starts and runs great but the...
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    How are your welds?

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    Selling my Taco

    My wife wants a new car and I will inherit her 2014 Subaru Crosstrek if we do this. Vroom is willing to pay us $23,211 for my 2015 Tacoma Access cab 4x4 with 60,500 miles. I paid 30k for the Taco 6 years ago and it has been a good truck but now that we are retired, I don't really need a truck or...
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    Honda EU2000i valve check

    My 2007 inverter generator has been getting hard to start lately although it runs fine. The carb was cleaned last year so that wasn't the problem. I have never checked the valve clearances so I figured it was past due. Checking and adjusting the valves is the easy part but getting all of the...
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    eye contact

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    Men who grill

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    Vintage Honda Generator

    I was looking for a used Honda EU1000i generator to have around as a lightweight spare. I already have two other generators so I was not in a rush and I didn't want to pay the price for a new one. So I found a Honda E900 generator at a garage sale for a song that is about 50 years old! I am...
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    New Garage

    The wife and I retired last month and moved to our Vermont cabin as our full time home. With 1500sf it's quite a bit smaller than the home that we raised our three kids in and that we recently sold in Florida. But the cabin does have a full unfinished basement that is unheard of in flat wet...
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    2007 BMW R1200GS Adventure, Castrol GTX 20w-50

    This is the fourth sample and I try to get one done every 20k miles or so. Thoughts?
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    Bought a grapple

    I looked at a lot of the popular grapples out there but most of them are root grapples. I didn't want or need the root grapple, I was looking for something that could handle logs and rocks more than roots. I ended up buying one that I had never heard of before but that was at an equipment...
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    Polish holiday

    Angela Merkel decides to go on holiday to Poland. She gets to the border and the border patrol person doesn't recognize her. The conversation goes thusly... Border Patrol: "Name?" "Angela Merkel." Border Patrol: "Country of origin?" "Germany" Border Patrol: "Occupation?" "No, just...
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    Bought a new Kubota

    The wife and I plan to retire in 2020 and I was going to buy a new Kubota then but with the economic uncertainties of tariffs and the possibility of increasing inflation, I took advantage of Kubota's 0% financing and bought my tractor two years early. Having never owned a tractor before, I...
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    Ten+ years with my GS Adventure

    My GS Adventure turned 10 years old last year. The bike had been great and very reliable and I was at a crossroad. The shocks were shot and I had to decide whether to invest $$ in new shocks for a ten year old bike or save up for a new one. In the end, I decided to buy a new set of Wilbers...
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    Fifty years

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    Tanaka OPE

    I have been in the market for a gas hedge trimmer for several months. I normally buy new and love the Stihl lineup but my local Stihl dealer wanted around $400 for a new hedge trimmer. I started watching CL and it seemed like everything was priced sky high or just flat worn out. Then I ran...
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    New shifter knob

    OK, I will acknowledge that this may be considered a frivolous upgrade. I hated the shifter knob in my 2015 Tacoma so I changed it and I think that the new one is too cool. Here is a pic of my stock shifter knob... <img...
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    Truck Sticker

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    1000 miles per $100 spent

    I often use this equation when looking at vehicles. Simply put, my minimum expectations for a used vehicle is to get 1000 miles of relatively trouble free use per $100 spent. I most recently used this last year when I bought a 2003 Camry for my son for $3000. It had 121,000 at the time and...