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    O2 sensors Economy vs Premium brand

    I have always bought Bosch or NTK, but now wondering if the economy brands such at API ot Ultra power are just as good. Anyone have experiences with the economy O2s
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    Loss of AC refrigerant when outside temps drop to -40

    Was reading on a site recently that when outside temps drop to -35 to -40 and vehicle left outside, AC compressor seals can shrink allowing refrigerant to escape. Problem then not found until warm weather returns. Has anyone encountered this issue?
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    1100 V Star front tire size

    I have an 1100 v star that takes a 110/90/18 front tire. I have a Metzler ME 800 120/90/18 tire in my stock. Any issues going up on size on the front? TKS in advance
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    New Rad needed Nissens vs APDI

    Need a need rad for my BMW. APDI is the lowest price, with the Nissens about $40 more. Nissens seems like a quality company based in Europe. Anyone have any expeience with APDI? My guess is China made unit? Any feedback appreciated.
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    1991 BMW 735 Coolant recommendation

    Hello, Looking for a coolant recommendation for 1991 BMW 735. Has cast iron block and aluminium head. Last time I used Peak long life, but am told these universal coolants have only 2% corrosion inhibitors, and dedicated formula has 5% inhibitors. Have Prestone dex-cool in the stash. Any...
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    A preppers tale

    Friend of mine bought out his bosses business back in the late 80's. Guy was in his late 50's and had done well over the years. He was convinced society would at sometime break down, and it would become every man for himself. He bought 100 acres,45 mins outside of town, with house and...
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    Ski-Doo 850 Turbo

    this may be interesting if they bring it out in a standard size sled <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    2006 Pathfinder Upstream O2s

    Had a P2A00 code and replaced Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2. Code gone now. With scantool reading voltages on new sensor (B1S1) reading around .29-.3 volts and B2S1 reading around .59-.60 Volts. When lean in decel volts just to .85ish on B1S1 and 1.27 on old sensor B2 Should I also replace B2S1 so both...
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    2007 Sea-Doo RXP 155 NA oil interval

    I have only 13 hours use since last oil change which was done end of season in Sept 2016. Oil is Castrol 0W40. I would like to go one more year, which should get me to 20-25 hrs. Factory recommendation in 100 hrs and one year. Any reason not to go 4 years and 25hrs? I dont believe in oil...
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    Mobil 1 viscosity mixture

    Guys, have a 4.4L jug of 0W20 Mobil 1 AFE. I want to add 1L 5W50 Mobil 1 and hope to get close to a 5W30 Any way of doing this math?
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    Mobil 1 ATF date codes

    Picked up some AFT which looks a bit dated. (1 Liter canada bottle) Code on bottle is: H 105 8 07:57 Any guesses on this code? Tried to search this but no info. Seems the modern bottles have std dates on the codes so easy to read
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    Rust on Rockauto oil Filter

    Just bought an oil filter from Rockauto for my VW. Filter was a Citco label, but is an e-core filter, invoice said made in Bulgaria. Metal base plate had surface rust on it, and it did not come in a box or cellophane wrap. Not an expensive filter, but would you use it, or ask for a return? I...
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    06 Pathfinder O2 sensor voltage sensor 1

    My Pathfinder will likely never will any awards for fuel economy. However, I thought I would look into it. Plugs are like new, air filter new, oil changed, tires inflated. Hooked scan tool up, and see Bank 1, sensor 1 switches between .2 and .875 volts. Bank 2 sensor 1, switches between .48...
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    Homelite generator 4400LR oil recommendation

    Just bought a used generator with 8HP B&S engine. Cant find a manual for it on line. Oil is drained and I will use an oil from my stash, choices are: 5W30 PYB 5W40 Shell T6 15W40 Shell T3 0W30 GC Leaning to the 15W40, as oil change will be at 25 hours and synthetic seems a waste Any thoughts?
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    2006 Pathfinder Transmission Shudder

    Guys, I have a 2006 Pathfinder with a shudder at around 60 MPH when the tranny up-shifts. (not sure if its the torque converter or the clutch plates) Using the overdrive lock out eliminates the shudder. Also, when the trans is cold and the fluid thick, I get no shudder. I am wondering if I do...
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    Pathfinder what ATF?

    Guys, what ATF does Nissan call for in the Pathfinder? Is this just straight Dex/Mercon?
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    The Effect of Oil Drain Interval on Valvetrain Friction and Wear

    A few years ago there were some treads here on how changing your oil too often caused excessive wear. The only bookmark I have is this: <a href=""...
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    Proper engine operating temp Ford 4.0

    My VW Beetle was not putting out much heat, hooked up the scan tool and was running 167 to 177F with Original thermostat. Installed a new Stant 190f Thermostat and now it runs 205f consistently. Checked my Ford Explorer and it was running 185 to 190F with a 10 year old Motorcraft 190F...
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    E10 in 1991 BMW

    I have my BMW on the road after 2 years in storage, and just filled up with my first tank of E10 regular 87. My Owners manual only says <span style="font-style: italic">"do not use fuel with excessive amounts of alcohol" </span> Is E10 safe in a 91, and if not what kind of issues would it cause?
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    GM recall Saga

    About 4 years ago, my daughter dropped off her 99 Grand Am before she moved out of the country. Vehicle was in my name, and it sat in the driveway for 6 months before I got sick of looking at it, and call a scrap guy to come and get it. A few months later I got a recall notice in the mail. I...