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    QSUD quart $3.49 after $2 rebate Menards

    Just saw this in menards today. QSUD @ $5.49 a quart but has a $2 rebate if purchased by 1-23-22. So not much time left. Decent price if you like quart bottles. Beats the 5 quart jug price by a little. I shop at menards plenty so the store credit rebate is fine with me. I think they’ve also...
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    Pennzoil 20w20?

    I saw some pennzoil yellow bottle 20w20 in an Ace hardware yesterday. It says “for stop and go driving” on the front. I’ve never seen this or heard of it before. The quarts were pretty dusty. Is this old product or what? I googled it and didn’t come up with anything.
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    Picked up an extra...

    I grabbed a Taurus G2c 9mm the other week. I already own one like it. Well, it's the PT111 G2 I bought back in 2013. Same gun as far as I can tell. Took out the new G2c and ran 200 rounds through it. Flawless and quite accurate. No complaints. Nothing fancy or anything to get super...
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    Umarex Glock 19 Co2

    I've been looking at this online and I'm very interested. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this or any good info. I've watched a few youtube videos and they seem to have positive reviews. This model looks to be the exact copy of an actual Glock 19. Just looking for...
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    Winchester 9mm steel case

    Has anyone shot any of this? I finally saw some today at Walmart for $31.97 a box. It's a 150 round pack (brown box). Looks like a 115 grain FMJ rated at 1190 FPS. The price is decent but my go to ammo of late for practice in 9mm is Perfecta (brass) or Federal Aluminum case. Both are still...
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    Bought a Ruger SR40c

    Always exciting to get a new gun so thought I'd share. Anyone else with this model or the SR9c? How are they working for you? I've been wanting the SR45 with the SR40c in a close second. Really couldn't decide which to get but headed for the store this morning anyhow. Handled both and...
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    DICK'S 100 rnds 9mm $22.49

    If you have a Dick's sporting goods near you the 100 round packs of Federal 9mm are $22.49 until 8-23-14. The 45acp 100 round packs are $37.49. This is the best deal I've seen on this ammo in a long, long time. Beats Walmart prices. Grabbed 200 rnds of the 9 this morning. At about $11.25 for...
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    Ruger 9E

    Maybe some of you have seen this but I just saw it today. A newer offering from Ruger which is a slightly cheapened version of the SR9. My LGS has it for $329 currently but I'm betting it gets down to $300 not too long from now. Probably to compete with the S&W SDVE line. Since the P95 was...
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    Does your Meijer have ammo?

    Anyone with Meijer, are you seeing much handgun ammo there? (if any?) My local Meijer store hasn't had any handgun ammo in stock in what seems like 18 months. The locked case which used to have 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp, 44 and 357mag (and all the rest...) is totally empty. You can still get shotgun...
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    New treadmill time

    I jog on my treadmill at least 3 days a week, sometimes more. My inexpensive Proform 660 finally broke after a solid 12 years of use. The platform under the belt (that takes all the weight) cracked and it can no longer be used. The motor still works fine. The power incline quit working on it...
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    What do YOU do with your used oil?

    I was just curious what others do with their oil after a change. Do you drop it off somewhere or use it for something else? I usually drop my used motor oil at the automotive center at my local Walmart. Dropped off 2.5 gallons this morning and signed their little book.
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    Price jumps

    Why is it the price of gas will jump up in huge increments such as .40-.50- or even .80 cents all in one shot but it never drops like that? Gas was $2.88 on Tuesday night and then POW! Like a shot in the gut it's $3.29. Although we've been tricked into thinking $3.29 is still great I just...
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    The difference btwn a dog and fox?

    About a six pack.
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    Walmart and Federal ammo

    I was at my loacal Walmart this morning and I saw that they now have 100 rnd packs of Federal in 45ACP for only $25.97. That is SUPER CHEAP!! Not sure if this stuff was mismarked or what, bought two packs. It's currently cheaper than the 100 rnd packs Federal 40 S&W by a few bucks. My local...
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    Harbor Freight Generator

    Anyone have one of these? Had a hugh storm a few weeks back and the power was out for almost 5 full days in our neighborhood. Every place was sold out of generators but I lucked out and was able to borrow one from a friend who had power. It was the Predator 5500/6500 max from Harbor Freight...
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    Warm up time for 0w vs 5w or 10w

    I was wondering about how long I should let my vehicles warm up with a 0w-xx before I actually take off and drive. I ask this because if the 0w is supposed to flow a little better in the cold temps compared to a 5w it's obviously thinner at startup. So the oil gets around inside the motor...
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    PYB $2 a qt at Kroger

    Just saw this today (in Ohio), don't have any other details. What a deal!!
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    Valvoline 4T full synthetic

    My local Wal-marts just started carrying Valvoline full synthetic motorcycle oil (4T stroke) in 10w-40 and 20w-50. I've never seen this stuff before. Is it something new from Valvoline? I don't see it on their website. The two Wally worlds I shop at used to only carry Castrol full syn MC...
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    QS full synthetic

    Just wondering if anyone has ever used the Quaker State full synthetic 5w-50 or 5w-40 in a bike? Saw a bunch yesterday for $3.99 a qt at a local store in my area. I've never seen either of those weights before in QSUD. They also had a ton of the 0w-20 and 5w-20 full syn so I picked up some of...
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    Higher viscosity in summer heat??

    I see alot of people post that they run a higher viscosity oil in the sumer months. Like 5w20 in winter then 5w30 or 10w30 in summer. I understand that the higher weight oil can provide better protection but isn't that because it is a bit thicker (more viscous) at operating temps? I guess...