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    Lexus Rocker Panel

    Thanks. I agree with nthach, it is most likely Toyota’s version of PP. The rocker cladding makes a 90° return under the front wheel well liner. The crack is right in that 90°. There are fasteners on each side of the 90° so it is pretty stable. The bracket was bent causing the liner to pucker. I...
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    Lexus Rocker Panel

    Does anyone what kind of material is used to make this piece? Polyurethane? I cracked mine and need to know what adhesive will bond to it? Super Glue does not work even a little bit. Thanks.
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    Long Drives to Offset Short Trip Use

    AZjeff, do you understand that water is produced from the combustion of fuel. It has nothing to do with humidity in the combustion air.
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    Dealer OC, believe the invoice or service writer?

    It will never be the same. They will burn the clear coat right off.
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    2008 Toyota Camry V6 P0303

    I remember reading that sometimes that misfire code can be off a cylinder. Ran into this many years ago on my 99 Avalon. Maybe your problem is cylinder #2.
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    Spark Plugs - 2015 Lexus RX350 167k miles

    You are not wierd, at least by my standards. Makes perfect sense to replace all three back coils in certain situations, ie very difficult access, high mileage, intent to keep car for the duration and long trips to remote places.
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    EV Happenings in Germany

    Economics should be based on real cost without subsidies. All of us who helped pay for your system with our tax money should be paid our share of your savings.
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    RIP - Last Honda 15400-PLM-A01

    Me too! I think Handa is defunct, at least I could not find it. I had a bunch. Used quite a few on my niece’s TSX.
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    Honda V6 Timing Belt Pictures

    Aisin told me they mark aftermarket tensioner with ink to distinguish them from OEM. Both are identical where it counts. The guy I talked with was telling the truth or a **** good liar. Have installed 3 or 4 Aisin kits and never had an issue with any parts, including the Mitsuboshi belt which...
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    2010 MDX Replace Battery Message

    Yep, I also concluded it is safety related. Found a 30 page thread on an Odyssey forum similar to a 20 page thread on an MDX forum. Same problem…no solution. In the early 2010’s, rumors circulated that Acura was working on a software fix. There is a TSB to reflash the battery sensor but could...
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    2010 MDX Replace Battery Message

    Craig, I did find a reference to new battery registration for later models but not for 2010. But, I do not know for sure the answer to your very good question. Edit: Just checked FSM. No reference to registration. Just says disconnect neg first and reconnect pos first. FSM implies this is...
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    2010 MDX Replace Battery Message

    Less than 1 year…deluxe Deka. Battery is strong. Bogus BMS messages have plagued this vintage MDX from the very beginning. In the early days, Acura replaced batteries automatically, often telling customers it was the only thing they could do while waiting for Honda to develop a fix. New...
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    2010 MDX Replace Battery Message

    This is a very common problem apparently with no solution. I have searched all over the Acura forums. Earlier models had the infamous HFL parasitic draw which actually killed the battery in a couple days but this problem was solved by 2008. In my case, I keep getting a Replace Battery message...
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    When they cut someone's brake line in the movies.

    LOL! I always get a big kick out of the Hollywood Hotwire, especially when they make it look realistic by having the perpetrator touch several wire combos before hitting the right one, usually just in the nick of time.
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    Honda DOT 3 Brake Fluid Supplier Change?

    I researched the Toyota/Honda master cylinder seal failure fiasco extensively back in the day. Problem was not brake fluid as officially reported. Toyota and Honda got a batch of bad seals from the same supplier. All of the early reported seal failures were on relatively new vehicles with FF...
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    Spark Plugs Binding on Removal

    You used a torque wrench to remove plugs?
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    Sil-Glide Grease for sliding pins, pad ears, etc

    3M says shelf life is only 3 years. I don’t understand why it has an expiration but maybe I will ask 3M when I get a chance. I would think silicone paste would last forever. 3M says product may separate but can be reconstituted by mixing.
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    First Oil Change

    Started reading some internet stuff re Mobil 1 vs Toyota. Came across this from a Toyota dealer in Lancaster. They do not include Toyota oil in their list. Bet that makes Toyota happy.
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    First Oil Change

    Yep, on the Main Line where the rich folks live. Have not been there in many years. They did some warranty work on my wife’s 99 RX300...a bunch of liars and incompetent techs...just like the Lexus dealer in Wilmington, DE.
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    First Oil Change

    Made by ExxonMobil...interesting.