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  1. repairman54

    Mineral or synthetic in ATV with wet clutch?

    I'd runs what the Mfgr. specs in it. If it's JASO then use it. The Mfgr. gets to experiment and blow-up stuff in their testing and they don't want a bad rap on durability in their units.
  2. repairman54

    Battery light

    Point was battery size, quality of and health of it. Battery was super low after starting up. You said it slow cranked. Battery light came on due to low voltage. Some vehicles will set a CEL in that instance but being a '03 it may be programmed to just trigger the battery light instead of a CEL...
  3. repairman54

    ATF vs PSF in GM system

    Did the suck out partial and refill with GM power steering fluid in my '11 Tahoe at 50k. Quiet at 135k but due again for the same treatment.
  4. repairman54

    Good forum, bad forum

    The forums I'm currently on, Malibu, Terrain/Equinox ones have a few ''in tune'' members. Same with some MC and snowmobile forums. GM trucks are weak across the board. BITOG has by far the savviest wrench qualified members in my years of reading these forums. But all of them have the drive by...
  5. repairman54

    What's your "sweet spot" if you are good at DIY?

    New or under 35k miles. The lower the mileage the less chance a ''mechanic'' had their hands on it previously is my current old age philosophy. Currently have a high-end GM scan tool for my GM fleet. Used to run older Sables with 3.0 DOHC motors. I liked those old Mercs back then as Merc's have...
  6. repairman54

    Battery light

    -15F remote starts in the last few days in the ADK with no issues in my 5.3 Tahoe. 3 yr old Odessey battery.
  7. repairman54

    Price of transmission service.

    Check your severe service interval. 40k is a good time to service it if your gonna drive it for the long haul. I was surprised how dark the fluid in the 2 Equinox's I maintain was at the 40k mark. 35k is their new interval.
  8. repairman54

    P015B and P015D GM 5.3L

    I'd suspect the MAP sensor as it senses manifold vacuum. I chased an MPG loss on my '11 5.3 . Like 3-4 mpg. No codes set in any of the code families. My Autoenginuty scan tool has 2 MAP sensor tests, and my MAP would erratically fail one of the tests. EM would not fully run EVAP monitors either...
  9. repairman54

    John Deere LT150 snow blower

    I plowed for 20 yrs with a '95 Craftsman 14 hp tractor. 42'' blade and chains. Same transaxle in my JD LT100. The Dana (i think) 6 speed manual one. I broke the trans mount straps but never hurt the trans. itself. Would stack a pile 3' high, I abused it. It's still in service just mowing. Over...
  10. repairman54

    Another stealership horror story.....

    Right on. I worked at an Esso station in the early '70's, back when GM were known for loose alt. belts and undercharged batteries. Watched the ''mechanic'' spray paint the ''reman'' alternator, properly tighten the belt and charge the battery. Regular customer left with a lighter wallet and full...
  11. repairman54

    Anyone use a lubricant specifically formulated for o-rings?

    I just did the air auto level system in my Tahoe. I just used a drop of air tool oil on the clip-on fittings for easy install. Have used it in the past will no ill issues.
  12. repairman54

    Pentora 200cc EFI oil and gear oil

    Makes you wonder why those 3 screw mounting posts where already molded into the housing.
  13. repairman54

    Anyone with tools that have sentimental value?

    I still have the SK 3/8 socket set I got for my 16th birthday in '71 . That ratchet is still the one I grab first out of the box. Maybe it's superstition as it has the old, knurled handle unlike the comfy handles of today, but my old friend has served and still is serving me well.
  14. repairman54

    Replacing German Castrol 0w30 in small engines. Need recommendations

    At 0F you could not spin over my 5600w Craftsman/BS motor generator with 5-30w in it fast enough to start it. Recoil pulls would lift it off the ground. Switched to 0-30w and able to start it at -20F.
  15. repairman54

    Replacing German Castrol 0w30 in small engines. Need recommendations

    0-30 M1 in all my cold weather engines. 5-30w ST in the warm weather engines. But I'm not in high southern summer temps. either. I personally would not use a 0 bottom number in air cooled motors in high summer temps.. Full synth. oils and regular changes are the key to long life. Several 25 yr...
  16. repairman54

    Observed capacity from Ryobi 40V battery

    I guess we'll have to make Sussex County a 2-stroke sanctuary county then so we can blow leaves and cut firewood. We have the votes here.
  17. repairman54

    Slotted rotors or no?

    Drilled on a daily driver in the salt zone, not a good choice. Rust never sleeps.
  18. repairman54

    2013 Tahoe diff oil recommendations?

    M1 uses the LS in the description for limited slip applications I've never used a modifier lube in any of the many G80's I've had.
  19. repairman54

    Questions on Johnson Golden Ghost and Quietflite sleds

    Hopefully you can find new springs. I use a fine needle grease tip to inject synth. marine grease into my suspension wheel bearings that aren't too ''loose'' in my sleds. Even new bearings as they have hardly any grease in them. Waterproof marine grease lasts longer in those bearings and if...
  20. repairman54

    Iridium for echos?

    I ran Iridium plugs in a '99 Polaris 700 sled for almost 6k miles with no issues. Sold it with those plugs still in it. Cold started great also. As a long time sledder, the Iridium's seem to be less fouling prone on cold starts. Nothing is harder on plugs than a carbed 2 stroke. I don't have...