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  1. bigdawglanecreek

    Fees to dispose of yard waste?

    $9 per ton for yard debris here.
  2. bigdawglanecreek

    New tire chuck

    The Jaco digital one is nice.
  3. bigdawglanecreek

    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    5 quarts syntech 0w-20 and Toyota oil filter from Walmart
  4. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda GX 160

    Lang. Checked that. The linkage works back and forth smoothly
  5. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda GX 160

    I have finally had some time to work on this engine some more. I adjusted the governor today. All the springs seem to be in place per videos I have watched. It will crank now and not at full throttle. The throttle lever doesn't control engine speed but the choke lever will and will overspeed...
  6. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda GX 160

    Hi folks, I have a Honda pressure washer with the GX 160 engine. Noticed my fuel line was leaking, ordered a new one and installed. Had to take the fuel tank off. When I put everything back together and fired it up, it runs wipe open and the kill switch doesn't work. I got something on wrong...
  7. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda mower

    New gaskets on, new wax choke pellet in. Mower running great!
  8. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda mower

    Is this the 10mm bolt on the cable that applies the flywheel brake?
  9. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda mower

    It does have the auto choke and ran a little rough at the end of last season. I ordered new gaskets and a new auto choke pellet and will put on next week.
  10. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda mower

    Hi all I have a Honda push mower with Honda GC 160 engine. Well maintained, ethanol free fuel, etc. Five years old. Did some maintenance a few weeks ago that included taking off the carb for a good cleaning. Mower starts first pull and runs great, but if you shut it off and immediately try to...
  11. bigdawglanecreek

    Lawn Mower Maintenance

    Honda self propelled change oil, plug, air filter and blades around first of April. Usually change oil mid to late summer.
  12. bigdawglanecreek

    10w30 in Nissan Frontier?

    I ran 10w-30 in 3 Nissans with same engine...well over 175k miles and no issues. Valve covers at that mileage were very clean.
  13. bigdawglanecreek

    Where can I walk in and buy 1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets?

    I have tried working with the USPS..went by, called, the district office on the's really sad how they have gone downhill. I opened up a case with Ebay's money back guarantee and hope to get some resolution.
  14. bigdawglanecreek

    Where can I walk in and buy 1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets?

    I ordered these from EBay at the end of Jan, but I assume the USPS lost the package. I ordered the shallow from Grainger today ( great customer service ) and the deep from Amazon. Both will be here Wednesday.
  15. bigdawglanecreek

    Where can I walk in and buy 1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets?

    1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets. Shallow and a deep. Thanks
  16. bigdawglanecreek

    Any other short changers out there?

    Toyota Tacoma. 2.7. Started doing every 2500 miles with Super tech and filter change at 5000 miles
  17. bigdawglanecreek

    Is maxlife really a good choice for the Nissan RE5R05A?

    I ran 150,000 miles plus on my 2006 Pathfinder with the 4.0 V6 engine with Valvoline Maxlife ATF and 100,000 plus on our 2008 Frontier with 0 issues.