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    Shower Grab Bars

    Mom is having a hard time getting in and out of the tub and she's dead-set against getting a walk-in tub, so I've started looking at grab rails to help out until I can get her convinced a walk-in is the way to go. The suction-cup bars are out because she needs support and not just help with...
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    HVAC Thermostat Weirdness

    Last night I noticed that the AC kicked on and didn't think anything of it, then about 20 minutes later I realized that the unit had been running constantly the whole time. It was well after sundown and not that hot outside, so it didn't seem right. By the time I'd finished what I was doing and...
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    Speedway Chain being sold

    Marathon is shedding retail operations and it looks like the owner of 7-11 is buying. Marathon Sells Speedway I guess I'd better use up my gift cards...
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    I hates meeces to pieces

    Took the Dakota out for a drive last night...long overdue and I was concerned that it wouldn't start. Took the thing on a 30-mile loop I use to get some time/mileage on a car when it's been sitting for a while. Came home, pulled into the garage and smelled a faint odor, like one of the...
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    Furnace Frustrations

    I've been camped out at Mom's off and on since the Polar Vortex event and noticed something going on with her Tempstar T9MPV furnace installed in 2008. The filter is clean (verified by the furnace guys) and the batteries in the thermostat are good (verified by my DMM). I change those things...
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    Replaced Dakota's Battery, now no clock or radio.

    The battery on my 2002 Dakota went out yesterday, and went out so bad that it took a lot of effort to jump the thing and even after I did so, I had to play with the accelerator for about 5 minutes before the engine would stay running. Put in a new battery and now I have no radio/CD player or...
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    AT&T DSL Help

    Greetings. First off, a disclaimer, I'm getting this info from Mom so I don't know if I'm getting the whole picture, and I can't get there to personally see what's going on until the weekend, but I'm hoping I can get a clue on what to do before then. She's on AT&T DSL over the phone line...
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    Disposal of Power Banks

    How do you dispose of those external battery/power banks for cell phones? I know that they're lithium ion but do they go with other batteries for recycling or due to electronics in there (the LED's to show status) do they need to go a different route? I searched but didn't find anything, so if...
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    Dorco enters the DE market

    I was going to mention this on the Rapira thread, but didn't want to infringe on that topic any more than I already had. Our friends at Dorco have entered the double-edge razor market. They sell refills on their original site, but they have come out with a razor and different DE blades that...
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    Car Talk's Tom Magliozzi has left us

    RIP Tommy. Saturday's haven't been the same since the Tappet Brothers retired. Now we'll never know who was Click and who was Clack. <a href=""...
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    2015 Hyundai Sonata

    <a href="" title="httpsautosyahoocomblogsmotoramicnewhyundaisonatagrowsintoalargecontender145254837html" target="_blank"></a> In the...
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    Hospital Policies

    Bit of a rant and also some research here. The back story, several years ago I had to have an endoscopy done and the GI doc made it clear that I was not able to drive the rest of the day due to the "twilighting" that would be done so I could handle them jamming a camera down my throat. I...
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    Blue Mountain (Lowe's) Filters

    Any info on these? I happened to walk by them at Lowe's, took a quick look in a box and noticed that the end of the filter is covered in plastic, which I thought was a nice touch. All I've been able to find online is that they're sold by Old World Industries, same people that sell Peak...
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    Buick Verano testing in Colorado?

    So, I'm finishing out a week in Colorado and I was heading east on I-70 to Denver today, and as I got past the Eisenhower Tunnel, I decided to double back over Loveland Pass. As I started up, I see 2 "undercover" cars coming the other way, the first car had some camo material on it, but the...
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    Coming soon to a Meijer near you: Diehard Batts.

    Just saw this in the Trib online: <a href=",0,2252916.story" target="_blank">Diehard Batteries at Meijer.</a> One thing the article left out is that Menard's has started carrying some...
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    Electric Grill?

    Dare I ask it? ACE Hardware has a Char-Broil "Patio" grill on sale this weekend, almost half-off. Choice of Propane or Electric. I'm not in a condo so there's no restriction on the type of grill, but I'm debating going electric to avoid the propane tank hassles. Poked around online and found...
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    Toyota can be sued for economic loss

    I read this and can't believe it. I'm no fan of Toyota, but come on. <a href=",0,3356402.story" target="_blank">Oh Brother.</a>
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    Want snow? I got yer snow right here.

    <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <img src=""...
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    Scams Claims against BP Gulf Compensation Fund

    Who'd have thunk it? <a href="" target="_blank">Article</a>
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    Need help with Mom's Mercury GM

    Mom took the car in for an oil change and, of course, they inspected the car for her. It's a 2002 Grand Marquis with maybe 20,000 miles on it. Item 1, they claim the crankshaft sensor is having problems. I'm no mechanic, and I suppose they scanned the vehicle and it's out of spec, but I was...