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  1. Warstud

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    On this new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is there anything that looks odd to you or needs to be changed in your opinion ?
  2. Warstud

    Amoco Gas Stations

    A Sunoco Gas Station near work closed down a few months ago and today I see it's Amoco. I thought BP bought out Amoco years ago.
  3. Warstud

    Project Farm Tests CLP

    Who makes the best CLP ? Project Farm "Were Gonna Test That"
  4. Warstud

    Goodyear 8 gal Air Compressor $49.....WM

    Walmart has Goodyear 8 gallon air compressors on sale for $49 1 HP Induction Motor with Oil-Free Pump Ease of Portability with a Handle and Wheels 135 PSI Working Pressure 3.7 SCFM at 40 PSI and 2.4 PSI at 90 PSI 65 Decibels Quiet Include 20-piece accessory kit...
  5. Warstud

    Kobalt 118 Piece Tool Set $24.97

    Lowes has a 118 piece Kobalt Tool Set on Sale for $24.97...YMMV >>>> Brickseek Link >>>>...
  6. Warstud

    Furnace Filters

    I just bought a 3M Filtrete Furnace Filter that has a Merv rating of 5 for dust and lint. Is it necessary to have a filter with a higher Merv rating in the winter since the air is cleaner.
  7. Warstud

    Pirelli Tire Replacement

    At the end of 2020 I purchased a used vehicle from the dealer. The vehicle came with newish Pirelli tires which I assume were replaced by the dealer. The other day I took the vehicle to Discount Tire and they noticed my front tire had a seperation and said it was defective. Question >>>> if...
  8. Warstud

    Kobalt 30 Piece Combination Wrench Set $12.47....Lowes

    Lowes is selling a 30 piece combination wrench set for $12.47...YMMV YMMV: Check Brickseek
  9. Warstud

    Chrysler To Go All Electric By 2028

    Ok ....Another car company commiting suicide by announcing they will go all Electric by 2028.
  10. Warstud

    If someone not familiar with asked you what they sell wouldn't it be easier to tell them what they don't sell. Anyone ever run across something that Amazon didn't sell ?
  11. Warstud

    General Tools Infrared Thermometer $8.67....Lowes

    Lowes has the General Tools Infrared Thermometer on Clearance for $8.67....In store purchase only.
  12. Warstud

    Project Farm - Spade Bit Test

    Were Gonna Test That >>>>
  13. Warstud

    Brake Fluid

    I had to do a double take when I seen this on the shelf at Menards.
  14. Warstud

    Print A New House With A 3D Printer can print out a house with a 3D Cement Printer. Amazing
  15. Warstud

    Project Farm... Torque Wrench Test

    'Were gonna test that"
  16. Warstud

    Power Stop Brake Kits On Sale....AMZN

    Amazon is having a sale on Power Stop Brake kits some are 50% off >>>>
  17. Warstud

    12 Point Sockets...Are You Guilty ?

    Raise your hand if your guilty of owning 12 point sockets and have never used them.
  18. Warstud

    Breakthrough Technology Ads On Youtube

    Anyone else getting tired of these Breakthrough Technology Ads On Youtube. It seems like theres a new one every week. One ad makes it sound like these swamp coolers are some new discovery by some scientists from Harvard. I guess Youtube doesn't care about these scam ads as long as there getting...
  19. Warstud

    Idiots In Cars For This Friday Night

    The vehicle at 1:03 reminds me of an old member of BITOG >>>>>>>
  20. Warstud

    B'laster Surface Shield Rust Protectant

    Anyone use B'laster Surface Shield Rust Protectant ? I think it's a new B'laster Product for 2021 made with lanoline like Fluid Film. Here's a review of the product >>>>>