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  1. ollie

    Coolant flush vs drain and fill

    Short answer is it's my personal preference. Long answer is all the busted knuckles and labor involved to change components over the years by following manufacturers flawed recommendations. This has put me off on extending simple maintenance. Case in point 2005 GMC Sierra my parents purchased...
  2. ollie

    Coolant flush vs drain and fill

    Hi there Donald, the Ford "Yellow" is nothing more than an everyday ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant. Only difference are the dyes used. Sadly there is really no advancement in this coolant. It's all about the EPA and marketing. Of course take my opinion with a grain of salt. I'm sure...
  3. ollie

    Tow vehicle/daily driver SUV recommendations?

    Yes Boeing 747 G-BDXJ. Kind of the same engine design as the very popular B-52 Stratofortress we used to see overseas during the cold war. You are really pushing the limits on a half ton with that kind of weight. Serious money involved by the time you add in 4.10 gears, overload springs, and...
  4. ollie

    Coolant flush vs drain and fill

    I do a coolant flush on every vehicle I own bi annually regardless of mileage. I flush with a few gallons of white vinegar and distilled water until it comes out clean. Refill with 50/50 distilled water and Asian coolant in my Lexus's/ DexCool in my GMC. My last Chevy truck got over 275,000...
  5. ollie

    Thickest oil grade you have run in winter, summer?

    Straight 50W Vavoline VR1 in my brothers car to keep timing chain rattle at bay. Although last oil change I added a quart of 20W 50 VR1 along with the 5 quarts of 50W I had on hand. 20W 50 VR1 is all the local auto parts carry.
  6. ollie

    Rant: How are people (e.g. car sellers) so stupid?

    You are spot on Charles. Regardless how anyone wants to twist it cash is always the best way to deal. Dealers might not like it. Reason being the finance officer no longer has any control over the final sale. For a consumer who is driving off the lot of dealership or driveway of private party...
  7. ollie

    Why do you frequently change brands of oil?

    Do yourself a favor and purchase a Fumoto valve and some quality oil change specific tools and you will have a more pleasurable experience.
  8. ollie

    List your personal top ten overrated musicians/ groups

    Tommy Lee Vince Neil Ozzie Osborn Sorry can't think of any others
  9. ollie

    Busted brake rotors.

    Chris, I wonder if they were heated and suddenly cooled driving through the snow. We have been getting strange weather here in the desert.
  10. ollie

    NAPA GOLD #100290 CUT OPEN

    Thank you Stu! good looking filter. Looks like a pretty good quality.
  11. ollie

    Why do you frequently change brands of oil?

    For a street driven vehicle I get different brands. Heck almost any oil is acceptable because I'm not taxing the engine and other components. For my off road vehicles it's a whole other story. I purchase only the best lubricants, coolants and brake fluids that offer protection from a broken...
  12. ollie

    Another stealership horror story.....

    Where can i get one of those? Batteries here in my part of the neighborhood are pushing 100.00 plus for a group 78.
  13. ollie

    Another stealership horror story.....

    Have you watched them do it? A fuel system service by my local mechanic is pretty extensive. They do just as myself. On our Lexus it includes removing boot and cleaning throttle body inside and out with brush and cleaner. Then spraying the ports while engine is running. They get about .75 hour...
  14. ollie

    My better half just ordered a 2022 Jeep Wrangler and they told her it could take 6 months to arrive

    This is so very true Buster. I find it hard to believe anyone who is getting a popular model such as a Wrangler or Bronco for the 4% under invoice they brag about.
  15. ollie

    Did a 20 mile flush

    I would have added a 300ml bottle of Liquimoly and did a proper flush. You did no harm though. As long as you are happy that's what counts. Most all my 3,000 mile oil drains come out a translucent brown to honey color in my 4 wheeled vehicles.
  16. ollie

    AGM batteries in a pickup

    I use a combination of my modified alternator and Blue Sea solar charger to keep my dual battery setup working optimally. In my application the key and heart of the system is the RVC (regulated voltage controller). It measures the negative amps to send proper charging volts/amps through the...
  17. ollie

    when is fully synthetic is NOT a fully synthetic!

    Heck I never heard of a 100% group 5 oil. I always though of a group 5 petroleum product as an additive to engine oils (like ester). Of course you have this crazy marketing with Amsoil that says they are classified as a true group 5 oil. I actually have no clue as to what is truthful. All I...
  18. ollie

    when is fully synthetic is NOT a fully synthetic!

    I think anything over 30% would be premium such as a Motul 300V or 800 2T like i run in my bikes.
  19. ollie

    Post your latest oil change

    Brothers car 2001 Chevy Tracker with 2.5 Suzuki V6. Yesterdays oil change was with Vavoline VR1 50 W Racing oil and standard Wix oil filter. Side note: At about 140,000 miles timing chain started to make a lot of noise constantly. So we started using the straight 50 weight VRI with heavy...
  20. ollie

    Any cars you regret buying? - My '14 CR-V experience

    Chevy Vega. Bought it for 25.00. Got a ticket for rolling through a red light right hand turn and it was all down hill from there.