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  1. repairman54

    Flooded OPE revival

    I helped a old friends widow out by servicing her snowblower and mower that were underwater. Tecumseh on the blower was a easy drain, flush and refill. I've worked on a few over the years. Cranked right up. Lubed up drive bearings and good to go. 1 yr. old Toro non propelled push mower had a...
  2. repairman54

    MAP sensor issue find in my '11 5.3 Tahoe

    My hwy mileage dropped to 16.3 from 19 so I had to look into it. Autoenginuity scan tool, no codes set in any of the 4 code families. Scan tool has a MAP test function, tests 1 and 2. It failed test 1 yet no codes current or pending. Replaced MAP (OEM replacement) and mpg came back to 19 hwy...