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  1. Saabist

    What things did your parents tell you that weren't true

    "Violence never solved anything." Completely untrue in the real world.
  2. Saabist

    Chrysler To Go All Electric By 2028

    CO2 is not an issue because it is not a pollutant. There is no "climate crisis" and any climactic changes are due to the forces of nature which we cannot control. There is absolutely no reason for forcing massive changes in energy production and transportation. I will never own an electric car...
  3. Saabist

    Have you ever met anybody famous?

    I met Joe Franklin just outside his restaurant in Manhattan about 15 years ago. He was a New York City area celebrity who was best known for his nostalgia show on WOR-TV from 1962-1993.
  4. Saabist

    If you could only have one battery charger...

    I've been using an old Schauer charger for about 45 years, similar to this one but 4 amp version, works great.
  5. Saabist

    Can we save the environment by increasing oil capacity?

    "Real progress" has been made and the environment has been very much cleaned up. Unless you're old enough to have experienced what things were like 50-60 years ago or more you really have no idea what real pollution is like. We're well into putting in huge effort for diminishing returns at this...
  6. Saabist

    Interesting advice from dealer

    That's why the stealerships will usually throw in a "free inspection". Along with the loss-leader oil change they'll hand you a quote for a couple of thousand dollars in recommended repairs and services.
  7. Saabist

    Post your "beater" daily driver

    1997 Saab 9000, 360K miles, bought in early 2011 for $1500. Don't let the relatively decent-looking photo fool you, the drivers side has rusty fenders (front patched with metal tape) and the hatch has rust, paint is not very good either. Still runs great though. No car payments for me.
  8. Saabist

    Cv Axles

    About 5 years ago I installed an "Autopart International" brand axle (made in China of course) which was on Rockauto closeout for $30. It's been fine all this time. (Edit: Sorry about the double post, browser crashed.)
  9. Saabist

    Cv Axles

    About 5 years ago I installed an "Autopart International" brand axle (made in China of course) which was on Rockauto closeout for $30. It's been fine all this time.
  10. Saabist

    After 13 years, a new TV…

    Same here with one exception. A few years ago the 30-year-old 19" Toshiba color TV in the living room finally died (bad picture tube). Had to replace it with a flat screen since that's all you can get now, so a whopping huge 27" TCL sits in the same space as the old set. Other than that it's CRT...
  11. Saabist

    What obscure electronic item do you collect / obsess with?

    Some of this stuff is still in regular use, some is "display only"... Rotary dial phones Console hi-fi stereo (vacuum tube) Console B&W TVs (vacuum tube) Portable B&W TVs (vacuum tube and transistorized) Color CRT TVs (1990s) Portable luggage-type record players (tube and transistorized)...
  12. Saabist

    How are some of these dealerships even keeping the lights on?

    Only if you have a smartphone that is on and active all the time. I use a Linux phone that is kept powered off unless there is a need to use it. (Battery can be removed as well.) Sometimes I don't turn the thing on for a week or more. I never see any targeted ads, hardly any ads at all for that...
  13. Saabist

    Pet sitters, anyone ever use one?

    Bear in mind that, at least with cats, it is not enough for someone to simply feed them. The person taking care of them must tell them they are good cats...
  14. Saabist

    Librem 5 or Pixel5a with GraphineOS?

    I would choose none of the above. I have a Pinephone running Mobian (Mobile Debian) Linux that has worked fine for me since my cell provider stopped supporting my old flip phone. It's an inexpensive, low-spec device whose software is still under development. The Pinephone has a lot of...
  15. Saabist

    I remember when cars had...

    I don't really have to "remember" - I have cars here right now that have ignition points, carburetors, floor mounted dimmer switches, vent windows, hand-crank side windows, vacuum windshield wipers, chrome bumpers, bumper jacks, full-size spare tires, manual locks, sealed-beam headlights...
  16. Saabist

    Sealed transmissions.

    So, when the car gets old and develops a minor transmission leak, instead of being able to quickly and easily check the fluid level you'll find out when the transmission burns out. Thanks, but no thanks. To me this is just another in a long list of reasons to stick with older models.
  17. Saabist

    Trailer electric brakes (electric)

    Whatever else you do, just remember - TRAILER BRAKES FIRST!!
  18. Saabist

    Ahhh ... yes. Like privacy? Delete Google from your life and thank you again Apple

    Lost me at "smart home". No way, no how do I want anything to do with that. I have no interest in Google "making my life better". I can tell what the weather is by looking out the window.