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  1. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda GX 160

    Hi folks, I have a Honda pressure washer with the GX 160 engine. Noticed my fuel line was leaking, ordered a new one and installed. Had to take the fuel tank off. When I put everything back together and fired it up, it runs wipe open and the kill switch doesn't work. I got something on wrong...
  2. bigdawglanecreek

    Honda mower

    Hi all I have a Honda push mower with Honda GC 160 engine. Well maintained, ethanol free fuel, etc. Five years old. Did some maintenance a few weeks ago that included taking off the carb for a good cleaning. Mower starts first pull and runs great, but if you shut it off and immediately try to...
  3. bigdawglanecreek

    Where can I walk in and buy 1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets?

    1/4" drive 5 /8 sockets. Shallow and a deep. Thanks
  4. bigdawglanecreek

    Penzoil Ultra

    Looking on Amazon for a 5 quart price for PUP 0w-20.......$66. They have the PUP 5w-20 for $24 Why the huge price difference? Can I run the 5w in my 2013 Tacoma 4cyl? Thanks
  5. bigdawglanecreek

    Hedge trimmer

    Hi all I'm looking for recommendations for a battery powered (40 volt) extendable hedge trimmer for some tall hedges. I had a gas powered Echo one but sold it as it was heavy to hold up over my head. What do y'all use and recommend?
  6. bigdawglanecreek

    Rear diff fluid question

    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee / 2wd / auto 5.7 hemi. The rear diff fluid needs changing and I am getting conflicting information. Not an ELSD and manual calls for Mopar 75w-85 synthetic, which is hard to find in the stores. They sell is for $45.00 per quart. Will Mobile 1, 75w-90 full syn with...