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    TPMS for 2nd set of wheels / tires?

    Hi I have a 2021 Toyota RAV4. I am getting a second set of steel wheels to mount snow tires for the winter. Do I need to purchase TPMS? What happens if I don't? Will the dash light come on? Just curious what happens to a 2021 RAV4 with the absence of TPMS sensors? Thanks
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    Toyo A38 Open Country Tire?

    Hello I just bout a new RAV4 and the stock tires are Toyo A38 Open Country. Are they any good? I looked online and didn't see much about them. Thanks!
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    Gas Prices vs Day of Week?

    Hello Are there any trends that show that gas prices are more expensive on certain days during the week? A co worker told me that certain days of the week are more expensive. I haven't noticed it and I was wondering in anyone knew if this is true and if so which days? For reference I am in...
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    Snow Tires how much narrower makes a difference?

    Hello I am looking for a set of snow tires for my 2006 VW Jetta 2.5L The sock size is 205/55R16 and I am thinking of putting 195/60R16 on it. The 195's are .4" narrower (diameter is .3" bigger) Is the .4" enough to see a difference in the snow?
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    16" wheel width?

    Hello I am trying to find out what the wheel width is for the Factory wheels on my 2006 VW Jetta 2.5L? The stock tire size is 205/55R16 and I am thinking of getting snow tires that are 195/60R16. Do you know where I can find the width of the factory wheels? Thanks
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    Where to purchase set of new steel wheels

    Hello I am looking for a set of steel wheels to be a second set for my RAV4. The plan is to mount Snow tires on them and have them on the vehicle from December through March. Not looking to spend a ton just lookin for something basic that will do the job and doesn't break the bank. Anyone...
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    Cooper Snow tires

    Hello I am looking at getting a set of Cooper snow tires. For my fulfillment the two that are available are the Discoverer True North and the Evolution Winter which has been around alot longer. Has anyone had either the Discoverer True North or the Evolution Winter?
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    Snow Tires Studdable ok if not using studs?

    Hello I am looking to purchase a set of snow tires. When I search for snow tires on tire rack I see Studdable tires and Studless tires. I have no plans and never will put studs on the tires. This bein said should I focus on studless tires or is ok to entertain studdable tires and just not...
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    3PMSF Tire Michelin Crossclimate or Goodyear Weatherready?

    Hi I am looking for a set of 3PMSF tires for my SUV. I am looking at both the Michelin Crossclimate and the Goodyear Weatherready. The price is about the same. The application is for a SUV in the San Francisco Bay Area but looking for good snow performance for Winter Weekend Warrior trips...
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    How does a 2006 Jetta do in the snow?

    How does a 2006 Jetta do in the snow? A 2.5L with automatic transmission. Considering using the Jetta for winter trips to Lake Tahoe. I know that the conditions might require chains. I am thinking of putting Three Peak Mountain Snowflake All Season Tires on it. Tire size is 205/55-16
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    Oil type for 2006 Jetta 2.5L

    Hello I just got a 2006 Jetta 2.5L. I know the engine oil is Full Synthetic. I understand the the recommended oil weight is 5w-40 but have also read in many places that 5W-30 is ok. Is this true? Also I read that it need to meet VW specifications 502 00 and 505 00 I already have a few 5...
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    Oil for Toyota 1MZ-FE sludge engine?

    Hello I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 310k miles. The engine is the 1MZ-FE engine that is known for sludge and I bet I have a fair amount of sludge by now. I am afraid to pull the rear valve cover. I switched to full synthetic about 4 years ago and run 5W30. I consume about 1 quart every 500...
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    FALKEN Wildpeak A/T Trail or General AltiMax RT43

    Hello I live in the San Francisco bay area and am looking for a new set of tires for my 2012 Toyota Sienna FWD Van. The tire size 235/60R17 I often go to Lake Tahoe to ski in the winter so would like an All Weather tire that has very good snow performance like 3PMSF. The Wildpeak is a 3PMSF...
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    Giga Tires?

    HI Any one buy from Giga Tires? Their prices on ebay are insane, very cheap. I'm looking at a a quality well know tire and can't believe how much they are selling them for.
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    Grey and Black ash from California wildfires on car

    Hello Parts of California have really bad air quality due to the current wild fires. My car was covered in a black grey ash dust. I took the garden hose and rinsed the car off. 6 hours later is was covered again. Should I hose it off everyday or just wait a few days or longer and then wash...
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    Hercules Avalanche RT ?

    Hello Anyone have the Hercules Avalanche RT? Looking for feedback. Thanks!
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    1ZZ-FE with 204k miles switch to synthetic motor oil?

    Hello I have a 1ZZ-FE with 204k miles. 2000 Toyota Corolla. It does burn / consume oil about 1-1/4 quarts in 2k miles. This engine is know to consume oil, I believe there was a ring issue. Should I switch to synthetic? If so should I use 10W30 instead of 5W30? If I stay with a bled or...
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    Why isn't the General Altimax RT43 3PMSF rated?

    Hello I have been doing a ton of reading about snow / winter performace All Season tires. From what I have read the General Altimax RT43 has much better stopping in snow compared to tires rated with 3PMSF (Falken Wildpeak, Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S, and Cooper Discoverer Enduramax. This begs...
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    Tire Chains for 195/60R15

    Hello I am looking for tire chains for my 2004 Honda Civic Laclede lists the two different chains 1530 for P195/60R15 1535 for 195/60R15 the difference is the P what does the P stand for Passenger car? If so what type of vehicle does a non P tire go on?
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    Tire size choice for 2000 Corolla 175/65R14 or 185/65R14

    Hello I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla. The car currently has 1856514 tires however the sticker in the glovebox says the recommended tire size is 175/65R14. Its going to be a backup car and not driven much in Lake Tahoe, I won't take it out in nasty weather but may take some short drives with in...