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    New Wagner brake rotors rusted/discolored..

    I purchased 2 new premium Wagner brake rotors from and they are discolored and rusted a bit, also there is some type of resin on them. Tried cleaning with brake cleaner, but no help. Is this normal for a brand new rotor, or should I return these? thanks. <a...
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    Front Macpherson strut 'binding/clunking' problem

    I replaced the strut mounts / bearings on my front struts on a '93 dodge intrepid, but now there is a couple of major 'clunks' while turning the wheel at very low speeds < 5 MPH. The struts are 2 years old, but maybe I didn't put them back together correctly. The only new part of the strut is...
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    Have not changed oil in 6000 miles... advice

    I run M1 10-30 ... havent changed it in 6000, adding 1 qt every 1500 miles.. installed a new filter at 5000. ( Purolator P1 ) Mostly highway driving in Northeast. Could I extend it to 10000 with the adding due to oil leakage / burnoff? 3.5L Chrysler '93 . thx.
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    Air compressor setup vs electric impact wretch HF

    OK, I bought an electric impact wrench from harbor freight ( 240 ft/lbs ) max., $35 sale. But I can get this air compressor unit, 8 gallon 115 psi for $80. (coupon, normally $119 ) impact wrench link <a href=""...
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    A good top-off oil?

    I run M1 10W-30 5k-8k intervals, w/ a Purolator pureone filter. Since my motor leaks/burns 1 qt per 1200-1500 miles, ( 3.5 L Chrysler ) I have to add 1 qt at that interval. So, usually I am adding 2-3 quarts of new oil before an oil change. What would be a decent/economical top off oil to use...
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    Tie-rod end stud nut torque spec; important?

    I was having a conversation with a few people about my tie-rod ends and told them that the Haynes manual spec torque on the stud nut was 27 lbs-ft. They told me just tighten it down very tight. What would be the best thing to do? thx.
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    New Moog control arm w/ balljoint dust boot

    I just installed 2 new control arms w/ balljoints and can't get the dust boot to seat on the balljoint. The dust boot is separate and must be installed by user. Currently, the boot is not flush. Any tips? thx.
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    Polyurethane bushings grease?

    I'm in the process of installing some new Moog polyurethane bushings on my car and need to know if I should grease them before install and what type of grease? Some people have told me to grease them with white boat grease, and some said greasing is not needed. I was thinking of just coating...
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    Super Tech Moly-Lithium Grease

    I'm about to install a bunch of new front end parts, Moog brand, on my car, not a truck, that have zerk grease fittings. So I bought a tube of Super Tech Moly-Lithium grease. ( Extreme Pressure Grease ) Currently I have only Super Tech 'General Purpose' grease in my grease gun, which I relised...