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    SOPUS adds Use By dates on cases

    Since the Use By date is only on cases, in addition to marketing for the consumer it may also help rotate stock in warehouses, distribution centers and store stock rooms.
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    SOPUS adds Use By dates on cases

    Have you seen the latest addition to SOPUS' manufacturing lot printing on cases?? Noticed this on a case of PYB that bought over the T-Day weekend. Looks like SOPUS / Pennzoil could be addressing BITOG questions on oil shelf life: <a...
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    Directional tire installed on rim backwards

    Don't have the tires turned around on the rims, just switch the wheels/tires with the ones on the other side of the car. This will turn the tire rotation direction.
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    Caliper boot had a small bulge when reset

    Finished putting everything together this evening and took it for a test drive. Made a few slow a steady stops and increased pedal pressure to burnish the pads & rotors and check for any leaks. Got them warmed up then drove a couple miles without using the brakes to check for a hanging...
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    Caliper boot had a small bulge when reset

    Thanks for the responses. I made the mistake not to remove the master cylinder cap when I collapsed the calipers. If the bulge remains, will it cause a problem?
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    Caliper boot had a small bulge when reset

    I just compressed the calipers for a brake job and both had a small bulge where the boot did not collapse all around the piston. Is this normal or a bad sign? Thanks.
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    New Front Rotor Recommendations...

    Thank you for the responses. I am leaning towards AAP or AZ $30 rotors just because I won't have time to wait for mail-order delivery. Centric rotors look great and I'll keep them in mind when I have more time to order parts.
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    New Front Rotor Recommendations...

    My '06 Malibu Maxx w/ 65k is due for new front pads (rears were done by the dealer with AC Delco Dura Stop pads. The OE rotors have been cut at least once (maybe twice) by the dealer under warranty. There is pulsing when the brakes get hot, typical is stop-and-go driving in the south. For now...
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    Are you prepared??

    Good morning, Over the past year and a half I have offered information sessions within my community on how to better prepare yourself at home and work for natural [to include weather related] and man-made disasters through the Community College Citizen Preparedness Program (3CP2). The...
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    How is the 40 degree C measured, confused.

    Don't forget that 40°C = 104°F & 100°C = 212°F
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    peak full synthetic

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: volk06</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Peak motor oil is blended by WPP. Same as super tech. </div></div> How was this verified, or is it assumed because both WWP and Old World Industries are blenders??
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    peak full synthetic

    There's a few posts about Peak dino and syn oils on BITOG. I did a Google search a couple days ago when I saw the AAP promotion. The Peak website has listed it's a registered trademark of Old World Industries, LLC. I don't know if Warren Lubricants is in the same LLC. I'm torn between Peak...
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    Cannot stop the pinging...

    What octane gasoline are you using, and does it ping when using gasoline from different companies and filling stations? Also, does the pinging occur all the time, only during the day [not at night], and does it get worse when the engine in under a load [accelerating]?
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    How hot is too hot

    How old is the antifreeze/coolant?
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    Sludge. Beating a Dead Horse on this one!

    To me, sludging had more to do with engine design than oil chemistry - remember the late '90s Toyota engines sludging due to poor PCV systems?? My '92 2.3 Ford Tempo had a PCV system recall. PCV systems have come a long way from the early days of emission controls, engine gas recirculation and...
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    For those who run summer dino/winter syn OCI's

    As stated in the OP, we can debate the savings by running long OCI's with syns, but long OCI's typically exceeds manufacture OCI's that could void warranties. My Rav4's OEM warranty expired, but the dealer adds lifetime engine and trans warranties to all new car sales. I'm not taking chances...
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    "SL" Pennzoil 5-30

    PYB SL with PureBase is group II+. That's when hydrocracking base oil was introduced in the PCMO market. PYB SL had a nice dose of zinc and moly.
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    where do you like your oil level?

    Around half full on the stick until 3k mi into the 4k mi OCI. Then I top it off with syn 5W-20 [summer] or 0W-20 [winter] to thin out the oxidized oil.
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    For those who run summer dino/winter syn OCI's

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: simple_gifts</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Pro, check out my comments <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>...
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    For those who run summer dino/winter syn OCI's

    I am interested to know which dino brand do you use in your summer dino/winter syn OCI plan? I know that we can debate the savings using syn with a long OCI, but for those with cars that are still under warranty will typically follow a 4-5k mi OCI. Also given the economy, cash paid at the...