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    Pennzoil Synthetic Blend any good?

    Good oil have in my vehicle right now very satisfied engine is quieter also.
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    Pennzoil Synthetic Blend

    Good oil have in my personal vehicle first oil change performs better than the old stand by conventional oil very satisfied.
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    2011 GMC Sierra

    2011 Is the first year of the dexos 1 specification and 7500 mile oil change interval just pick a dexos approved oil and change at interval or when change oil soon light comes on.
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    what oils do YOUR cars like?

    I have always had very good results with QSGB since 1989 when i have started driving no need to try anything else.
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    What to do?

    I was taught and believe in changing your oil before a trip of that distance for optimal lubrication and protection just how i was raised in a family of mechanics.
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    Industry moving away from conventional?

    I work at a GM dealership and GM has its reasons for semi synthetic oil and extended drain intervals. With oil being so much better it can go longer with hopes of being less dependent on oil. We recommend 5k oil changes on Goodwrench oil and 7500 miles on Dexos and Mobil 1.
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    WallyWorld no longer carries PU in my town..

    Our area Wal Marts have Pennzoil Ultra on a clearance display for 21.00
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    synthetic vs reg oil

    It is a matter of personal preference. But the cost of oil here synthetic is around 25 dollars for 5 qts at Wal Mart versus 15 dollars for 5 qts conventional. Synthetic to me would be more pratical with the longer drain interval and protection level. Conventional doesnt protect as well and have...
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    Is there really alot of differance

    The dealership i work for owns a Dodge dealership next town over and the techs say they can tell on the scan tool by a flow rate whether the vehicle has 5w20 or not one customer had a drivability problem from using 5w30 i understand that Dodges from 2008 forward cannot use 5w30 in place of 5w20...
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    Synthetic oil users

    Been using synthetics since April 1998 started with Mobil 1 then switched to Pennzoil Platinum since it came out very pleased with performance and exdtended drain intervals makes since in price difference being able to extend drain intervals
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    What brand did you first have loyalty to and why?

    Growing up my grandfather a mechanic always said Pennzoil sludged up engines and Quaker State was the only way to go. When i started driving a friend of the family swore by Valvoline i started with Valvoline for 15 years until my work Chevy dealership went to Pennzoil 9 years ago engines in for...
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    Which Mobil oil do GM service departments use?

    I work in a Chevy dealership we use Goodwrench conventional(Mobil) in pre 2011 cars unless customer states otherwise, GM Dexos and Mobil 1.