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    Allis Chalmers WD gear oil

    I recently tore down my transmission and torque tube in this tractor to replace some leaking seals between the gear oil and hydraulic oil. This tractor has 2 clutches. The main clutch is on the flywheel like most tractors. The other is a wet hand clutch submerged in gear lube, which let's you...
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    2008 2500hd 6l90e torque converter

    I'm going to be pulling my transfer case this spring for a rebuild. It has a bearing making noise in 4x4. I was wondering if I should put a new torque converter in the trans while I have t-case out? I keep reading about these converters going bad and sending trash through the trans requiring a...
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    Tailshaft bushing

    I just installed a reman 263hd transfer case in a 2500hd. When I installed the driveshaft it did not slip right in easy. I had to pry / tap it in with a mallet. Once it was in it seemed to turn easy. The slip yoke is brand new as well. Should these slide together that tight when everything is...
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    2500hd 4x4 noise

    I've been noticing a noise in the front end of my truck. It's a 2008 Chevy 2500hd. It's only when in 4x4 and changes on acceleration or coasting. I hear it when accelerating mostly or when turning and the wheels are binding. I'm thinking it is in the front differential. I have jacked it up and...
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    Vortex 6.0 water pump

    I'm working on a high mileage Chevy 2500hd with the 6.0 gas engine. It seems to overheat when it's worked more than just cruising around empty. I was plowing snow a couple weeks ago and it was getting hot in a short time and I was not plowing any different than I ever have. Today I was pulling a...
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    2010 Dodge Grand caravan coolant

    I am replacing the y fitting for the heater hoses that has developed a crack and lost most of the coolant. I have a bunch of conventional green coolant on hand. Would this be ok in this vehicle that calls for a hoat type coolant? I would flush it out first. I know the service life is shorter as...
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    Farmall alternator

    I'm working on an old Farmall bn. I took the old non working generator and put a 10si gm 3 wire alternator in it's place. I'm running new wires to connect it up. The main charging lug I ran to the pos. Wire on the starter. The sense wire I just looked back to the charging stud. The Exciter wire...
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    Top tier or not?

    I have been looking at the AAA app on my phone looking for top tier gas stations that I travel by. This app shows the top tier logo on stations that sell top tier. Some stations I see do not have the logo but are Marathon gas stations. The app just has their convenience store name. If it is a...
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    Castrol import in transfer case

    Will Castrol import atf work in a gm transfer case calling for Dex 3? It says on the packaging it meets Dex 3 and many other specs. The data sheet says it's 8 CST. So it's not a low viscosity fluid like maxlife.
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    Double flare tool

    Are the small inserts in these flare kits supposed to be close to the ID of the brake line? I have a K tool kit. I was flaring some 1/4 inch brake line and the fitting that says 1/4 on it was very loose and did not want to stay straight. It did not make a good looking flare. Seem crooked and...
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    Wagner thermoquiet friction code

    I just installed a set of thermoquiet pads on my mother-in-law's Cadillac Escalade. These were front pads with the part number qc785. I ordered them from Rock Auto. The friction code on them was FE. It doesn't bother me much but most the other ones I have seen have been FF or higher. What have...
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    New at Sam's Club

    Noticed tonight that Sam's Club seems to have a new house brand of oil. They don't have the Certified brand anymore. The new one is called Prime series. They had 5w30 synblend, 10w30 and d/m transmission fluid. Looks to be an Amalie product. It had AOC on the bottom and looked just like Advance...
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    Eaton Fuller Trans

    I am wanting to change the lube in a transmission I am working on. Its a FS-5601a 6 speed in a 1993 topkick. Has a PTO mounted on it. The manual shows different options on what to use to fill it. First it shows the CD50 synthetic transmission fluid. Also shows HDEO 40w and 50w and also GL1 90w...
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    8.1 Chevy 0w40

    I picked up 30 quarts of the Autozone clearance Mobil 1 HM 10w40. Also some Castrol HM 10w40. I think these will be ok in the 8.1 big block besides winter time. After i use these up will 0w40 cause more consumption? It has 140k miles and these engines are known oil burners anyways. I'm in...
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    Chevy 6.0

    I'm replacing the oil pump and pick up tube o ring. I was curious how the timing chain gets lube. I'm replacing the chain as well why I got it apart. I didnt know if there was squirter holes or another way it gets oil. The oil in the pan is way below the chain. Any thoughts?
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    Air compressor oil

    I'm changing the oil in a vertical 80 gallon air compressor. It's a Northstar brand. It calls for sae 30 non detergent compressor oil. I have some oil for it made by Coastal(Warren). It is sae 30 ISO 100 non detergent motor oil. The API rating on the back is SA. It says contains no additives...
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    Coolant for 2011 Ford Explorer

    I have a 2011 Ford Explorer. Its a little low on coolant. I haven't done anything with the coolant since I got it 2 years ago. The cap says to only use motorcraft specialty green. The manual shows the spec wss-m97b44-d which is the dark green. It also shows the spec wss-m97b55-a which I think is...
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    2013 Grand Caravan headlights

    I'm trying to help my grandmother out with her van. She has a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and said her high beams were not working. When you push the blinker switch forward, it stays on low beam. It will flash the brights if you pull it towards you, so I know the bulbs are working. I was thinking...
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    Marathon American Spirit Oil

    I bought some of this oil today in 10w30. I cant find much information on it. I can get it for less than 2.00 a quart. I have read online that it is made by pinnacle oil. It has the API symbol and is SN/GF5 rated. It would be mainly going in GM 5.3 and 6.0 engines. Does it look like a decent oil...